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Bragging about my “boys”


I don’t usually brag about my offspring, because their lives are self-evidently successful. Grandchildren are different and I see that many of my relatives like to post public brags about their grandkids. 460 more words

Weekly photo challenge: Future


My two grandsons represent the future for  me now. A year ago, we had no grandchildren, and now we have two! Charlie (left) will be one year old in May, and Clark was born in January. 15 more words


Together - Monochrome Madness Challenge

This is a photo of my oldest grandson and my hubby planting strawberries.  Hubby was teaching the grands how to take the plants out of the little containers without tearing up the roots.   209 more words

Monochrome Madness

3 Teens, 2 Fish & 1 Grandma

The house was clean.  Spring cleaned.

Then three teenage grandsons arrived.

The cat dove under a bed.

When the boys were toddlers, I used to say that a whirlwind had gotten into the house; now, that they’re all taller than I, it’s a full fledged tornado. 481 more words


My Magnificant, Magnanimous Michael

In my youth, a long long time ago, I never imagined myself having children.  I did, two fantastic daughters.  I certainly did not imagine grandchildren.  I do.  174 more words


Episode 35 Fremont, CA 1974

Welcome to our house!

We had no great welcoming home party when we returned, and probably some people were unaware we had ever left. 484 more words