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Citizen science, R and the Heathrow cursus

In this post I walk through how to map topography in the landscape at an extremely fine resolution of about an 8-inch grid. You can do this with a mobile phone, floor sweeper and a little data processing programming. 1,551 more words


Trick or Treat!

Now that I’ve completed sets of numberless word problems for all of the addition and subtraction CGI problem types, I wanted to do something fun. 946 more words

Day 48: The One Where We Explain Slope to Each Other

We’re heavily borrowing structures and curriculum from the last time we taught this course 2 years ago and I’m totally OK with that. One of those structures is the Explain to Each Other where students try to solve a problem and then explain it to a group with a different problem. 33 more words


Graphs and Effective Science Teaching

  • 75% of children in primary schools cannot accurately draw their own graphs.
  • Graph is not the end point of learning – it is purposeful for more learning, it gives further information.
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A HTML Graphing App

This app takes entered numbers and creates one of five graphs. The entered numbers are followed by spaces, including the last one.

Here is the interface: 959 more words

7.7 Feature: Custom Chart and Graph Data Output

In policyIQ version 7.6, we introduced our clients to custom charts and graphs for the very first time.  This feature lets users to show their data using the chart or graph output of the report builder that they use in other areas of the product. 291 more words

Day 47: The One with the Slope Triangles

We rotate the kiddos through stations, where they take different linear graphs and calculate the slope. We are challenged at every turn by trouble reading graphs – are we counting numbers or squares? 21 more words