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Granny Coin Pouch

With a little bit of creativity and some leftover yarns, you can keep your change into this granny coin pouch. Kinda cute for souvenirs ^^


A Glorious Mess

My wife is the neat one.  When she puts her mind to it she can walk into the messy kitchen that *the children* have created and leave it with gleaming clear surfaces and not a dish in sight.   612 more words

Blocking small Granny Squares

I don’t know about you but every time I get left over yarn I ball it up and it enters my “just in case” stash, but then never gets used. 959 more words


The great sewing-up

We’ve arrived at the great next step of this epic granny square project, ladies and gentlemen! At long last the final sewing-up stage has begun. I’m very, very glad that I took the approach of seaming up the single squares into larger squares of four, first, because now instead of seaming up 340 squares individually I am sewing up 80 larger squares (and 10 rectangles – the little panels of 2 on the end. 383 more words


Summer Fun

Recently I’ve been finding myself craving after hot bright summery colours. Probably due to the almost continual rain and grey skies emanating from above. In a fit of summery over-confidence I recently bought a duvet cover for my outdoor day bed in a multitude of jazzy colours – citrus hues, turquoises and hot pinks , and what a fabulous thing it was to brighten up the yard! 864 more words


Finished Object


This is the finished blanket from my previous post.  It was really quick and fun to make, and I gifted it to my sister this morning.



I can see the exit from here

Guys, you’d better believe that when I finish this crazypants granny square blanket (no, seriously, what was I thinking, who can remember, that was so long ago now) I am going to do a whole big post about it and collect up a bunch of notes about how long it took and my process and why I did things the way I did and in what order and what colours and what yarn and so on and so forth. 488 more words