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She was constantly increasing the speed of her car as she was reaching near to the house. And finally, when she reached home, she stopped the car outside the gate and had a long gaze to the small house built of mud and stone. 594 more words



(Just found out there’s this unpublished post drafted in June 2014. It’s four years later now and Grandma has already left us to meet our late grandpa on 30 November 2016 but I have decided to still post it as this was one of the many best memories Grandma & I had! 412 more words


Success is paved by a nagging Mama

About a year or so ago, there was a scientific study released that determined nagging mothers raised highly successful daughters.

I am not sure where they got their study pool or what they used as their definition of “nagging,” but I would like to declare myself an outlier to this study. 854 more words


Gamer Grannies- New fad of our generation

It is super fun to read and hear about stories that are breaking the stereotypes.

Gone are the days when “Gamer Girls” were a new fad in setting the bars and breaking the notions. 103 more words


Granny Power

On Mother’s Day, celebrate the power of the grandmothers.

Grandmothers connect us to the past, and show us the future.

Grandmothers do not come only by virtue of who we are born to, but also by virtue of who cares for us, who holds us accountable, who sees past our generation to the next. 69 more words


An Open Letter to Mom | Happy Mother's Day

In my life I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to be surrounded by women that have been exemplary mother figures to me. Of course, my own mother is my numero uno in pretty much all things but I’ve got a sprawling network of mothers I like to call “mom away from home.” I’m sure many of you do too, at least I sure hope that you do. 286 more words