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The Brief

Create a series of data visualisations communicating your space.

It is important that you develop your own interpretation of the space you are in.

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Graphic Design Principles

Final Publication

These are images of my publication post-production:

I am somewhat please with how my publication looks finished, I am please with the binding and also with the quality of both the paper and the print, I decided to choose for it to be saddle stitched as I did not have enough pages for the publication to be perfect bound, I was able to still print on gloss paper though. 208 more words

Graphic Design Principles

Final Publication - PDF

Below is a PDF copy of the publication that I have produced about DJing, the breakdown of the book and it’s chapters can be seen below. 230 more words

Graphic Design Principles

Lino Print

I produced this lino print as part of a printing workshop. I think that my idea was successful in conveying my product however I don’t think it was executed to my best standard, this is partly because I was unable to cut round circle in the lino when I was creating my design and also due to not having a printing press I had to ink the lino and then place the paper on top and rub over the paper with my hands to get the ink to print, however, because of this the ink didn’t spread out evenly resulting in the uneven colouring on the print. 140 more words

Graphic Design Principles

Publication Chapters & Page Content

Chapter 1:

Historical moments in DJing/Mixing:

Page 2 – Vinyl being used to play music. Image of vinyl records.

Page 3 – 1969, DJ Francis Grasso popularizes ‘beat-matching’. 570 more words

Graphic Design Principles

Musical Semiotics

Music is said to be the most autonomous and least representative of all the arts. However, it reflects in many ways the realities around it and influences its social and cultural environments. 52 more words

Graphic Design Principles

Paper Type Research

Generally in the UK, magazine paper types are separated into four categories, each with their own unique properties and benefits.

* Supercalendered (SC). Key benefits are: they are economical and bright, used for large volume print quantities on lightweight paper, typically in the 39gsm to 60gsm range. 408 more words

Graphic Design Principles