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Braddy Reads Klaus: How Santa Claus Began

Hey, remember that old Rankin Bass stop motion cartoon, Santa Claus is Coming to Town? Remember how that short went out of its way to explain every little aspect of Santa’s character, like why he wears red, or why he crawls down chimneys, or where Christmas trees come from? 645 more words


New X-Men Volume Five: Assault on Weapon Plus – Grant Morrison

This is a seven issue collection beginning with the three chapters of Murder at the Mansion which is one of the finest parts of Morrison’s run. 237 more words

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Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman: Earth One

Details: Released in 2016. Listed price is $22.99. Art by Yanick Paquette. Written by Grant Morrison. Official site is https://www.dccomics.com/graphic-novels/wonder-woman-earth-one-2016/wonder-woman-earth-one-vol-1

Like Marvel’s Ultimate comics line, DC’s Earth One line of books seeks to re-imagine popular superheroes and retell their stories. 600 more words


New X-Men Volume Three: New Worlds – Grant Morrison

This brave new series dips from world shattering thriller to Weapon X fan service in a seven issue story that you can easily skip over. Even the death of named characters has no impact on the new reader. 46 more words

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New X-Men Volume Four: Riot at Xavier's – Grant Morrison

These five issues switch to the students of Xavier’s school for the gifted. In a mix of teenage growing pains and an allegory for the rise of fascism (and its use of fashion) it goes back to the core of the X-Men – being different. 126 more words

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New X-Men Volume Two: Imperial – Grant Morrison

This is the second part of Grant Morrison’s famous run on the X-Men. It is twice as long as the first part at eight issues so is definitely value for money and ends at a natural break point. 116 more words

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New X-Men Volume One: E is for Extinction – Grant Morrison

This volume marks the start of Grant Morrison’s 2001 soft reboot of the X-Men franchise, often called New X-Men. It sought to be a jumping on point for new readers following the success of the first X-Men film and works very well. 251 more words

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