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Granola Bars


1 cup packed dates, pits removed

1/4 cup peanut butter (or any nut butter)

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 Tbl Coconut Oil

1 cup roasted, unsalted almonds – loosely chopped… 142 more words

How to make your own granola

Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you the easiest, fastest and healthier granola recipe ever! Trust me, if I say fast and healthy, I mean it! 562 more words


Ever Tried Your Hand at Granola Bars? Now's Your Chance!

I have found that when presented with the option, most people will simply pick up a box of Nature Valley granola bars, as opposed to making a fresh batch at home. 409 more words

My my my ay Granola* (bar) - homemade

* inspired by the song ‘My Sharona’ by The Knack

About a year ago I started making my own granola bars, not primarily because of packaging but because it is healthier (you actually know what’s in it) and cheaper. 538 more words


Muesli Bars: Candy In Disguise?

To many people, granola and muesli bars sound like a healthy snack on the go. They contain vitamins, fibre and are low in sugar, right? 1,973 more words

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Fruity & Nutty Granola Bars

I’ve been wanting to make some homemade granola bars for quite some time now and I decided after 3 cups of coffee this morning that today was going to be the day that I made them!  518 more words

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