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One Month Ago

Let’s play a game!

I know LOTS of people post #flashbackfriday or #throwbackthursday on whatever social media sites, but today is neither Thursday or Friday soooo today we will play: 494 more words


The Painted House

So, I really love that every week I have this EPIC update to give everyone about the house! It still seems to be going at a crazy fast pace, but I’m wondering if it’s going to slow down pretty soon. 819 more words


Roof, Siding and Doors....oh my!

I honestly don’t know what to SAY in this building update post except things like…

The house is being built
YAY! New things are happening at the house… 1,098 more words



We’ve been framed!

No, just kidding but our house is getting framed! (hehe!)

I feel like we were just here talking about the foundation being poured! 570 more words


The Lamoureux Foundation

Whew! Stuff is moving FAST on the house! It just seemed to work out that way, but we are very excited! The reality is that the building will slow down a lot after the framing goes up and all the sub-contractors are needed to do the electricity, plumbing, tiling, etc. 449 more words


My Paternal Moravian Grand Uncle, Robert Albert Mazac, Sr, Texas

, Bessie Annie Mazac, , Jan “John” Mazac, and , Annie Marie “Mary” (Dudika) Mazac in Granger, Williamson County, Texas, c. 1905. Emigrated from Vsetine, Moravia in June 1892, and arrived August 1892 in Ellis Island, New York, and went by ship to Galveston, Galveston County, Texas. 329 more words


Tour de Granger

So after spending the afternoon out at the land imagining what they house will look like and picking out all of our options, we went exploring. 538 more words