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2 nights

I had a few interesting and vivid dreams Sunday night. *keep in mind that some of my dreams may be inappropriate for younger readers* I try not to make it too graphic, but this is, in fact, my dream blog. 899 more words


Chinese New Year + Happy Valentine's 

Give away event starts !!! It is not a charity event but just a little heart from us.

“What do you want?”

Direct message to our email info@isolandic.com, we will arrange selected products and send to your home. 19 more words


Impression: Making the Monograph

When making the monograph, I’ve used InDesign to make the layout. I’ve planned out what I would to put in and created the cover by drawing an image of the designer that is similar to the designer’s illustration. 41 more words

Graphic Design

At the tip of her tongue.

He found them on the rooftop of the revamped hotel, one of the commissioner’s many backdoor investments. To be truthful, he had prepared himself to find just another severed head and a ridiculous message scrawled in blood; but instead he found himself not being the slightest bit relieved seeing the man tied to a chair dangerously close to the ledge and she calmly waiting for him perched atop a ventilation box with her lover/lackey beside her. 1,642 more words


GNC Reviews #26: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a great movie with beautiful pacing, relatable characters, wonderful animations, but has a similar problem that most of the Harry Potter movies share. 1,234 more words


Thank you beautiful readers!

Thank you beautiful readers for joining me on my live facebook reading from my book ‘Graphic’ this morning. You guys rock! https://www.facebook.com/suzanne.steele.718

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