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The Meaning of Colors Part 2

في الاول اتكلمنا عن نظرية الالوان وايه اللي بيتم دراسته من خلالها وايه علاقة دا بالمجال الجرافيك والتصميم وبعد كدا بدانا كلام عن معاني الالوان


The wave of pain that rolled across me... by J D Aitken

Genre: Sci Fi

Chapter 1

The wave of pain that rolled across me was almost symphonic. At the very least it was polyphonic, with many shades to the tones of agony, like fingers with differently made claws raking my skin in unique forms. 1,518 more words


Ms. Tyra Jones, 2015 Highschool Graduate

One of the biggest milestones in a person’s life is the day they graduate from high school. It signifies a sense of accomplishment. It is one of the first steps into adulthood and independence. 229 more words