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Day 19 | Digital Marketing helped me in Graphics

Well, I guess I have discussed about a quote that I believe a lot  i.e.

“Until and unless you start anything you will never face the problem, 231 more words


Apple MacBook Pro 2017 : A Laptop for Professionals but not for Gamers

The 2017 lineup of Apple MacBook Pro’s was launched at WWDC and everyone was super excited but for me, this excitement soon faded away after checking the specifications out. 515 more words

Devices And Technology

Perception: when being Blind, Alone and haunted to all hell is the most fun you’ll have just now!

So here I am, Boston. The mansion that’s been haunting my dreams stands in front of me and I wish I wasn’t here alone, I wish Serge had been able to arrive with me but I can’t wait. 1,870 more words

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Header Freebies (Help!)

Hi guys! :)

So I’ve been making some cute headers using the Adobe Photoshop CS6 and I would like to share it around for free downloads – However, I am facing trouble uploading the PDF format onto WordPress… Here are the headers in the JPG form… Do feel free to leave a comment so this noob can learn from you pros out there :D

K'lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge: Midsummer Madness!

Alright, finally time enough to stop, breathe, and bring a brand new, ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’ post into existence!

For those who know and for those who don’t, perhaps stumbling across my site today?) Fridays here on… 272 more words



Hello everyone!

This week we’re showing off things that all of you have shared with us.

Isaiah showed me this collection of ambient animations or cinemagraphs. 86 more words