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Back together!!😆

We pull each other’s hair & fight like monkeys sometimes. We are best friends & we broke up from that equation just 9 times in past 4 months. 42 more words


On the subject of reading glasses while we wait for a new word from Illustration Friday

Have been having quite a few discussions lately on glasses, lost and otherwise, so here’s a couple of re-runs while we wait for a new word on the subject for those of us at the upper end of the age range


Granny!! SORRY!!

I will never be able to make a way out of your life. You are a gem to me dumb demi. Sometimes I feel I do too little & hold you back, but I deserve it. 96 more words


Granny.. It's sooooo YOU!!

The best one in ALTERNATINO yet.
Anyone watching Comedy Central UK??
It’s more about Hispanic shit & dope fun.👍👍

😂😂 I am SORRY my bestie dumb demi. 25 more words