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Data Compression Algorithm


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Exploring the Surreal with Peter Capaldi – Unlock Art | TateShots

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Need some help getting to grips with Surrealism? The Doctor will see you now. Peter Capaldi, a former art student, and the latest actor to play…

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The Perfect GIF

Nope, it is not a wrong spelling. And yes,  you are reading it right. GIF. Not GIFT. :-)

Because what I will be sharing is not your usual GIF or… 443 more words


TateShots: Eva Rothschild – Studio Visit

‘You use what you need to get what you want’. Eva Rothschild explores her use of materials in her sculptural works.

In this video, Rothschild discusses the importance of the choice of materials she works with, explaining how she manipulates these choices to give the appearance either of something pristine and untouched, or of something that very much bears the touch of the artist’s hand.

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