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No More Boring T-shirts: Give your T-shirts a Twist

Get a little punchy…

Go colorblock yourself…

Painted bliss…

Cut it out…

Be a jean-ious…

Get your disco on…

Have a lovely weekend!


J. Molly 23 more words


Fjoguiga studies

Found some shots of some of the designs I did for our company, Fjoguiga, from my old laptop. The company is out of my hands now, and the wife has been taking good care of it ever since. 13 more words

The Loyal Subjects Hot Graphic Tees!

Are you looking for cool cartoon/superhero graphic tees to rock or as a gift, then check out The Loyal Subjects.


Be the Transformers double agent!  109 more words


This is 32

“Today is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll ever be again”


I remember turning 25 like it was yesterday. I was so nervous because that meant I was “almost 30”! 298 more words


What I Wore: The Sweetest Taboo

Growing up in Detroit music was such a big part of my childhood. I mean how could it not be when Detroit is literally Motown? One of my fondest memories of that time is cruising around the city with my Grandma Dolley in her Red Buick Skylark bumping all of the old school jams!   463 more words