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Another one-year-old

This is my grandson Eddie Firenze Devcich on his First Birthday. I looked into those eyes and saw myself. I hope one day the mind behind them will see the mind behind mine and say, ‘I see you’. Perhaps it already does…:)

Musings By The Wizard

Surrender 134: Nachos for Joey, Cheeseburger for Oliver

Today I finished up lunch time with the grandkids at their schools, with a double treat. Grandsons Joey and Oliver attend the same school. This year, their lunch times are back to back. 935 more words

Year Of Surrender

70-200 Lens for Lacrosse Game

I was sitting at the edge of the field in a canvas chair. Michael and Jack play lacrosse in addition to swimming. The 70-200 lens allowed me to cloture their participation while sitting down and relaxing. 49 more words


Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

Take me out to the ballgame….There is something very special about a beautiful cool Spring day drifting toward dusk as warm breezes skip across a beautiful pristine baseball field with its perfectly manicured grass and carefully swept and sprinkled pitcher’s mound and batter box. 513 more words


Bragging about my “boys”


I don’t usually brag about my offspring, because their lives are self-evidently successful. Grandchildren are different and I see that many of my relatives like to post public brags about their grandkids. 460 more words

Weekly photo challenge: Future


My two grandsons represent the future for  me now. A year ago, we had no grandchildren, and now we have two! Charlie (left) will be one year old in May, and Clark was born in January. 15 more words