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Less than three weeks to go

What seems to have been overlooked during the increasingly tawdry election circus is the simple fact that we are being asked to elect a government; not a president, not a king and not an emperor. 973 more words


Tory candidate Flick Drummond takes on shirtless man in the street

Dealing with intimidating shirtless people is apparently not up Tory party Chairman Grant Shapps’ street after he left another colleague to fend off a bare chested man in Portsmouth by herself. 220 more words


Questionable Time #133

Good morrow lemmings and welcome to an undisclosed location in London (and by undisclosed I mean yer bog standard BBC studio), and yet another episode of Questionable Time: Debates Edition! 1,508 more words

Question Time

EXAMINED: How the Coalition set out the rules of Fair Play in 2011...and then broke all of them


Warning: for all those readers suffering from an ethical disposition, prepare to hurl down the big white telephone. 1,035 more words

Jeremy Hunt.

An Implosion Once Started Almost Always Completes

by Martin Odoni

It has so far been an utterly dire Conservative Election campaign planned out by Lynton Crosby and Grant Shapps, and it perhaps reflects the ugliness of the two men’s characters – their cynicism, their shameless deceitfulness, their controlling, bullying tendencies, their school playground demeanour. 1,126 more words

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A Personal Letter

This is taken from an email that I received today:

“One of my favourite United States Presidents is Harry Truman. He succeeded Franklin Roosevelt at the end of the war. 526 more words


At the End of the Day

I was sent a piece from Counterpunch today. It is a sign of our times that I do occasionally read this somewhat card-carrying magazine: these days I often go to all sorts of places I would’ve almost sub-consciously screened out ten years ago. 980 more words

At The End Of The Day