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The best thing women can do

“The best thing women can do,” the Facebook comment began. “Is to start writing and producing films. Getting content out there because let’s face it 90% of the content is driven by male leads (which is slowly changing).” 1,325 more words


Aesthetic Graphs

Two words: aesthetic graphs. Why hasn’t anyone made a business out of this? Build a platform where data visualization is art by default.

Financial trading brokerages already exploit the fact that their charts just look damn cool. 261 more words

Mass Shooting Data Update, Ideas to Reverse the Trend

This is going to be somewhat of a duplication of my post from October on mass shooting data, but with more recent numbers. After the Las Vegas mass shooting, I felt the need to write sort of a capstone article summarizing material from the three previous posts. 1,675 more words

Largest sectors by gross state product (GSP): healthcare 14%, agriculture, forestry and fishing 11%

The largest sectors contributing to Gross State Product (GSP) in Tasmania are healthcare and social assistance (14%), agriculture, forestry and fishing (11%), and education and training (8%).


Journalists can use data for good

Data can be used to combat fake news.

Visual data — graphs, charts, and other mechanisms — are used to support the thought that the writer is trying to convey. 345 more words


Math#1- A simple optimization puzzle

Problem Statement: There are 7 matchboxes kept along a circle, each containing a given number of matches. We need to ensure that, eventually, all of them contain an equal number of matches. 267 more words

School-level Mathematics

Property prices rising faster than average full time earnings

Since the October quarter 2015, the Hobart Residential Property Price Index has increased by 21% compared to a 5.5% increase in average full time earnings across Tasmania.