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Meditation Challenge

I like regimented things because I’m anything but. I’m a total free spirit, messy, spur of the moment kind of girl, but when I actually make a commitment, I’ll follow through to the end. 283 more words


FOX HATES YOU AND YOUR X-MEN!!!!! (or you’re freaking out over nothing.): A Conversation

By Zach Nichols

In our modern era of filmmaking, (i.e. ever since the internet boom and our subsequent massive increase in exposure to the filmmaking process and the absolute destruction of movie magic by our own predispositioned opinion of a film prior to seeing the final product) fans review every single piece of a film whether it be a set pic, a costume, or just someone talking about a film. 1,457 more words


Like a caterpillar eating a leaf.

A friend read my earlier post and messaged me with this extremely relevant link. The experience described has many of the DMT elements I have discussed in my previous posts – the blasting off through space, the alien landscape, his seeming discovery of the origins of the universe, the blobs which act as his helpers, his “waking up” into a place that felt more real than real – it is a story and if we choose to believe Grant Morrison (judge for yourselves, but sounds sincere, he writes and draws comic books, and the topic seems to come up naturally in conversation) could be an extremely important insight into those, huge, important questions of life that we just seem to choose to ignore.


Interview with Creator/Artist Chris Burnham - San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Chris Burnham is a comics artist and creator who is also the #1 New York Times Bestselling Artist of Batman Inc. and the co-creator of… 181 more words


Tuesday is for Talia Al Ghul

You would have to go far and wide to find a comic book character whose recent incarnation is as offensive an affront to the continuity and promise the character was capable of than Talia Al Ghul. 740 more words

Comic Books


JK Woodward, Grant Morrisson, Erika Lewis

Erika Lewis, John Barrowman, Jk Woodward


Grayson Writers Tom King & Tim Seeley

Grayson is everything a comic book should be. Fun, smart, and tighter than a Ramones single, it’s far fresher than another story about a dashing spy ought to be, even when set in a superhero universe. 2,169 more words