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How to: Figuring out figures

For all of you out there like me who think of themselves as visual learners, graphs and diagrams can be very helpful when trying to understand data. 632 more words

Climate Change

Heart Rate Investigation - Hawthorn 

Since we have come back from half-term, we have done a lot of investigations. This has included checking how exercise affects pulse rate in science. Throughout our investigation, we were working in groups. 80 more words


Active Learners: Fun Activities to Build Your Child’s Math Skills through Sports

Would your child rather spend time on the football field than sit down to study equations?

This is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to your child’s learning. 553 more words


Place matters for poverty

One of the concerns that emerged from the recent scandal about apparently fictitious data in a published poll about support for same-sex marriage was whether public pollsters are less transparent in their methods than social scientists.  93 more words

Quantitative Data Analysis

The Prime Number Theorem explained

People have asked me to explain how Gauss’ Prime Number Theorem actually works. I mentioned it in my “How to Find Prime Numbers” post, but never explained it, so here is a short and (relatively) simple guide. 324 more words



In my last post I showed a picture of a surface in 3D space that gave us information about a probability distribution. This week’s post also finishes with such an image! 447 more words