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Dataviz of the week, 22/3/17

The Washington Post have an article about the US budget out by Kim Soffen and Denise Lu. It’s not long, but brings in four different graphical formats to tell different aspects of the data story. 88 more words



iStat is an intuitive and unobtrusive menu bar solution which lets users to monitor resources usage and the system activity quickly. The user can identify possible issue sooner, understand more about Pc, and get access to this type of information through status bar. 119 more words

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The Language of Graphs and Charts

Throughout the quarter, many of you are doing presentations. You might be using graphs and charts in them too, and it can be difficult to describe them because you don’t often use them in your daily life. 56 more words


Mathematical Affliction

We understand where these graphs go
But don’t even bother
To further follow.

These curves they stretch on forever;
Never deviating,
Not ever.

A line a graph keeps approaching…

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Why did Dijkstra cross the road? Cuz it was the shortest path!

Dijkstra’s algorithm is an algorithm for finding the shortest paths between nodes in a graph, which as conceived by Edsger W. Dijkstra in 1956. The original version of the algorithm found the shortest path between two nodes, but the more common version found the shortest paths between a “source” node and all other nodes of a graph. 299 more words

Flatiron School

A Nerdy Look at Chakki Blowing Up the Arena

REVISION (3/10/17, 8:51 pm EST): The numbers were updated after this was written, so all the numbers listed are wrong. Chakki’s feat becomes even more impressive. 294 more words