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Smooth'17 Logos Megapack

Our third instalment has returned by popular demand. Smooth’17 promises more logos than ever before. Updated logos from across the world. With more than 140,000 downloads from Smooth’16, this should be your go to pack this year! 252 more words


How to capture a screenshot of the SDDM greeter screen

In my previous post I explained how to capture a screenshot of the LightDM greeter screen. The procedure is essentially the same for the SDDM greeter screen; only the Bash script differs slightly. 228 more words


How to capture a screenshot of the LightDM greeter screen

  1. If they are not already installed, install the packages x11-apps/xwd and media-gfx/imagemagick.
  2. Create the Bash script ~/ligthdm-greeter-capture.sh containing the following:
    sleep 30
    DISPLAY=:0 XAUTHORITY=/var/run/lightdm/root/$DISPLAY xwd -root > /tmp/greeter.xwd
    convert /tmp/greeter.xwd /home/fitzcarraldo/greeter.png
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A long overdue update to Google Earth for Linux

Google has finally released Version of Google Earth for Linux, fixing various crashes and the infamous empty Panoramio window. The last version of Google Earth for Linux that worked properly ‘out of the box’ in Gentoo Linux for me was, and that was several years ago. 428 more words


Completing PDF forms and adding your signature without having to print the form

A recent post in the Gentoo Forums made me interested to find out what is actually achievable with fillable PDF forms in Gentoo Linux and Windows 10 without being required to purchase a software licence, be it for personal or professional use, in order to be able to complete PDF forms (including forms that have… 2,684 more words


Code notes, 2016 season.

Perhaps the most important new thing I note is that Pro Football Reference now has play by play data, and ways to display those data as a CSV format. 123 more words