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Russ 2016

This past year I’ve been commissioned to create quite a few logos for a celebration we have in Norway called “russetid”. There’s not really any good way to translate it, but what basically happens is that graduates from high school go together to create unique groups, either walking or riding their own bus or van. 56 more words

Graphic Design & Illustration

My New Kids' Book: The True Story of Christmas

After 30 years of marriage and raising 5 kids together, Mollie and I have accumulated a beloved little collection of illustrated Christmas storybooks. When I worked at Hallmark Cards, the Creative Library there would bring in some of the best Christmas books on the market, and I ordered a few of my favorites for my kids (and for Mollie and myself!) 653 more words


Recent Video Project

My postings have been few lately as I’ve been busy trying to finish my new kids’ book, The True Story of Christmas, on top of working full time. 219 more words


Preview: New Christmas Storybook in Progress

Does the world need another Christmas storybook for children? I think so!

The book I’m currently at work on is called, “The True Story of Christmas.” If that title sounds presumptuous to you, I’ll only say that I believe the Bible gives us the true story of the birth of God’s Messiah – an event that we have come to call Christmas. 419 more words


Designing on Spec

In light of recent projects – not naming any names – I thought this clip, while funny, also shines a light on an incongruity between the design business and the way most other industries work. 29 more words

Graphic Design & Illustration

Project Stained By Sharpie

So it was my other half’s birthday on the 3rd and I decided to get a little creative for one of his birthday presents.

He’s been one of my biggest supporters when it comes down to me doing illustrations and patterns – he even has one of my phone cases – and quite often picks my colour schemes for me! 210 more words


Glen Keane - Step into the Page

I know all of us on the Roto team may not consider ourselves proper artists but, going back to what Joseph said in the meeting on Friday, as a company we really do create works of “awesomeness”. 192 more words

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