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And now we wait

ESKOM has declared strict loadshedding for the next two weeks…we were due to be switched off twenty minutes ago and yet, here I sit in the light typing this blog. 144 more words

What has the world come to...

…when a granny punches my car???

I’m still stunned. Shocked, in fact. Especially as I had done nothing wrong. I parked in my usual place at Monkey’s playschool – which is inside the gate because Bumblebee has invariably fallen asleep in the car and there is no way in hell I would leave him in my car parked on the street! 335 more words

Poetry Wednesday with Aaron: Words a Bastard Son Cannot Say

Welcome back faithful reader, today Aaron has a poem that is as personal as any he has ever written, come back later for the explanation behind these words: 955 more words


Squares Make Me Happy

Remember how my Granny knitted me a square because I wanted a positive piece of my Granny to be with me through chemo. Well, it turns out my gorgeous daughter has also knitted me a square and I can’t wait to see it. 238 more words

I Should Be Shopping

Duchess loves to support her local shops and I will give you a peep at my favorite shopping places in Western Australia.I love a bargain,handmade,vintage,op shopping any kind of shopping really.So I’l get my credit card,coin purse at the ready and show you how to shop darlings!

Peachy Ripe Beauty

The Duchess embraces all things beauty!!I just love a bit of red lippy,blushing cheeks(though mine are from a few champers!),false eyelashes and Liz Taylor brows.Now my skin is peachy ripe I want to find the best products for it to fill in all those damn wrinkles!I’m looking for something that has quality,value for money and makes me look like a queen.So I’ve invited Miss Jenny from Bliss Beauty &. 16 more words


My granny turned 90 years old last Thursday 14th May. She was born in 1925… how crazy is that? We wanted to do something special for her on her big day. 445 more words