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Detect Cycle in Directed Graph

Given a directed graph, check whether the graph contains a cycle or not. Your function should return complete cycle path if given graph contains at least one cycle, else return null. 312 more words


2016 went by fast...here's some features you may have missed!

As last year came to a close, our policyIQ team was discussing all the new ways customers could now use our product Рand we managed to surpass our expectations for the year!   566 more words


Dataviz of the week, 17/1/2017

These simple line charts are a lot of fun. Your task is to guess what happened to various stats during the Obama years. Then the truth is revealed. 198 more words


The Science of Disneyland: 'It's a Small World'

Second blog on a consistent theme! We’re doing well!

Thanks so much to everyone that read the last blog post on Main Street USA (If you want to read that, feel free to read that  2,738 more words

Disneyland Paris


Just having some fun experimenting with colour effects, hue saturation’s and compositions.

I am particularly fond of the two bouncy balls above exchanging thoughts and information via networks shared of bouncy balls of this realities past.


The wonks' charts are wearing people out

This was originally posted on January 9, 2017 on Medium.

The election of Donald Trump is testing those of us on the left in many ways. 588 more words


Depth First Search Graph Algorithm in Python

The graph is a data structure containing various nodes and interconnections between them. One of the fundamental operations in a graph is to traverse though every node from other nodes until all the nodes are visited. 431 more words