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As the growing demand for 24 hour convenience stores across the UK increases, more and more pubs are being bought out by supermarket chains. In most cases, the alcohol that is sold in supermarkets is cheaper than that of your local pub. 652 more words


How to make a co-mutation plot

It has been way to long since I posted here and thought it was time to add something.

Our lab is planning to analyze a series of cancer genomes via exome sequencing.   527 more words


How 'fit' is the UK?

Here is the link to our infographic in full.

 What we’ve learnt..
  • The UK have the third most health and fitness clubs in Europe.
  • Germany have the most…
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Using Least Squares Method to Produce Trendlines for Data

So you’ve just completed an experiment, and now it’s time to portray your findings. Chances are that you’ve tabulated your results and you’re now about to graphically represent your data to see if there is a relationship. 437 more words

Least Squares

Linear systems of graphs in Sage

Let be a graph. A divisor on is an element of the free group generated by the vertices , .

We say that divisors and are… 308 more words


Creating a pie scatter graph in Visual Insight

Hello there!

A friend of mine asked me to write about how to create a pie scatter graph in Visual Insight. Today let’s talk about it! 67 more words


Teaching Economics Series: (4) Explaining graphs and equations

Teaching Economics 3

Economics is full of graphs and equations, and many students find it challenging. The link contains the slides to the fourth workshop I presented – specifically on how to explain graphs and equations. 23 more words

Teaching Economics