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When I get in my vehicle I adjust my mirrors, buckle my seat belt, close the overhead garage door, and shift to reverse. Then I wad all my Christian grace into a ball and throw it in the back seat. 570 more words


Water was everywhere. Running from over flowing gutters, streaming slick-like down brick walls and fences. The drains had given up long since, throwing back the water in fountains of protest. 64 more words

Flash Fiction

Granny And Me At RSPB

This blog has been written by Lillian, aged 9

First we walked in and when we were stood at the till waiting for binoculars Granny put her purse at the side of her, but then the man at the till asked her for the £3:00 for the binoculars  and she couldn’t find it, she said “I’ve left it at home” but then she found it at the side of her, it was hilarious . 216 more words


Mozzarella di bufala

GENRE : Anal, Hairy, Orgy, DP

YEAR : 2016


PERFORMERS : Mary La Vedova, Antonietta, Mariarosa, Alex Magni, Stecco Ducale.

DURATION : 27 more words


La... c'e una Strada nel Bosco

GENRE : Anal, Hairy, Mature, Amateur, Orgy, Pissing

YEAR : 2007


PERFORMERS : Alex Magni, Franco Caberi and also unknowns amateurs

DURATION : 16 more words