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Lies, damned lies and statistics

It’s been a while since the end. Grantland went off the air* (webz) at the end of October. Grantland was a special place for me. We all have our separate pathways on the web, the courses we chart every day when we log on. 1,202 more words

Bill Simmons

Why I chose to become a Journalist

To many, journalism is a dying field, and to others, it is becoming more and more of a joke everyday. Loved ones ask, “why would you want to be a journalist?” as if it is some kind of death sentence. 456 more words

Overtime: On Grantland and The Ringer

By Jack McLoone 

As I wrote in my “From the Desk” last semester, I was deeply in love with Grantland, and was stunned and upset to see it go. 816 more words


The M&M Report: The Bill Simmons Empire

Devin and I have long been obsessed with Bill Simmons, his various websites, his similarly titled podcasts and now his curious HBO TV show. On this episode of The M&M Report, we sort out our complicated feelings about all of those elements of Simmons’ wide reach. 57 more words


How Hamilton Helped Me Fall In Love With Musicals

I was never really a fan of musical theatre growing up. I found the idea of just randomly breaking into song to be kinda weird. 478 more words

The story behind the Gordie Howe jersey Cameron wears in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

The sports world is mourning Gordie Howe, aka “Mr. Hockey,” who passed away on Friday at the age of 88. Howe, who played for the Detroit Red Wings for most of his career, scored 801 goals during his time in the NHL (second only to Wayne Gretzky), and officially retired at the impressive age of 52. 314 more words


Bill Simmons sorry for quote calling out ESPN employees: 'My apologies for being a jackass'

The Hollywood Reporter ran a long feature this week on Bill Simmons and his recent projects, including the launch of his new website, his podcast network, and his new show on HBO. 321 more words