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The Daffodils

Today I saw the first daffodil on my running trail. I know it is seen earlier in milder areas but I was touched when spotting it here in Denmark in my neighborhood today. 289 more words


Monday, March 13th

“He thought that it would be as sweet thus to lie so in the grave, to hear the peaceful sounds of the earth & just to know that ones dear friends were near.” Monday afternoon, the group took a nice walk up to John’s grove, expecting to take in the sight and the surrounding scenery then continue on. 144 more words

Monday, March 13

Later at night, Jeff led us to the sitting room, where we listened to Noor’s reading of “Elegiac Stanzas.” She sat in Wordsworth’s very own chair, by Beaumont’s painting of the Piel Castle, and we stood in the comfort of the candlelight, our silence gently disrupted by the steady tick-tock of Wordsworths’ grandfather clock. 34 more words

Travels: Scotland and Grasmere

I haven’t added anything for a while due to a general lack of time and organisation plus I’ve been travelling a bit.

Also, I’ve realised that I need some protected time in my life, just to be able to sit down and write. 598 more words


Black and White Sunday: Countryside (and an ideal dwelling)

The Lake District lies in north-west England and is one of the most beautiful regions in the country, if you like lakes and hills. High hills as seen behind this pretty house which is located on the banks of Grasmere lake. 80 more words



My heart won’t stop beating
The urge to remember
A certain curve of the road
That leads out of Grasmere
Towards Rydal
Where the motor road and the lake… 191 more words


Points of view and settling with tension

Just ten minutes’ walk from the farm, I stop and stare. I’m eye level with a complex thatch of twigs wedged into the bare branches of an oak. 1,922 more words

The Long View Process