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[BFS] Word Ladder

Problem #127: https://leetcode.com/problems/word-ladder/description/

struct QE{
int i;
int ladderLength;
QE(int a, int b){
i = a;
ladderLength = b;

class Solution {
map<int, vector> m; 220 more words

Mutual Fund Benchmarks with Neo4j

Just the other day I had a conversation with an Investment Risk Manager about one of the data problems his team was working on and he was wondering if Neo4j could help. 1,417 more words


Building a Boolean Logic Rules Engine in Neo4j

A boolean logic rules engine was the first project I did for Neo4j before I joined the company some 5 years ago. I was working for some start-up at the time but took a week off to play consultant. 1,704 more words

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Flight Search with Neo4j

I think I am going to take the opportunity to explain why I love graphs in this blog post. I’m going to try to explain why looking at problems from the graph point of view opens you up to creative solutions and makes back-end development fun again. 2,479 more words

Graph Database