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Santa Claus: The First Superhero

Comic Book Resources wrote yesterday about Grant Morrison’s Klaus. Drawn by Dan Mora and published by Boom! Studios, Morrison describes it as “Santa Claus: Year Zero”. 227 more words


Grant Morrison is Going to Ruin Christmas With "Klaus"

Grant Morrison, who just wrapped up DC Comics’ Multiversity run in April 2015, has announced that he will be collaborating with BOOM! Studios to bring Klaus to shelves this November. 198 more words

New This Week

BOOM! Studios Announces Grant Morrison & Dan Mora Team for Klaus

Around this time last year, BOOM! Studios announced they’d be working with the great Grant Morrison on a new title. Now, as part of their ramp-up to San Diego Comic-Con, they have announced that project! 92 more words


Roisin Kiberd: A Beginner's Guide to Sigils

There is a part of the mind which only speaks in imagery.

It’s filled up with shapes and intentions, abstractions and unfinished stories, half-formed hopes scrawled like biro ink across an old phone book. 1,308 more words


BLAAAAAM! The Fast Bullet 2

Hiya, Slugs! I try to stop buying ‘floppy’ ‘single’ ‘pamphlets’, but I guess serialised genre fiction appeals to me in a way I cannot deny? Like that… 1,765 more words


Good-Bye, New 52! Hello, DCYou!

A few years ago, DC Comics rebooted their superhero publishing line. By wiping the continuity clean, writers and artists were able to rebuild characters and concepts from the ground up and not be hindered about what came before. 1,330 more words


The Power of Magickal Suggestion



Greetings, “K-Mart Shoppers”. . . . .

Is there such a thing as magic? Well “yes” and “no”– that’s magic, if qualified with a bit of explanation. 537 more words