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Animal Man and the Legacy of Metafiction within Graphic Literature - Part I

A Different Species

‘Sometimes you wonder, in an interconnected universe, who’s dreaming who?’ Grant Morrison

British writer, Grant Morrison was born in 1960 to a working class family from Glasgow where his father had become a political activist. 1,942 more words


Animal Man and the Legacy of Metafiction within Graphic Literature - Introduction

A Story within a Story

‘Books are the blessed chloroform of the mind.’ Robert W. Chambers

To help understand the complexities of metafiction it is important to explore its origins and highlight how it has been used to inform literature and theoretical studies. 1,302 more words


Green Lantern #40 (October, 1965)

According to the Grand Comics Database, this comic book was published exactly 50 years ago today, on August 26, 1965.  The fact that it came out pretty late in the month may be significant, as it seems very likely to me that I bought it only after buying… 1,496 more words


Animal Man & The Devil

I did this drawing when Ernesto Moncada challenged me to share the image of a comic book character on Facebook. Having nothing better to do at the moment, I chalked this out.


Which Side Are You On?

My thoughts never stray far from the Invisibles. So when my old friend CB texted me in the past hour, “What is your final take on the Invisibles?” I responded, “There is no final take. 203 more words

Graphic Novel

Massive Review Monday: Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison

Good Monday Collectors! Today we embark on a quest of understanding the complicated mind of the great Grant Morrison.

Over the past 20 years, this scottish born writer has been concocting amazing tales. 1,440 more words

DC Comics

Reseña a Happy! de Grant Morrison: no todo lo que toca es oro

Dentro de todas las paralizaciones del último tiempo pude dedicarme a una de mis actividades favoritas que es leer un buen comic. Mis intenciones iban por leer algo rápido, no muy invasivo y que no me hiciera pensar tanto, algo así como ganas de leer algo de fácil absorción y no engancharme a ninguna serie extensa. 720 more words