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Easy Peanut Butter Honey Granola Bars

This is a quick and delicious recipe can be used to kill your midday craving or as a quick pre-workout meal. These bars are an easy way to boost your fiber intake with the oats and peanut butter. 460 more words


Sprouted Oat and Fruit Bars

Perhaps you’ve noticed even the most conventional of grocery stores have  expanded their grain selections from white rice and brown rice  now to include quinoa, barley, amaranth, and even freekeh. 730 more words


freakin' delicious granola bars

I am not a breakfast person, not because I don’t need or want it, but because I don’t really live a “get out of bed in time to make yourself breakfast” life. 411 more words


Work Appropriate Granola Bars

I like to bake a lot, and luckily for me, my husband likes to eat – a lot. But one of my biggest fears is that my husband is going to become sick one day because I am pumping him full of butter and white sugar. 502 more words


The Hunt for Healthy Snack Bars - Nature Valley

So my son was recently diagnosed with high-cholesterol.  This has motivated the whole family to eat healthier, hoping that he can control this mostly inherited problem at least enough to avoid needing medicine. 538 more words


Day 173 - National Granola Bar Day

I started  to write this post while I was on the bus on our way home from the Women’s March on Washington.  Maybe that will be my new thing from now on: blogging on buses.   1,403 more words


Create Your Own Snacks!

I am really having fun making my own Power Bites.  I know exactly what’s in them and it’s fun to play.  Today’s experiment may sound a little crazy.   193 more words