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Chaos theory in graphs

​To understand chaos theory in graphs we need to know what chaos theory means?

Chaos theory explains the phenomenon of existence of order in a semingly unordered or chaotic ,disturbed environment.so what I mean to say is no matter how random things may seem it always has a reason that is it can be explained as a function of a set of variables. 162 more words


Plotting timeseries in space filling curves

@tachyeonz : Fitting many timeseries in the same area and formatting them for quick comparison is challenging and an important problem.

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Dataviz of the week, 14/2/2017

I didn’t exactly plan this one for Valentine’s day but that’s how it seems to have fallen in the great waiting room of viz for the blog. 82 more words


HashSet, Graph, Cognac

The post on applying GPU to finding Eulerian path mentioned a stumbling block: partitioning a very specific kind of graph.

In general, partitioning is a hard problem, NP-hard actually. 442 more words


Why are People Poor? A Response to Bishop Camara

“When I fed the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor were poor, they called me a communist.” —Dom…

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Structures And Civilization

30 Different Ways to Say "I Love You" (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Measurement: Book: Taro Gomi’s Playful Puzzles for Little Hands.  We only did a few puzzles towards the end of the book, most of them involved measurement and were pretty hard!
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Circle 2


And its the cold, snowy part of the Boston seasonal experience.  Which is not improving my outlook much.  But there are bright spots.  We do what we can. 649 more words

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