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Looking forward to another #happy hour at @dapperduckbar! These #jalapeno poppers were amazing. I could have eaten several more. They were perfect with the three-chili #honey. 24 more words

Escorpion's "E'sting"

One day. Three classes. Three cities. Once cocktail.

Wish it were a better one.

Many in Tacoma swear by the Pacific Grill and its all-day Happy Hour. 92 more words

Hi. Swoon.

Great to be back with TLoML. Great t be back in Seattle. Great to be back at Serious Pie.

There are few more loving, if seemingly innocuous, gestures than the airport pick-up and yet it remains one that floods my heart. 64 more words

[Craft Beer] Red Racer Radler vs. Hopping Mad Cider Radler

It’s pretty hot out there right now. So hot, it kinda blows my mind. Where I’m from, there’s still snow on the ground. But Central City… 253 more words


One from Column A

After a disappointing dinner that wasn’t with “War Writers” at Tom’s Urban, I escaped to Smashburger with my dear friend Sonya for a bite. After walking her to her car, I had a decision to make: walk back to my hotel or seek out a nightcap. 123 more words

About those 8 lb. bags of grapefruit from Costco...

Whenever I go to Costco, I always end up leaving with something ridiculous. The ridiculous item this past trip was an 8 lb. bag of grapefruit. 461 more words


No soup for you!

You can’t always get what you want. Especially if you don’t ask for it. Sigh.

TLoML and I jet down to Barbuto for lunch after visiting my grade school for a tour that felt much like… 136 more words