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Sipping Soirée at Grappa

A fun local event I photographed on the beautiful patio of Grappa in Park City. If you like delicious food & wine, live music and friendly company, you can attend this year’s… 26 more words

Park City

Good Grappa Is Different Gravy

Grappa has to be one of the most infamous spirits in the world. So many people scrunch their face up at the mere mention of the stuff. 390 more words

Two Great Grappas

Anyone who has ever had a meal with me knows I am an unrelenting grappista. I long ago stopped being embarrassed by it. Now, if a grappa hasn’t been offered, I just unashamedly ask for one at the end of meal – sometimes before the end, if the meal is an exceptionally ample or long one. 737 more words


Free Run Cellars Grappa

Maker: Round Barn, Baroda, Michigan, USA

Grapes: Gewürztraminer, Muscat.

Style: Pomace brandy.

ABV: 40%

Note: I received a 25% media discount on purchases and a free lunch when I purchased this brandy. 145 more words


Hit the highest note at Grappa, Shangri-la !

Whisky Lullaby at Grappa, Shangri-la, New Delhi!

Picking up as the ‘It’ place for a club night, Grappa is the no syaapa place where you’d find the best crowd and ambience in Delhi. 305 more words


Grappa - Your New (Very Old) Brandy

When I started learning about wine and spirits, I was told grappa was more or less the garbage of the liquor world. There is a sliver of truth in that bias; after all, it’s distilled from pomace – seeds, stalks, skins and pulp, the parts of the grape most winemakers throw away. 644 more words

The Slippery Slope At The Spirits Tasting

In a few weeks’ (ah shit!) time I’ve got my spirits exam for my WSET Diploma. I used to think spirits were shite and over rated, as when I was younger I hadn’t any kind of inclination to bother find out about them. 468 more words