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Crowdfunding free knowledge

A class in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, using WikiReaders. 500 of those devices were distributed to schools in India, South Africa and Mexico, in part through a… 571 more words


Dong Chen receives National Science Foundation grant

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Dong Chen, associate professor of civil engineering, a grant of $39,999 for his research project “EAGER: A Novel Self-Cleaning Microfiltration Membrane System for Water Purification”. 23 more words


My Uninvolved Parents

I’ve seen the gamut of parental involvement during my career. Some parents couldn’t have been bothered to answer their phones. Others would lose their composure if they didn’t get daily phone calls from their children’s teachers. 919 more words

Watershed district gets big grant to improve water quality

AUSTIN, Minn. – When the Cedar River Watershed District (CRWD) was created in 2007, Project Coordinator Justin Hanson and the rest of the staff set goals to reduce flood events and improve the substandard water quality, which go hand-in-hand. 306 more words

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Jared Fogle's Child Obesity Foundation Was A Sham

What a Surprise: Jared Fogle's Obesity Foundation Was a Sham dlvr.it/ByKH6Z #arrestarrestwarrant #foodfoodindustry

OH NO THEY DIDN'T (@ohnotheydidnt) August 25, 2015

Well, color me surprised!

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Ten-year-old Pia, who lives in the quaint German village of Bad Münstereifel, is having an especially difficult year in school. Ever since the gruesomely freakish accident that claimed her grandmother’s life, she has been unmercifully teased by her classmates. 163 more words

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Curl up on the couch with a few gothic fairy tales—the dark, brutal sort. Follow this with a murder mystery, deep and rich with symbolism. 149 more words

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