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Cornershop - Seabrook Lineage

The Seabrook family have been involved and respected in the Australian wine industry since 1878, starting with a wine merchants business, W. J. Seabrook & Son. 120 more words

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Graphic Design Halloween Costumes - Bauhaus Edition

It’s October, which means once again it’s time for Graphic Design Halloween costumes. This year I want to highlight the really out-there masterpieces from the Bauhaus in the 1920s. 326 more words

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~ Fleet Laxative Commercial - Pity This Graphic Designer

There was a commercial on earlier today for a product – I believe laxative – by a company called Fleet.

I’ve not been able to find a copy of this commercial on You Tube. 158 more words

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Welcome to my world!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and welcome to my first blog post!

As I am applying for University courses in Graphic Design for entry September 2017 in the UK, I have created this blog to show some of my work and give you an insight into my personality and creative thinking. 38 more words


its fox mulder's world we're just living in it


My latest project involved setting up a scene in a box and photographing it, blurring the line between real and surreal. It wasn’t as successful as I would have liked, but considering my lack of interior design and construction skills, I’ll take it. 216 more words

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Awaking from Hibernation

Hey Everyone. I know it has been a while. Last month my seizures started up again and I had to get back on seizure medication. If you haven’t been on seizure medicine, it makes you sleepy until your body gets used to it. 378 more words

Color Image- Notable Presidents

Students in 8th grade American History will be using this image as a focus for understanding political parties.  At this point in the unit students will have learned about democrat and republican parties, as well as other parties that have been a part of elections in the past.   198 more words

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