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In the blink of an eye my second year of university is practically finished and so it’s time for me to at least consider the question, ‘Do I continue on to the Masters course?’. 1,312 more words


A14. Print with a point.

In my last post I wrote about how the majority of my work was digital and the reasons for that, the end result etc. (that post can be found here… 808 more words


My Brand

Some of you eagle eyed readers may have noticed abit of a theme to my otherwise sprawling webpage. I call it my brand.

So, what does ‘my brand’ actually mean? 600 more words


AD&D 2016 Poster competition (Professionals Tier)

So, I’ve been perusing through last year’s AD&D awards, specifically in the professionals area. I know, pretty late but I’m a busy man! I highly recommend doing this regularly even if it’s because, like me, your nosey on what other people are creating in the world. 1,039 more words


(WIP) WorkIng Portfolio

I thought it was about time I uploaded some of my own work. I tend to take a more typographic response to my briefs because, for me, there is a reason we have developed language and it has been refined over tens of thousands of years. 1,266 more words


Blog the Second - Collaboration.

Let’s talk about Collaboration. Regardless of how talented you are working on solo projects, collaborating is going to throw you some curve balls, being able to deal with these is a necessary skill in the workplace. 1,155 more words