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In the summer I visited IKinema to get a look at what a creative agency was like. IKinema is an animation based company, and luckily I happen to have a great animator as a friend there, Atbin Ebrahimpour. 886 more words


My First “Laser Eyes Jesus” Comic Strip 11-11-2016

This was the first “Laser Eyes Jesus” comic strip that I ever published on WordPress. That was on November 11, 2016. There have been a few revisions since then. 312 more words

Christian Art

Women March On Washington

Americans and citizens around the world  are marching tomorrow to challenge Trump’s administration.

We are here and we are watching.

One day after Donald Trumps  inauguration, the  Women’s March on Washington will bring hundreds of thousands to the capital to “demand protection of our rights our safety our health and our families.” 195 more words

American Way

Do graphics in games matter?

Games are an art, they are a canvas for a developer to let their wildest dreams come true, to create something special and unique that other people will enjoy, a lot like a movie. 722 more words


Black Bridge

Barred Entry

The bridge in the distance is known as black bridge.  There is a 8-12 pool in the river below it and is a favorite summer hang-out spot for the local youth, drunks, druggies, me and the police.  ;)


Duck, Duck, Goose

Canadian Visitors, Aye

Canadian snow geese think it’s summer time in SoCO.  In fact, sometimes it’s nice enough to fool even the Natives. 32 more words


Hoody Weather

Hoody and Shorts

In Colorado there is a temperature in between shirt sleeves and coats and we call it “Hoody Weather”.