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CM Podcast 109 - Skrull Kill Krew

Comics Misremembered Podcast 109


As Huey Lewis once crooned “Gotta go back in time.”  Well, that is what we do here from time to time at the Comics Misremembered Podcast.  177 more words


Nameless by Grant Morrison

In our solar system, between Mars and Jupiter, there is an asteroid belt, which some people see as an anomaly in place of a should-have-been 5th planet. 414 more words


A New Hope - All Star Superman

I’m well known for my dislike of Superman as a character, or perhaps it’s the way the characters narrative is handled. Grant Morrison perhaps proves this point in his All Star Superman series. 243 more words

The Reoccurring Knightmare of Bruce Wayne - Arkham Asylum

This is a dream, this is the dream which haunts Bruce Wayne each time he sleeps, as he sleeps through the bright morning light – exhausted after spending his night fighting the nightmarish inhabitants of Gotham hell bent on remaking the city into their own image…this is what he dreams, this is the culmination of his nightmares. 656 more words

Heavy Metal #286 Review

Featuring an ‘epic article’ on chaos magic from the editor in chief, Grant Morrison. How could you not pick up an issue with that cover?…  1,147 more words


Happy - Grant Morrison


An alcoholic ex-detective is recruited by an imaginary cartoon horse to rescue a little girl from a pedophile ring. Sure, the art was great, but… 41 more words