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"Jaw With John" - Grandma Been Drinkin' Na Naaaaaa

I need your help with a very sensitive situation with my in-laws. My mother-in-law drinks too much at family functions. We recently celebrated my son’s first birthday party (her first grandchild) and she (again) had too much to drink. 266 more words


Granny Walks Great Dane

This is a few years old but it still makes me LOL


Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting granny-style!

You know that I do most of my knitting lying down on the couch, during my daily rests.
pic by Ula Kapala

Most of this lying about I do on some old IKEA futon couch we bought a decade ago. 992 more words


How do you feel?

Just a quick post, I love this they trend, but will it last long enough to make it worth trying out. Let me know what you think of the granny grey style?


August 9th - Take a load off

A sunny outlook in a common Australian backyard scene. As a result of our love affair with big cars, the garages of yesteryear were unable to keep up, thus becoming somewhat of an institution – the “Granny Flat”. 66 more words

Dans Daily Photo

Seeknice Bronze Rhinestone Granny Chic Collar Necklace Elegant Jewelry

Leather clothing & heavy silver jewelry form the two primary elements of what is commonly known as the “gothic look”. The Gothic Look is often known by other names, such as the biker look, the gothic look, the punk look or the rock n roll look. 168 more words