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Grappa - Your New (Very Old) Brandy

When I started learning about wine and spirits, I was told grappa was more or less the garbage of the liquor world. There is a sliver of truth in that bias; after all, it’s distilled from pomace – seeds, stalks, skins and pulp, the parts of the grape most winemakers throw away. 644 more words

The Slippery Slope At The Spirits Tasting

In a few weeks’ (ah shit!) time I’ve got my spirits exam for my WSET Diploma. I used to think spirits were shite and over rated, as when I was younger I hadn’t any kind of inclination to bother find out about them. 468 more words

Grappa: the Compost Spirit

We’ve come a long way from picking rotten fruit up off the ground to get schwifty. Now, it’s a long process of growing fresh fruits/grains/vegetables/herbs, shipping them around, metal cylinders and tube processing, and bottles and cans (and just clap your hands). 280 more words



90,00 €

VivaWine.it – catalogo Grappe

Vitigno:  Moscato – Vinacce Selezionate dai migliori produttori nelle zone tipiche di produzione.

Sistema di distillazione: Discontinuo.

Impianto: Caldaie in rame a vapore. 51 more words

.villa de varda - grappa vecchia riserva vibrazione

From the still dripping Trentino pomaces, freshly gathered from gently pressed grapes creating several Trentino wines, a selection of several of the most promising, slowly distilled Ville de Varda grappas are gathered and matured in casks from century old red fir, once used for the most elusive violins… 291 more words

.tasting Note

Grappa Vecchia Riserva Vibrazione

The Grappa Vecchia Riserva Vibrazione from Villa de Varda is made out of pomace produced in Trentino and is aged in red fir casks made from Valle di Fiemme in the Trentino Dolomites. 212 more words


All-natural Amaretto you Must try!!

Distillery Bepi Tosolini, considered one of Italy’s best grappa distillers, has created a selection of tasty, all-natural liqueurs, anything from coffee to liquorice to strawberry and this beautiful Amaretto. 590 more words

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