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NBA Graphs: 2015 Playoffs with R studio

Using the CSV exported from a previous project using SQL, I continued to make more sophisticated graphs using ggplot with R studio.  The information presented represents real data of players that participated in the 2015 NBA Playoffs.   118 more words


Dodgy A&E graph from Vote Leave

Oh my, there really has been some bad maths from the Vote Leave campaign in a report they recently published. The graph above from page 29 of the report make a totally elementary error in its implication that migration caused the increase in A&E attendances. 642 more words


2015-2016 ministers grouped

The western region dominates in having ministerial posts for 2015-2016. these graphs show the age ranges, religion, education levels, region and sex.

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Connecting the dots...

It has been over a month since Davide,Alessandro and I started working on WikiToLearn:Ratings  for GSoC-2016 and we have already started with Database design . I have already shared my experiences while setting up OrientDB inside  docker in this… 1,073 more words

Pac-Man pie chart of UK's spend on the EU

Please note since posting this it has been pointed out to me that this pie chart is not 100 per cent accurate – though the picture it paints is broadly correct. 640 more words

How to make a political graph properly

I appreciate that the title of this blog post may be a hostage to fortune and I may be called out on my attempt to produce a graph properly. 975 more words


Another dodgy political graphic

I posted, here, here, and here about some dodgy graphics after the recent council elections.

And today the following tweet from Democratic US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was brought to my attention. 79 more words