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R <- 90.5

You might recall in my first blog post about performing statistical analyses in R that my views may have been, shall we say, lukewarm. I have to say, it didn’t get much easier from then, in fact, completing the first assignment may have taken years off my life! 311 more words

Dataviz of the week: gene map (introducing PCA & Procrustes)

“Genes mirror geography within Europe” is a recent paper looking at genetic data on 300 people from across Europe, with >500,000 variables. It’s fairly common to use dimension reduction techniques in genetics and principal component analysis (PCA) is the oldest and fastest of these. 948 more words


Shh.... math

I was at a party on Saturday night and a friend asked what type of math class I am taking. I said “Discrete Math.” In response, she said that she had never heard of it, and was going to Google it. 328 more words

Graph Theory - Notes 01

— The Basics —

A graph is an ordered pair consisting of a set of vertices and a set , disjoint from , of edges, together with an incident function that associates with each edge of an unordered pair of vertex of . 183 more words


Another take on 3D Projection


Earlier this quarter, I posted about my linear perspective engine, which is one method I developed to graphically represent three-dimensional functions. Now, I’ve developed another one, in a slightly different take- rather than displaying vertical cross sections of any 3D function , this method serves to display a top-view of continuous surfaces defined by . 267 more words


How to make information fun and appealing

Nowadays, reading a bunch of statistics and data can become long and boring. However, there is another way to give out information that is fun, exciting and grabs consumers attention. 144 more words