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Design is in Dublin

This weekend I went to Dublin! I absolutely loved the city and I learned so much! The city is full of interesting history and the community uses a lot of design to help visitors learn more. 211 more words

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10 of the best-designed book covers of 2015

Of course, we’re all told not to judge books by their covers. But sometimes it can be fun to break the rules. Here are our picks for the 10 best book cover designs of 2015. 367 more words


Illustration Research

I went ahead on the net and looked and some creepy and weird looking illustrations to see what sort of ideas i could get and although these are designs all by different people, one thing i noticed that alot of illustrators like to do is curved lines. 113 more words

Graphic Design

My other two drawings

I quickly sketched out what the other 2 characters will look like and the next step is to put these in illustrator, trace over them and make them look as neat as possible so that i can put it in photoshop and placed them on seperate album covers.

Graphic Design

Album cover Research

I had to look online for some album covers that hardcore/metalcore bands have used before for their own covers so that i could get some ideas before i go ahead and start designing this album cover for the metalcore band called ‘The Unknown’. 103 more words

Graphic Design

Process of my design (The faceless figure)

I put my design into illustrator and I traced over it with the pen tool.

After i got the outlines done, i went ahead and started putting colours on the design and immediately i thought that the colour scheme i chose was a good choice because the colours gives the design the unknown/mysterious type of look. 17 more words

Graphic Design