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Costs now below 50% of oil

So, with the winter heating season just about over, I’ve taken a look at the energy costs over the last 10 months.  Compared to our old oil-fired boiler, the cost of running our heat pump is just under 50%, so cutting our energy bills in half. 59 more words


Government Loan

Hooray!! We finally received our Scottish Government loan today from the Energy Saving Trust

Grants, Etc.

Private speech and language therapy funded by Cerebra

If you have a child aged 1-16 years old with a ‘neurological, brain-related condition’ you might be eligible to receive a £500 voucher from the charity Cerebra to fund private speech and language therapy. 25 more words


No limits on nappies....

We’re quite lucky in that Archie was relatively easy to toilet train. My Mum made it her goal when he was 4 or 5. Joseph was about 2 at the time and I was pregnant with Louis so I was happy to hand that job over. 263 more words

Severe Autism


Safety is of course a big issue when you have a child with autism. We have 3 locks on the front door, internal door locks, window locks, 8 ft fences around the garden and so on and so forth. 250 more words

Severe Autism

DLA & Mobility

I’ve just been to renew my Motability car. It was very easy and quick. The same can’t quite be said of applying for mobility in the first place. 478 more words

Grants Etc

Direct Payments Even Help With Shoe Shopping

Yesterday we went shoe shopping. This is nowhere near the horror it used to be. Archie used to kick the shop assistants as soon as they tried to measure his feet and it needed one person to try and hold his leg steady. 440 more words

Grants Etc