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Podicus Wrecks #31 - A Mutant Named Xorn

In this episode, we have a follow-up to how terrible Anthony and J.R.’s brackets have turned out, we discuss writers being duly credited for the stories they write (2:09), this week’s “Better Know an X-Man” features Husk (7:32), Jacob gives us a lesson on the convoluted history of Xorn (12:47), and we wrap out by talking about some video games we have been playing (43:28).


CM Podcast 95 - "Missed The Bus" Comics

Comics Misremembered Podcast 95


What does the title “Missed The Bus” comics mean?  It means great comic series that have been published but for what ever reason Jon and/or myself have never read.  147 more words


This month I will be mostly reading...'Supergods' by Grant Morrison

As is probably the case for most parents, I don’t get as much time to read to myself as I once did. My reading list typically comes from the children’s section of the library but, despite the fact that there are some phenomenal kids’ books out there, it is nice to occasionally read something for ‘grown-ups’. 439 more words


The Best Two Pages In Comic Book History


from Animal Man #19


CM Podcast 93 - Disappointing Comics

Has this ever happened to you: There is a major announcement about a writer/artist/character that really excites you but when you get the final product and finish reading it, you are left wanting? 108 more words


Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery Review

Reading this I thought it would be kinda trippy and it was since this is Grant Morrison doing the writing, he’s also doing Heavy Metal magazine now if you’re wondering what he’s doing. 185 more words


The Multiversity

I’m torn between thinking this was good, and thinking this was somewhat pretentious. I like Grant Morrison, but he has a tendency to let his ideas get away from himself and we end up with something like… 392 more words

Book Review