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Christmas Projects

vv tutorial used for this project vv


Here is my final copy of the Christmas project I choose. I had fun doing this project and I thought it was very relaxing. 25 more words

Joy Project

I found this project pretty difficult and tilting for only a couple reasons. When i was editing the 3D portion of the text the text and stroke got misaligned which basically meant i had to realign them myself and even then I could not get it perfect. 28 more words

3D Ornament

So I failed my first attempt of this project because the program had changed my process so that multiple parts of my previous parts of 3-D work, and whenever i had loaded my saved progress, it was messed up. 29 more words

Graphic Design 2


This project was my least favorite so far. With the person talking at a very slow pace, I was forced to speed him up to keep up with having to pause each time I needed to do a step so I could keep up with the dead line. 39 more words

Graphic Design 2

Christmas card

I had trouble making this because I did not realize that the colors for the background hills were supposed to be based on all the colors for the first hill.

Graphic Design 2

Winter Wonderland

This is my final copy for my winter wonderland project. There was nothing too challenging about this project really and I found it very relaxing and pleasing. 27 more words

Graphic Design II

Water Legs

From this project I learned about different distortion layers, layer masks, and how to add texture to pictures. Some of the highlighting parts were difficult because for some reason my computer would not highlight with full opacity. 78 more words

Graphic Design II