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Grant Shapps "definitely not fed into woodchipper", says PM

Number 10 have robustly denied allegations that senior tories were seen pushing the body of former government minister Grant Shapps through a woodchipper.

A statement this morning said that “No one would… 226 more words


Schapp resigns because of bullying: Vole APPLAUDS David Cameron

Not often appropriate to praise David Cameron here, but he did the right thing yesterday.

He may have done it later than other people would have liked and hung his feet rather about accepting the inevitable. 218 more words

Student Grant

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the resignation of Grant Shapps is the startling fact that Grant Shapps still occupied an office of government from which he was able to resign. 671 more words


Grant Shapps Resigns

Grant Shapps has stood down from his post. Former Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps has stepped as International Development Secretary amid claims he failed to stop bulling within the Party. 185 more words


Grant Shapps - A New Role?


Grant Shapps offered senior role at the Institute Of Mediocre Management.

Grant Shapps, has resigned as Conservative Minister for Incompetence  amid allegations of bullying, sexual assault and intimidation within the Tory party. 160 more words

Dick Lannister: Management Guru

Conservative Party Bullies Student To Death ?

THE father of a Tory activist who killed himself after an alleged bullying campaign by more senior party members fears an internal inquiry into his death will result only in a cover-up. 350 more words


Africans pay 66 times more for electricity than people in the UK

I knew that most of sub-Saharan Africa doesn’t have much in the way of electricity, but now I know why.

The figure in the headline is from the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID), and shows the effect of decades of inefficient markets, chronic under-investment, and clearly unhelpful policies that mean 621 million Africans live without access to electricity. 806 more words