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ProTip: 2 Officiants for 1 Wedding

South Asia is full of ancient traditions and cultures. As South Asian-Americans get married in the melting pots of the US, Canada, Aus, and other countries, we’re seeing more cross-culture weddings. 147 more words


Wedding Ceremonies

I have not been interested in ceremonies. In fact I despise them, specially Puja ceremonies of Hindus. The Brahmins make it so complicated in the name of religion that a man has to withstand the shockers that come with the rituals. 385 more words

Light Conversation

谭崔瑜伽(五)之:千里姻缘一线牵 Nadi vs Granthi

从一开始的谭崔瑜珈(一)之:无中生有,到上一篇的谭崔瑜伽(四)之:迷惑的枷锁Kundalini vs Avidya ,我们认识到谭崔对物质世界、万物迹象的见解与哲学。

在谭崔世界里,Brahman《万能智慧》就好比现代天文学里的“大爆炸” —- 是宇宙的根源。Brahman 的分身Atman,原为“雌雄同体Shiva/Shakti”的完整体,就像太极图里的“阴阳”。因为受到Karma 的影响,所以Shiva 和Shakti 不得不分开。离开了Shiva 的Shakti 可说是《大地之母》:她赋予生命物质化的实体、感官和知觉。

千里姻缘一线牵 Brahma Nadi


被分开了的Shiva 和Shakti 也有他们自己的“鹊桥”。他们的“鹊桥”叫做Brahma Nadi。 133 more words


In the colonies: Sikh worship.

Photographs, in absence of substantial narratives help retrieve forgotten histories. With Shanghai Sikhs, the images are plenty and offer vital clues but sometimes you just have to peek over Shanghai’s shoulder to judge the context of the visual content. 413 more words


The Third Chakra

The third chakra is called manipura, which means ‘jewel city’. With a name like that, it must be very valuable! 

The third chakra is located at the navel, has ten petals, ten vibrational frequencies identified by the sounds of specific Sanskrit syllables, and is associated with digestion. 784 more words


Kundalini and the Three Worlds

In your body there are three worlds, the world of the Creator, the world of the Sustainer, and the world of the Transformer. Each chakra calls one of these worlds home. 855 more words