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Under the Tuscan Sun

Riding the bus from Florence to Volterra, where I was to spend a week with my new friend Corinna, I nearly broke down crying from the beauty. 227 more words

Booze at Breakfast

Alcohol in the morning must be fresh and zippy. A bit of fizz, something dry, a hint of sweetness, a sharp kick – as drinks writer 

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Via dei sapori: The single reason for visiting Italy this summer

Cooking, Cusine and Class

Via dei sapori is the synonym for top chefs, restaurants, wineries, distilleries and artisans from Italy’s most North-Eastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia who will meet already for the 15th year this summer to demonstrate their mastery to the public. 97 more words


Saluting Grappa

Today Italian families live by the rule that no meal is complete without a glass of grappa. Credited for popularising this tradition is Giannola Nonino who saw the potential of grape remains as a way of using the grape skins after the juice has been extracted for wine making. 316 more words


La Paglierina grappa

Recommendation: Buy it! 

Type: Grappa

Origin: Italy

ABV: 45%

Reaction: :D

La Paglierina is grappa from Italy. In my opinion there is good grappa and there is bad grappa. 318 more words


Bon Appetit Wednesday! Roast Chicken With Ancient Grappa

Here’s a recipe that will whisk you away to Old World Italy. Its star ingredient is an underappreciated spirit that is making a comeback in modern society, grappa. 715 more words


Ba hoa vài câu về rượu Ý | Limoncello and Grappa

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Chiến lợi phẩm xách về từ Sirmione. Một chai Limoncello và một chai Grappa nhỏ xinh xinh có ý nghĩa trưng bày hơn là uống. 951 more words