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That Google tool to search how often words were used in books in the last two centuries, I forgot about it. Then I remembered it and looked for words. 317 more words

5 Essential Microsoft Excel skills to have before entering the workforce

If there was any skill I wished I had been taught during my schooling years, that would be how to master the art of Excel.  Excel is a very undervalued tool, especially in high school and university.   775 more words


23 Graphs For Anyone Who Is Seriously Questioning Whether They're Still Cool

I’m not going to tell you my age, but lets just say I spent the weekend with *NYSNC’s Greatest Hits on repeat because of a rumor that the group was reuniting. 244 more words



Latest Business News & Low Cost Share Trading.

Whether you trade regularly or only a couple of times and no matter how much you invest, we do not charge you any admin or inactivity fee. 24 more words


Clever use of pie charts 

I’m not usually a fan of pie charts for reasons outlined here, but this series do a good job of telling a story.


Chaos theory in graphs

​To understand chaos theory in graphs we need to know what chaos theory means?

Chaos theory explains the phenomenon of existence of order in a semingly unordered or chaotic ,disturbed environment.so what I mean to say is no matter how random things may seem it always has a reason that is it can be explained as a function of a set of variables. 162 more words


Plotting timeseries in space filling curves

@tachyeonz : Fitting many timeseries in the same area and formatting them for quick comparison is challenging and an important problem.

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