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Autumn Walnut Pumpkin Granola

This is the first time I’ve made homemade granola and I am completely in love with this recipe! It’s so delicious and smells heavenly. This recipe is adapted from… 152 more words


Basic Maple Granola Recipe

We like to keep granola on hand, not because we eat it for breakfast, but because it is a great snack and a way to quiet down our sweet tooth without feeling guilty later. 362 more words


Granola Recipe

As a home cook and frequent baker, I like finding recipes I can alter to fit my pantry. Here is a great  from  .  I use combinations of wheat germ and flaxseed meal or almond or coconut flour as my “something else” dry ingredient. 7 more words

Farmhouse Apple Pie Granola

One of my favourite things to have around the house is granola. A bit of fruit and some milk or yogurt and there’s something wonderful ready to eat. 347 more words

Pumpkin Spice Grain-Free Granola

Why would anyone want grain-free granola, you ask?

As a holistic nutritionist, a lot of people who come to see me have either serious health conditions, food intolerances, or looking for recipe ideas that suit a particular type of diet they are following. 316 more words

Malted Whole Grain and Quinoa Granola + Fighting (and Winning Against) Internet Pirates

Granola made light and almost fluffy – not two words we associate with granola, huh? – with the addition of quinoa puffs. We love it not only for breakfast but as a wholesome snack the whole family will enjoy. 1,413 more words


Power Granola Recipe

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Warning: You won’t want to stop eating this!

There, I said it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 218 more words