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Minecraft & the Ideal School, Day 2

When you let your imagination run free, you’re sure to come up with some amazing ideas. That’s exactly what some of my students are doing with the Ideal School project. 578 more words


Tools of the Trade: Paper for Planning

I typically do a good deal of my actual story planning on paper first. I would probably write a good deal more of my stories longhand too if it didn’t take so long. 94 more words


Pixel Art - 5x5 Grid

With first graders the challenge to count five blocks by five blocks then color inside the blocks to make patterns was asking a lot. Oh! and cut them out to glue them on a page, without a grid, in a grid, ;-) -these youngsters are great!

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Pixel Art - 10x10 Grid

All you have to say ‘MindCraft’ and the kiddos know what you mean by making pictures with squares/pixels.

The grid for this lesson was on quarter inch graph paper and 10 x 10 area.

Colored Pencils

Fibonacci - Spiral and Doodle

It all started with the Sunflowers! Looking for fun math related art I came across Vi Hart and based many lessons from her video ‘Doodling in Math Class: Spirals, Fibonacci, Being a Plant, part 1’. 25 more words



Looking for more ideas and came across this book This is Not a Maths Book: A Smart Art Activity Book, Anna Weltman. This lesson is one of many and I changed it up a bit calling this the ‘Flower Garden’

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On Keeping Field Notes

Unless a gentleperson works as either something not unlike an ornithologist or as a reporter for, say, Field & Stream, the phrase “field notes” references quick note-taking when away from tablet/computer/home. 329 more words