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Hotwash - Lessons Learned in design.

Things you should always do before, during and after any assignment. It might take more time, but it will save you in the long run. 423 more words

Southward — Progress in Printing

Southward, John. Progress in Printing and the Graphic Arts during the Victorian Era. London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd., 1897.

19th Century

June Featured Resource: Arts of the United States

Arts of the United States contains images of works important to the study of the history of art in the United States. The pieces, dating from the 17th century through the 20th, include architecture, decorative arts, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, and stage and costume design as well as Native American art and artifacts. 35 more words


Okay. Can't sleep.

I’ve been busy thinking up things to make linocuts out of, and don’t know how coherent I’ll be — sorry!  :)

I did find my old stash of X-Acto blades and blade holders!  900 more words


6 design tips to make your email newsletter visually appealing

Many businesses rely on email newsletters to build customer relationships and keep their companies top of mind with their audiences. A well-executed newsletter is a powerful email tool with multiple benefits, which is why it’s crucial to ensure your newsletter design is visually appealing. 261 more words

(almost the) First linocut done since high school!

I am trying not to title this post “Bahaha,” though I’m sure you’ll be able to sense my excitement!

I was able to take a trip out to the little art store I wished to go to.  1,305 more words


Anticipation: one more thing to go...then, 2 weeks of (relative) freedom.

I wasn’t able to bring myself to do one of my readings earlier today, or tonight; what I was able to do, was get a lot more readings lined up so that I possibly do not have to do the one I printed out, the other day.  924 more words