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How to make a granny square blanket

I don’t mean to brag, but I have now achieved approximately 0.4 completed granny square afghans over the past 5 months, and this is what I’ve learned. 371 more words

Yarn along

Yarn along

Oh my it’s Wednesday again, the week has gone by in what can only be described as a thick, underwater like fog ( scientifically I’m not sure underwater fog is a real thing).   324 more words


Deconstruction and reconstruction

A while ago I made a cardigan for our youngest granddaughter.  I wrote about it here. It was a piece of crochet done while I watched cricket. 103 more words


A hat with pizzazz!

A very quick hat made the same way as my Very Vivid Hat which I blogged about here. Photo taken last night so not very sharp. 103 more words


Heart cowl

Some of you may remember the heart eyelet wrap I started making some time ago. Well I rediscovered it again when requisitioning my 4mm needles for another project. 251 more words

Introducing: Granny Square "Abby"

It’s with much pleasure – and some anticipation – that I’m introducing granny square “Abby” to you today! The anticipation stems from a mix of feelings (“will other people like her too”, “what if I overlooked a mistake in the – gazillion times checked – pattern”, “will the tutorial be clear enough”), however, the pleasure wins: I’m simply very happy and proud to publish and share this granny square. 327 more words


Follow-up Friday - "Les Tourettes Shawl"

In the long list of wips that needed to be completed these past months (more here), this shawl played a significant part. The funny thing is, my “Les Tourettes Shawl” has been finished since May or June, and been worn many an occasion. 407 more words