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Graphic Novel Review: We3 by Grant Morrison

“We3 Home Now”

-Grant Morrison, We3

1 (dog), 2(cat) and 3(rabbit) are a team of soldier animals equipped with high tech suit and given limited speech capabilities, the team is used to fight the government’s battles.

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Graphic Novels

The Slow Death of Xavier's Dream

Extraordinary X-Men #2 included what was no doubt intended as a shocking moment, as Storm reflected:

Professor Xavier dreamed of a world where mutants and humans could live in harmony… Where we no longer needed to be afraid.

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Weekend Coverage

Batman and Robin #1

Cover by Frank Quitely

Colors by Alex Sinclair

It can be interesting to see what it is that defines successful covers. The route to a cover, good, bad, or iconic can take many different paths even when using the same techniques. 257 more words

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He Lives! He Dies! He Is Canceled! (The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?, 2015)

In 1998 the comic world was abuzz with talks of a new Superman movie.  We heard talks of a script, a director (Tim Burton) and a star (Nicholas Cage).  258 more words


Beer & Batman #8: Normal is Weird

This is Beer & Batman, a weekly feature here at Gutterball Special, in which I pair beer with a Batman story. I aim to work my way through the Batman canon in a loosely chronological manner (albeit disregarding most retcons and reboots, and probably indulging the occasional out-of-continuity detour), from… 1,909 more words


Review: Klaus #1

Have you ever wondered why Santa Claus started doing what he does? What motivated him to bring joy to thousands upon thousands of children every year? 451 more words


Review: Batman R.I.P by Grant Morrison

Batman R.I.P. by Grant Morrison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


At this point, I have been reading many “Batman” comics and so far, I had been enjoying every single one I had read…until I came upon this comic. 506 more words

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