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Flash #163 (August 1966)

In his mostly fascinating, occasionally maddening genre-history-cum-autobiography Supergods, the acclaimed comics writer Grant Morrison describes the lead tale in Flash #183 as “one of the first stories I remember having a profound impact on my young mind.”  He goes on to state that he “can trace many of my own obsessions and concerns as a writer back to this particular root.”  Morrison would have been six-and-a-half years old when this comic book was published, while I was eight, closing in on nine.   1,975 more words

Silver Age Comics

The Weekly Haul

Sometimes kids, when you look up at the night sky, and the stars high above this jungle-Hell are all wrong, you just have to admit you bungled the incantation and start over, ’cause pride and denial won’t put any more distance between you and the thing hunting you. 391 more words

Batman: Mental struggles and Perserverence

So as a “regular” human being, many people don’t think batman. has a super-power. I would argue he does in the form of a Super-human perserverence. 297 more words


Wonder Woman Earth One Is Far From Wondrous

Content warnings: This post contains descriptions and images of sexual assault/harassment from the comic that may be triggering or upsetting to readers.

With every reading of… 2,488 more words

Book Reviews

4 Color Sequentials #2: Marvelous Reactions - Civil War, Wonder Woman: Earth One

This week Dominic and Luis gush over Captain America: Civil War and debate on where they stand on the political debates posed by Cap and Iron Man. 54 more words


JLA: Vol. 4

As much as it pains me to admit, a part of me is glad I’m finished with these Grant Morrison JLA trades.

Now I realize that this is an extremely popular run in comics, so before people start hurling things at me let me explain.  838 more words

DC Universe

What I’ve Been Doing: Reading, Listening, Watching for 5/15/16


Just finished the first John Carter book, A Princess of Mars, and it was pretty good. A little hard for me at times but it is a century old story. 545 more words

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