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Pixelmator Team brings a major update to Pixelmator for Mac

The Pixelmator Team today introduces Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon, a major update to its full-featured, powerful, and fast image editor for Mac. Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon brings an incredibly smart Quick Selection Tool, a Magnetic Selection Tool that automatically snaps to object edges, a powerful Pixelmator Retouch extension for the Photos app, and more. 522 more words

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Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make that you can avoid

The right approach to design can make or break your end-result. While working under the pressure of meeting deadlines and performing well, it is common for graphic designs to make mistakes that cost them their jobs. 479 more words

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It’s official, launching on the 3rd of November 2016, the French fashion house KENZO will be the next brand to collaborate with the Swedish multi-national clothing company H&M. 299 more words


The Whimsy of Charlotte Mei

Toast never looked as charming as it does in the world of Charlotte Mei. The London based designer and illustrator is truly carving out a niche for herself in the world of ceramics and the like. 56 more words

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Quick Update - Clipping, Importing, & Rasterization

It has been a while since I last made a post about my ongoing project, due partly to how time consuming they can be and due to me wanting to pick up the pace a bit with my programming. 1,512 more words


Gadfly is a plotting and data visualization system written in Julia

GitHub – dcjones/Gadfly.jl: Crafty statistical graphics for Julia.

Gadfly is a plotting and data visualization system written in Julia.

It’s influenced heavily by Leland Wilkinson’s book The Grammar of Graphics and Hadley Wickham’s refinement of that grammar in ggplot2.

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