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#NaBloPoMo 27 - See how they've grown


The photograph below was taken 15 years ago.   My grandsons always wanted attention at the same time so the easiest thing to do was to pick them up – one on each hip!   187 more words

Family News

Day 25

I am grateful for the boys. For my Andrew and Michael. 2 grandsons who make my heart sing and tickle my mind. I am watching them grow from tiny babies to tall young men. 8 more words

"Dad is there"

Tomorrow makes 11 years.

Eleven years since I shared this eulogy at my dad’s funeral.

Today, as  a “kid” of 56, this is still very difficult for me. 836 more words

Where is my Photographer??

Pictured L to R: Me and A. He’s a cutie pie, that one!

Wishing my grandson was here to take my picture today.

I only have so many days per year that I am picture ready, and today is one. 100 more words

Who doesn’t  love a birthday cake,
When kiddies gather round,
And grown up ladies laugh and blush
To hear their birthday song.

This year, ahead of family fun,

225 more words

Two Of A Kind Beats A Pair

In poker parlance, that title makes no sense.

I know. I learned to play poker when I was five.

We grew up playing card games. Canasta, Crazy 8’s, Old Maid. 497 more words

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”

A grandson’s marshmallow carefully roasted to perfection. My preferred method? stick it in, burn it and eat it.