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SPOILERS: Why Emma Watson Rocked as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" and MORE

Now, before you start saying that this post isn’t about Harry Potter, you’re kind of correct but also not? We all know Emma Watson as our smart ass but bad ass Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series and she is starring in the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie that premiered two nights ago (Thursday, March 16) so this kind of is Harry Potter news, am I right? 1,229 more words


Emma Watson Bashed for Vanity Fair Photo: Watson Fires Back

As you all may have seen by now, Emma Watson, the woman who portrayed our beloved Hermione Granger in all eight of the Harry Potter films, was revealed in a scandalous picture for Vanity Fair. 361 more words


"Beauty and Lord Voldemort" Is Everything We Wanted And More

Our beloved Emma Watson, as the whole world as heard by now, is playing the best Disney character in the history of characters ever, Belle, in the best Disney movie in the history of movies ever, Beauty and the Beast. 497 more words


The second generation: Abraham Manser, apothecary

John Manser, citizen and apothecary, and the first member of the extended Byne family of Sussex to move to London, died in 1681 at his home in the parish of St Botolph, Aldgate. 672 more words


Hermione Granger

Hermione Jean Granger, born on 19 September 1979, was a Gryffindor. Her wand was Dragon heartstring core, ten and three-quarter inches, vine wood. Her patronus was an Otter, and her parents were Mr and Mrs Granger both were  Muggles were  both dentists. 17 more words


Heather & Ryan's Wedding Film Trailer

Heather and Ryan’s wedding was our second time working with the Anderson family in as many years. Which is great because they’re fantastic people and so are the O’Shea’s from Ryan’s side! 117 more words

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