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From a set of data visualizations by W.E.B. Du Bois for the Paris World’s Fair.

Enough about research...we want results!

The pre and post measure that were mentioned in our previous blog exhibited some amazing results for the UCLA PEERS program and are the reason that it can call itself the only researched based social skills intervention for teens with Autism. 172 more words

Linear Perspective Engine

Buckle up, this one is a ride.

This is my personal favorite of all of the graphs I have created: it is a one-point linear perspective engine of entirely my own design and creation. 915 more words


The Circuit-Cocircuit Reversal System and Torsor Structures on Spanning Trees

The Jacobian of a finite graph is a finite abelian group whose cardinality is equal to the number of spanning trees of .  In this earlier post… 1,803 more words


It’s all about the base (aka don’t use Surveymonkey graphs)

In quantitative research we ask lots of people lots of questions and we look for patterns within the data.  To do this in a robust way, ideally we do all of our analysis and manipulation within a fixed framework of data so that when we are presenting findings, we are comparing like with like. 685 more words

Excel Basics - Building Data, Using Pivot Tables

My family and I recently went to dinner with some friends, and the topic of Excel came up (I know how to party right?). A couple of people mentioned they wish they knew more about Excel; this got me pumped up! 693 more words