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Grappa by 3Blickwinkel

grappa glasses in a row on a rough wood desk

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Still Life

#71: Lake Ontario and the Art Scene

“My favorite things about Rochester are the quality of the arts scene and family-friendly activities. My favorite place is anywhere on Lake Ontario, where I look forward to sailing and bringing my daughters to its beaches. 32 more words

Italian Grappa Tasting Italian Cultural Centre February 11th

You are invited to an Italian Grappa Tasting at the Italian Cultural Centre, 3075 Slocan Street, on February 11th.   Grappa is a uniquely Italian alcoholic beverage that is made from discarded grape seeds, stalks and steams that are the by-product of the winemaking process. 112 more words


Sapucaia Real 18 years - perfection exists!

The Cachaça : Sapucaia Real 18 years old

Origin: Sao Paulo – Brazilië

Distilled: before 1996, in small pot stills

Bottled: 2014

Matured: 345 more words


Grappa -- a very brief introduction

Until recently, SpouseMouse and I have always disagreed about grappa.

SpouseMouse saw no point to it — ‘rough discards’ — whereas I had always heard great things about it. 690 more words


Peru, the Rio Marañon. Day 17, 10/15/15

Camp #17, at Don Felipe’s farm, Quebrada Congrejo

Zacarias, ever thoughtful, carried my overly-heavy river bag to our camping spot under Don Felipe’s mango trees. But we had dinner at the beach, where Pedro cooked a Peruvian classic – Lomo saltado. 264 more words


Year in Review

You know those dreams you have that you can’t wait to tell everyone about.  The dreams that have intricate details more fascinating to the teller than the listener?   143 more words

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