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Seven Statistical Sins

Inspired by an article on phys.org I decided to compile a list of the seven statistical sins. Statistics is a vital tool to understanding the patterns in the world around us, however our intuition often lets us down when it comes to interpreting these patterns. 631 more words


Sweet Spot

When you’re too far away from an event its hard to plan because it’s hard to predict what’s happening that far in the future. When you’re too close to the event it’s hard to plan because there’s no time and various services are already booked. 22 more words


Fat Burning Zone

When you’re starting something–in this case a sustained activity like running or cycling–your heart rate shoots up as you start, and then levels out to a consistent level. 43 more words


Understanding the brain using topology: the Blue Brain project

ALERT ALERT! Applied topology has taken the world has by storm once more. This time techniques from algebraic topology are being applied to model networks of neurons in the brain, in particular with respect to the brain processing information when exposed to a stimulus. 1,431 more words

Exchanging Pleasantries

This is analogous to time spent doing things when learning a skill. At the beginning you can do basic tasks fairly slowly because you need to go through the whole process to get comfortable with it. 40 more words


Ship it

You can test nearly indefinitely and still learn something. This graph addresses the marginal quantity of lessons, which is never zero. However, not shown is that the quality and importance of what you learn also decreases over time. 36 more words