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some Wordsworth haikus (& photos from a trip to Grasmere)

Under Wordsworth’s rapturous gaze

Grasmere transformed,

lost in a lyrical haze

streams of sublime visitations,

whispers of lakes, caves, valleys, skies,

all captured in clearest cadence… 138 more words


A Week in the Life of a Wordsworth Intern


I set my alarm for 8:00 am to give myself enough time to get ready for work at 9:15. I proceeded to then stay in bed for a full hour because I didn’t want to get up and face the cold morning. 1,343 more words

Two go exploring in Easedale

Yet another decent forecast; yet another (still rare) chance to get out walking on the fells. In the event it wasn’t wonderful – misty again, if not quite as foggy as our previous trip to Coniston. 350 more words

Local Stuff

Eating in Grasmere

I have not eaten out much during my time here. I always found it much easier and more affordable to cook meals at home. You have to remember that Grasmere is a tourist town, but it is also a small tourist town, so many of the cafes and restaurants don’t have a lot of competition. 986 more words

Charming & sweet, Grasmere's a treat!

The lake District is somewhere that holds a special place in my heart, as my family and I have been visiting here for as long as I can remember. 285 more words


Travel Tip #2: Getting to Grasmere

Plane tickets. Working through the Kennedy Center travel office can help you find some good deals. However, I also consulted and ended up buying from… 1,046 more words

Water, Water Everywhere: Walking in the Lake District

As I mentioned in my Introduction to Grasmere post, I am not a serious hiker, but I do enjoy taking pleasant walks around the Lake District. 1,618 more words