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Magick Thoughts Art : belle impressionniste!

Saoirse reviews Virtual Paris:

‘I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.’

-René Decartes… 949 more words

Windlight Magazine

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I am very very honored that Windlight Magazine wrote an article on my gallery. I like to create a beautiful fantasy in a world of fantasy already Secondlife. My images are dreamt, visualized in my mind as the story unfolds I create.... Wouldn't you just love to step into that dream? Come.... read the article and then visit and see for yourself and see what your imagination and dreams tell you as you step into my sparkle sprinkled world of Magick Thoughts. MagickThoughtsARTsign --Much Love, AmandaMagick

Happy Birthday MJ!

Here’s my Top 3 favourite songs from the King of Pop!

‘Remember the Time’

‘In The Closest’

‘Liberian Girl’


The Body Shop Re-Branding: Final Posters

These are my final window posters for The Body Shop. I designed them using Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Idea 1;

Firstly, I took a picture of a compact powder and a beach from Google Images. 485 more words


Game Title Screen Design - Mock Up #1

First draft of a title screen design for my friends game that he’s in the middle of coding. I’m lucky enough to be the resident arty friend so I get to do this kind of stuff! 29 more words


Black, British and Beautiful Launch

I was approached to work on this amazing project with ‘Black British and Beautiful’ to design their calendar celebrating Black British history and achievements. I attended the calendar launch held at… 222 more words