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S08E21 Battle Scars

The team are called to investigate after a homeless man, later revealed as Retired Navy Captain Charles Langston kidnaps a corrupt VA administrator.  When Hetty contacts her former colleagues Retired Admiral AJ Chegwidden and Admiral Sterling Bridges to request their assistance, it gradually becomes clear to the team that there is more to this case than meets the eye. 1,224 more words


Washington's Yakima Valley: A Dinosaur Herd and A Giant Teapot

Roadside attractions were popularized during the heyday of United States early, long distance, automobile travel. The back roads of the U.S. highway system are still littered with quirky tourist attractions thought up by the town leaders to convince the motoring public to visit and spend money – statues of flying saucers, tunnels through redwood trees, the world’s largest strawberry, largest yo-yo, largest Paul Bunyan statue, home of the world’s tallest man. 53 more words

Destinations And Tips

14th April 1776. 'Grangerising'.

‘The dog is a Whig, I do not like to see a Whig in any dress, but I hate to see a Whig in parson’s gown’. 455 more words



Potter conquered many fears and much adversity
With the support of his friends, Ron and Hermione
Ron came from the large red-haired Weasley family
Fun, supportive and all great wizards… 78 more words


SPOILERS: Why Emma Watson Rocked as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" and MORE

Now, before you start saying that this post isn’t about Harry Potter, you’re kind of correct but also not? We all know Emma Watson as our smart ass but bad ass Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series and she is starring in the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie that premiered two nights ago (Thursday, March 16) so this kind of is Harry Potter news, am I right? 1,229 more words


Emma Watson Bashed for Vanity Fair Photo: Watson Fires Back

As you all may have seen by now, Emma Watson, the woman who portrayed our beloved Hermione Granger in all eight of the Harry Potter films, was revealed in a scandalous picture for Vanity Fair. 361 more words