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Skill-Builder Blankets

I love to teach skill-builder classes. What inevitably happens is I’ll get knitters who tell me “I’d love to do , but I’m not a good enough knitter,” but then they work at it, they struggle, they find their “aha!” moments. 317 more words


Ode to Granny's "Pretties": Now I understand.

“Be careful with my pretties,”

She hoped we’d understand.

We did … and we didn’t,

But respected her command.

Granny had these oddities,

Little they had in common, 114 more words


Debunking Granny...

It was Barb Taub that started me thinking, with her collection of gems learned over the years. One in particular I recognised and yet, on the five occasions when I have been rushed to hospital in an ambulance, all sirens wailing and my life or limbs in the balance, I can honestly say that no-one has ever passed comment on the state of my underwear. 967 more words


Day Thirteen - Granny

Your little face has shrunk and your wrinkled hands have started to shake and your strong legs that carried you for 80 years have stopped working properly. 87 more words

A Handfull of Vowels

Every year, my grandmother sent us a package for Christmas.  An old-school, wrapped in brown paper, tied with a string package.

Inside were two things.  One was the very fruitcake that every Christmas fruitcake joke is based on.  575 more words

Comic #011: Back Dat Idea Up

Now you know where the idea for this comic came from.


Let's have the Talk

“One monkey don’t run no show…” Photo by: DeAndra Edwards, ig @heybirde

Ten20 is a dream I had one day in a slump of despair and anger….I know not the prettiest of beginnings but there is a story behind it. 807 more words