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The Moon, Stars, and Rain, and Three Beloved Boys

I focus on squeezing as much joy out of each moment of each day and making as many pleasant memories for others and myself as I can. 294 more words


Say a little prayer (or maybe a big one)...

Lately our grandson Noah has been having some tummy trouble. Nothing serious but when you’re five years-old a bad belly came be disconcerting (come to think of it, when you’re sixty it’s no fun either). 371 more words



I took this photo on an unusually gorgeous winter day.  The weather was in the high 60s and the perfect day to go to the park.   163 more words

Photography Challenges


I know it doesn’t mean much to you Canadian or US folks but snow is rarely seen more than one or two days each winter here in London (at least not in recent years). 144 more words


He wore a cowboy hat, hit number 1, and paced his way to death...

I’ve never enjoyed underwater drowning scenes.  They paralyze your remaining air pockets – operating on you while you lay awake.  Counter attack – it only gets worse, give in – is to relent to death.   419 more words


Joy - Week 1

Joy is my “One Word” for 2016  and my one resolution for 2016 is “Finding Joy Everyday”.  I am documenting my year through photos on Instagram and with the Collect app.   292 more words

Photo A Day


I’ve just had two little grandsons staying, aged 5 and 3.  The other day I told them a story about two naughty boys who got out of bed in the middle of the night and went to the cliffs to climb down … but a mummy seagull was there, sitting on her nest looking after her chicks, and she told them off and sent them back home.  456 more words

Thinking About Godstuff