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Crowd funding for Artists

Hello, beautifuls. I set up a profile on Patreon; it’s crowdfunding for artists.

Fans, or patrons, can help fund the cost of supplies and work space on a recurring basis, or per artwork. 31 more words


A gnome quietly sits in the woods smoking his pipe. With the sunset, the will-o-wisps venture out from there hiding place and investigate the visiter. 26 more words

Creation Comic

The Original Bristol-drawn version
The inked versionThe final, colored version.
Bristol paper, matt paper, graphite, Photoshop, 17×22, 2016 755 more words
Non Time-Based

Rainy Day Thoughts...

It’s a cool cloudy day here on the Gulf Coast and I have a small break in the work. I have naturally used my time wisely and drawn a sketch of Khal Drogo. 228 more words


Vicious chapter 3 (cont. 13)

It took a while, but I got it up. new episode soon as I can, doing one page at a time till we get to the next chapter. 10 more words

Delbert Caraccioli


Do you know, you’re the reason why I do things better, in my best.

Nice to see myself;
1. WITNESS YOUR EVERYDAY GREETINGS- From your text messages saying “Good morning honey! 106 more words