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Dijkstra’s algorithm

Graph G represents a graph with N nodes and E edges. G can be directed on undirected. This algorithm returns the shortest path on the Graph from A to B. 427 more words


Of Graphs and Charts!

Hello folks!

Work has been progressing awesomely for Boss Golf 0.6! I’ve finished implementing the firing feature, as well as saving the people you hire. Optimized the system again so that it only instantiates the workers when necessary, and keeps a list of StaffData objects that contains the descriptors for each worker. 246 more words

Boss Golf

Guns and America

Guns and Research

There has been much debate, in the country and around the world, about guns and gun control. I’ve decided to wade past the rhetoric and look strictly at studies and facts as best I can. 955 more words

Spreadsheets, statistics, mathematics and computational thinking

We need to teach all our students how to design, create, test, debug and use spreadsheets. We need to teach this integrated with mathematics, statistics and computational thinking. 820 more words



function bool backtrack(junctions)
if (is_solution)
return true;
for each lower_level_junction in junctions
if (backtrack(next_junction)) return true;
return false;


Closing Remarks

It’s been a wonderful time exploring the details of water quality and sustainability, and through our journey we’ve made some interesting discoveries about water quality in Des Moines! 363 more words

Anaeco annual report design

Annual reports have many benefits to it. Business reports have been a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) necessity for organizations possessed by the general population since 1934 (Annual reports — Knowhow Nonprofit, 2018). 344 more words