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A is for Animal Man

Animal Man Omnibus written by Grant Morrison with Art by (Various) and published by Vertigo Comics.  For those who don’t know Grant Morrison has done a lot of characters in the DC universe from the JLA, Batman, All-Star Superman, the Doom Patrol, and even created his own like the Invisible and… 440 more words

I Loved a Plastic Man

Hey folks,

By far, the most common question I have been hit with upon others learning that I’m a comic fan is, “who is your favorite character?” Well, I’ve got a few. 769 more words


Happy! Casts Female Lead for Pilot

Lili Mirojnick has been cast in the lead female rols for the coming Syfy adaptation of Happy!. The coming show is based on the Image Comic written by  Grant Morrison with artwork from Darick Robertson. 94 more words


Grant Morrison’s JLA: World War III and the Grand Finale

Originally published at ComicsBulletin.com

Event comics get a bad rap, and rightfully so. They are often thrown together with sales being the primary motivator, rather than story. 740 more words


Is There A Superman Curse?

As noted before on this site, an actor who portrays an iconic character has some pretty big shoes to fill…or in the case of Superman, big red boots. 1,214 more words


Armageddon Obsession

Years back, at DisInfoCon (I’ll try to find the link later and stick it here), Grant Morrison, comic-book writer, ritual magician and Glaswegian, mourned what he considered the western youth’s slide into what he deemed “apocalypse culture.” It’s an interesting cultural development; this is perhaps the first time in history that a vast amount of our consumable entertainment media has been based in worlds which appear to be ruined versions of our own. 720 more words


Comic Book Review: We3

Details: Purchased the trade paperback which collected all three issues. Listed price is $12.99. Released in 2005. Official site is http://www.vertigocomics.com/graphic-novels/we3

I originally read this book a few years ago and forgot about it. 355 more words