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OFFICIAL: Brexitosis 'firmly under control thanks to new Government booklet' says Hunt

So great is the danger to all Britons faced by the possibility of Grexit, the Government’s media advisor Mr Clinton Slobsby has recommended a booklet be sent to every household in the UK explaining what to do in the event of chemical warfare being used to spread the deadly Russian-made virus Brexitosis. 444 more words

Shame and Scandal in the Family

Shock Horror! The Prime Minister’s mother has signed a petition opposing the PM’s stringent cuts to local services. Mary Cameron, at 81 years old, by all accounts, remains a formidable and lucid woman. 566 more words


By Chris Jarvis

2015 has been a tumultuous year for politics. From the rise of the SNP to the shock victory of the Conservatives in the General Election and from the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party to the decimation of the Liberal Democrats, it has been a year like no other. 1,283 more words


Fellated by a dead pig? You may have been a victim of Tory bullying

Helplines have been jammed with MPs and party activists suddenly remembering that 90% of their experience at elite private schools may constitute bullying – rather than good nature ‘joshing’ with a cricket bat and a ‘tube of lube’.  221 more words


Grant Shapps "definitely not fed into woodchipper", says PM

Number 10 have robustly denied allegations that senior tories were seen pushing the body of former government minister Grant Shapps through a woodchipper.

A statement this morning said that “No one would… 226 more words


Schapp resigns because of bullying: Vole APPLAUDS David Cameron

Not often appropriate to praise David Cameron here, but he did the right thing yesterday.

He may have done it later than other people would have liked and hung his feet rather about accepting the inevitable. 218 more words

Student Grant

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the resignation of Grant Shapps is the startling fact that Grant Shapps still occupied an office of government from which he was able to resign. 671 more words