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ENDS TODAY!!! Hot Topic 30% off coupon code plus FREE shipping!!!

Sorry for double posting today, but I wanted to let everyone in on this coupon code from Hot Topic that gives you 30% off your order plus FREE shipping!   299 more words

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THE BIG OCTOBER CLOTHING Brings The Dopeness of Atlanta's Art Scene

The Dopeness of Atlanta lifestyle and culture with the hipness of the street art that you’ll gracing the walls the inner city. This is the best representation of The Big October brand. 196 more words


Cheer up the nation's pride with Huetrap's Patriotic prints

The love for nation is common with everyone born on this earth. Education, culture, family and surroundings become a part of shaping each one’s personality. We consciously or unconsciously become a part of this wide nation and the deep feeling of nation’s pride roots into us. 278 more words

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Thought it’d be fun to share some outfit pictures I took about a year ago. It’s weird to look back and see my style evolve, yet still stays me. 16 more words

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Today I channelled my inner Eazy-E.

This graphic tee is so damn old. I remember buying it like it was yesterday. I took the 42A (or was it the 42B?) bus to Woodland in order to shop at the nearest “mall” (or stretch of hallway with a single decent store). 98 more words

Running For The Train

I hate that time just flies by in the morning but drags all day. This morning I got dressed with time to spare so I sat down and enjoyed the rest of my coffee and watched the news. 233 more words

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