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2013-01-27 Never Before And Never Again

Severus opened his eyes, and wished he hadn’t.


A groan drifted from the sepulcher of his suffering body. He wondered when one got old enough to know better. 71 more words


2015-02-23 The Inevitable Storm; Storm Front Challenge

Title: The Inevitable Storm
Challenge: Storm Front
Team: DEs
Length: 3 X 100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something had to give…
A/N: Poem-y, purple-prosey thing, unbeta’d. I was trying to write the three movements of a storm. 307 more words


2015-02-22 We'll Collide On Dry Land; Storm Front Challenge

Title: We’ll Collide On Dry Land
Challenge: Storm Front
Team: DEs
Length: 100 words
Rating: PG-13
Category: Fluff
A/N: This is dedicated to my dear friend stgulik. 128 more words


2015-02-21 Traveling With Her Soul In His Pocket

For the LiveJournal 2015 Winter HP_kinkfest.

Title:Traveling With Her Soul In His Pocket
Author: Teddyradiator
My own prompt: #36 – She loves the feel of his robes against her bare skin. 7,637 more words




Subject To Change

Depth: -2.1 km

Distances: Granger, WY – 12 km (7 miles) NNE (33 degrees)
Little America, WY – 15 km (10 miles) N (354 degrees) 21 more words


2015-01-28 The Game Changes; Birthday Gift for Droxy, Epitaph, The Trouble With Harry Challenges

Dear droxy, last week I stumbled across an old drabble series I started, and I thought, “Hmm, I really ought to try and finish this.” This morning, while pondering your birthday gift, I thought this might just be the ticket. 1,716 more words


2014-01-02 Smoke And Spice

Recipient: toblass
Title: Smoke and Spice
Length: 300
Rating: G
Summary – As the sshg_newbies catchphrase says, Because everyone has a first time…Severus and Hermione…. well, perhaps it would be best if I let them tell the story… 432 more words