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The sleepover embargo

I was 11 years old before I ever spent the night away from home.

To call Mama overprotective was an understatement.

She didn’t want me spending the night with people she didn’t know or feel comfortable with. 957 more words


Our grandma’s house is where we met,

there itself we turned from cousins to first bestfriends.

We cousins always used to meet during holidays,

We used to make our whole house dance in craze. 314 more words



I’m gonna put a brick on your head

You’re growing up so fast
And yet
I’m still the same.

Time has gone by
It’s been a helluva high (ride) 94 more words


Lowering my expectations

Granny’s response to a lot of things was, “I ain’t getting my hopes up.”

I thought this was kind of morose and sad – we’re supposed to be hopeful, aren’t we? 721 more words


Merv wants a day orf

Story by Mark.

Merv wakes to the usual smell of bacon, gently frying in the pan, some freshly brewed coffee and hot toast but today is different. 602 more words


Almost New Year’s Eve!

Wednesday she woke up at almost 9. So that was a good lay in. We had breakfast then headed to my nans for presents swapping. I didn’t actually eat breakfast as I had a bellyache. 1,172 more words