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crossing the continent /// crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter granola bars

I spent three weeks of late January and early February in São Paulo, Brazil, with Ana, my exchange sister who spent the previous school year living in a room across the hall from mine. 592 more words


Gluten-free granola bars

Try out this gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan friendly granola bars.A perfect snack to keep you going. They are packed with nutrient rich foods to provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to keep you healthy. 341 more words


Day 14 of Lent

Okay, so here’s my granola bar recipe:

3 ripe bananas

1.5 cups rolled oats

1 tsp cinnamon

1.5 tsp natural clover honey

3 tbsp of Just Great Stuff Powdered Peanut Butter… 403 more words


Peanut Butter-Honey-Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

Granola bars are a pantry essential around this household, but it sure does seem to me that the ones I buy at the market these days continue to shrink whilst the price tag steadily rises. 640 more words


Why You Should Cook and Simple Granola Bars

When I have conversations with people pertaining to cooking food, there are usually two outcomes. I can make (blank), or I don’t cook. The people who say they don’t cook further qualify their inability by saying “I burn everything,” “I can’t even hold a knife,” or, my personal favorite, “I’m lazy and can’t be bothered.” 412 more words


Coconut Quinoa Granola Bars & A Forgiving Recipe

… Or I guess technically Coconut Quinoa Cranberry Pecan Peanut Butter Chocolate-Dipped Granola Bars. But I’m not sure you’ll be able to get all that out before munching down on these, so Coconut Quinoa Granola Bars might just work better. 662 more words

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