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Grant Morrison and Chris Weston, The Filth

The Filth by Grant Morrison

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The book is full of life—not like a man, but like an ant-heap.
—Ludwig Wittgenstein, … 2,699 more words


SDCC Kicks Off With Scary Dark Titans Trailer!

I am very excited for live action Robin on the new TV show Titans. So I’m also very excited to see this thing for myself. 152 more words


Chaos and Order in the Works of Grant Morrison

By Abigail Bilby

Religious scholars argue that the battle between chaos and order has been in existence since before humans were able to conceive of it (Mobley p. 1,732 more words

Episode 162 - We3


Welcome back to the Heck Yeah Comics! Podcast. We return from our hiatus with a brand new episode featuring the one and only Phil Rood. 16 more words


Grant Morrison, Final Crisis, and the Power of Apocalyptic Storytelling

By Julie Rivera

Anyone that has heard a Grant Morrison interview can deduce that he has some interesting ideas about the world, which he portrays using metafiction, unique storytelling, and spirituality. 1,622 more words


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Conium maculatum is the name of the plant pictured below. It is alien to Iowa but grows all over the place– or at least all over this particular area. 366 more words



Sunday, 17 June 2018

An hour or so looking through cyberpunk images. Reminded me of using a Tor browser. The feeling. Just that. Some Bauhaus too. 347 more words