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Grappa Week - Day 7: Nardini Grappa Riserva (50%, 70 cl, L.08/07)

Already the last day of the Master Quill Grappa Week, and we’ll close this off with a Grappa of one of the oldest and most important Grappa Distilleries around today. 537 more words

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Grappa Week - Day 6: Sibona La Grappa Di Barbera (42%, 50 cl, 2011)

Today we’ll have a Grappa made by Sibona. Looking at the picture below you might think it doesn’t look like much, but holding the adorable half litre bottle in your hand, makes you want to have a whole row of bottles like this, with Grappa’s made from every single grape variety that grows in the Piedmont region of Italy. 536 more words


Grappa Week - Day 5: Marolo Moscato (42%, 70 cl, 2005)

After the Villa Isa Moscato which showed us what a Moscato Grappa is, I still feel it can be done better. The Villa Isa is a very accessible Grappa made from Moscato grapes. 408 more words

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Grappa Week - Day 4: Villa Isa Grappa Moscato (42%, Roberto Dellavalle, 700 ml)

Next up another Grappa by Roberto Dellavalle, but this one is from his Villa Isa range of Grappa’s. The range consists of single-vine varieties from the Piedmont, obtained through the distillation of fresh Marcs.  317 more words


Grappa Week - Day 3: Terre Antiche Grappa Amarone Riserva (42%, Roberto Dellavalle, 70 cl)

Well this is a first. Starting a Master Quill week and really disliking the first two entries. I was hoping to show you that Grappa is a lot better now than it used to be, and the bad reputation is now false and far behind us. 403 more words


Grappa Week - Day 2: Duca di Vigliano Grappa di Prosecco Riserva (42%, Roberto Dellavalle, 50 cl)

Yesterday was a bit of a false start for me. I didn’t really like the Paesanella Amarone. It probably had nothing to do with the Grappa itself, but it seemed to have an enormous amount of added sugar that put me off. 331 more words


Grappa Week - Day 1: Paesanella Grappa Amarone Barrique (41%, 50 cl)

Nothing nicer than writing about things you’re passionate about, so that’s why you’ll find mostly reviews about Single Malt Whiskies on these pages. Once in a while it is also nice to be able to broaden ones horizon and dive deep into another distilled world. 525 more words