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5 must know Photoshop essentials all designers must know

Graphic designers got a million things to worry about and Photoshop learning shouldn’t be one of them. Photoshop is the bread and butter all graphic designers feast upon. 379 more words

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Hiring More than Just Good Looking Paint

Ten years ago, when I was still studying at university, I worked as a labourer with a Painter at a construction site. Prior to that, if anyone had mentioned painting, I’d only think of the end result. 415 more words


Professional Graphics Design Services Company in Vadodara, India

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Web Design Optimization

I think it’s safe to say everyone reading this has experience the agony of a page you so conveniently need to load ASAP having the loading time of computer running on dial up in 2003.  729 more words

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Vesthetic - 19 year old graphic extraordinaire

Vesthetic, a 19 year old graphic designer, has already used his incredible art direction to give some of your favorite artists their most memorable artworks. We had a chance to talk to him a little bit about his start in graphic design and a few more topics. 280 more words

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Target Audiences & Design Strategies to Reach Them Online

As a designer, you create to connect audiences to a message you need to portray. Whether it’s your personal website or you’ve been given the heavy task of designing the website of a business, you need to narrow down your visual aesthetic to communicate to specific groups of people who you are. 594 more words

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Android, a mobile OS owned by tech-giant Google is based on an advanced Linux kernel version. Primarily it was designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 292 more words

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