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The Esoteric & Exoteric Numerology Of Edmonton Radio Stations

In my hometown of Edmonton I managed to work out the different esoteric and exoteric numbers of each AM/FM radio station using some simple mathematics and of course numerology to work out whether Edmonton’s public radio frequencies all work out to numbers like 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 33, 39. 228 more words


Onions and Grapes

The grape vine mind to mind artificial, electronic and psychedelic network works much in the same way the Tor onion routing network operates on the internet where one computer (mind) connects to other computers and servers (minds) to which they act as relays carrying information and metadata through the network. 2,235 more words


Pruning time for the outdoor grape vines

We have always been rather surprised at how successful we have been at growing grapes outdoors in the garden here at Honey Pot Flowers.  Anna Pavord in her… 653 more words


arbor day

I had every hope of finding Concord grapes today in a local park. But the guy who told me about them impressed upon me the fact that they tend to wrap their viney selves around trees, way out of reach. 433 more words

Our Grape Vine From The Woods

In March this year,  while working in Reffley Spring Wood, King’s Lynn,  members of the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group took cuttings from a grape vine which appeared to be very old. 173 more words

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