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ART 53, day whatever

This Is Fifty-three, day whatever

The replacement order arrived just before 6: 30 this evening. Still a bit dark compared to the proof; otherwise, none of the problems affecting the initial five copies. 218 more words


ART 53, Pulitzer edition, part 6

This Is Fifty-three, Pulitzer edition, part 6

USPS tracking information shows my package o’ books was delivered yesterday. I received official confirmation not quite an hour ago—so my entry ‘is now complete.’ Announcements of winners and finalists will be made next April 10th.

(27 September 2016)


An art post a day, 30-day DOD challenge! Day 17 #FashionFlat #PrintAndPattern

A throwback to 2007 and product development for HPD at Moret Group in NYC. I got all the interesting projects for years!  I’d get the prototype offer samples from the factories, draw the silhouette (flats) and create seamless repeats in available colors (at first) and from a palette I created and approved later on (once product was developed and selling).

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#62: What is a concept (do you really need one?)

Building a concept can be difficult. Many creatives (including myself at first) don’t quite get the purpose of a concept. Today I’d like to write briefly about what a concept is, why you might need one, and why you should even care to create your designs around a concept. 516 more words

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__ ________ _____ ________

_____ _____ _ ____ ____ ____ ____ ______ ___ ____. ___, ____ ______ ____ _ ____ __ __.

_ ____, ___ ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ________.

__ ______ ____.

Image note: ________ ___ ____.

Graphic Design

ART 53, Pulitzer edition, part 5

This Is Fifty-three, Pulitzer edition, part 5

With my replacement copies yet to arrive as of today, and no indication that they might be arriving tomorrow, I decided to tell Mercury retrograde to go screw itself, and mailed the copies I have to the Pulitzer folks. 29 more words