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Chicken, fennel and grapefruit traybake

Traybakes are just too easy! And this one is no exception. Make the marinade, and place all the ingredients into the roasting tin and let the marinade do it’s magic. 258 more words



Melon season has arrived. Usually when you think of melon in cocktails, you think of Midori. Which Christa doesn’t like, and Shaun is indifferent. Which is interesting since Shaun doesn’t like actual melon and Christa loves it. 662 more words

Lime Juice

Rye and Prejudice and Zombies

The marriage of rye whiskey with grapefruit juice distills the pretentiousness of Mr. Collins and the vanity of Miss Caroline Bingley into a dram of liquid meh rather than representing the allure of Lizzy to Fitz. 115 more words


Two Not Good Things Don't Make a Good Thing.

What a monumental disappointment to pair this gross drink with such a great book.

Rye whiskey tastes like a grumpy old man. Grapefruit juice is Sour McSourson. 44 more words


Pink Victrola

Here’s the last recipe in the pink grapefruit “series”.  I decided that, since I enjoyed these so much, it might be worth just keeping pink grapefruit juice on hand as one of my pantry staples.  225 more words



Despite many adventures together and a plethora of secret dates, together, TLoML and I had never gone to hear live music outside of the symphony hall. 173 more words

Classic Tiki: the Jet Pilot

My uncle was a pilot. Hal flew light, high-wing planes, the type you’d fly into northern Ontario to hunt moose. A couple times a year, he’d fly to visit us, landing in Trimble’s pasture across the road from our house. 1,325 more words

Rum Cocktails