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The best gift for your father is turning his living room into a Stadium: GAMEDAY Chair Cover: https://t.co/xg4cublu8O #fathersday #love #sports #sport #chaircovers #nfl #espn…

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I don't think the graphic is either Pelinka or Magic's plan. It's just ESPN trying to visualize what a max bid for AD could be.

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I find it hilarious that @espn has been downplaying @JMUSoftball and then talk about how Good easily gets into trouble then just flashed a graphic that showed she is the all time…

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We caught up with motion designer & illustrator @MotionMarkus, who's worked with clients like Google, ESPN, & YouTube, to discuss favorite projects, industry struggles, the future of motion, & his new creative career as an animation instructor on…

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Field: talks about pats FA acquisitions

ESPN: shows graphic of pats draft class

Never change, ESPN

— #1 Maurice Harris fanpage (@TheBoyRu) May 20, 2019

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