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Grasmere & Rydal

Grasmere and Rydal are two Lake District hotspots with deep ties to one of England’s most well-known poets, William Wordsworth. His most well-known residence, Dove Cottage… 687 more words


Walking the Fells with Wordsworth

What draws the crowds to the Lake District? If you’ve ever been there you’ll know. But leave the car and the tourists and start climbing into the fells. 790 more words

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Transfer to the Lake District - Day 11

We started out our day saying good bye to York, as we boarded our coach for our next destination.  I probably should explain, that the English call the bus we are riding in a coach because a bus is what is used for transportation on city street routes and a coach is an over the road vehicle.  688 more words

England, Scotland, & Wales 2017

Loughrigg in two weathers

I have done Loughrigg Fell twice in adult memory, though I undoubtedly went up it as a child too. It’s a very short and easy walk (not too steep and not too long, only 1101 feet high and the last time I did the walk it only took about an hour to get from the Langdale Hotel all the way to the summit. 417 more words


By a Grasmere Graveside

Two by two they marched into St Oswald’s churchyard, the entire complement of a seventy seater coach. At their head a suited guide, complete with microphone, broadcast his authoritative commentary over the ethereal hush. 640 more words


Part 3 of A Bit of This, and A Bit of That - Remembering 1978

Just in case you wish to catch up on the background to this story, you can find part one here, and part two here.

Fitted up with a car each, Wendy and I left Wolverhampton and headed off in different directions, with promises to “write soon”. 737 more words


Allan Bank (Grasmere)

Before reaching Allan Bank I had the opportunity to sit and watch the Herdwick sheep for a while.  They fascinate me;  some of them look just like my human’s grand dog, Buster, who is a Bedlington Terrier.At the entrance to the gardens I posed for a photo with a willow squirrel, and hoped that I would see some of the real red squirrels that live in the garden.There is a splendid view from the garden of the hills surrounding Grassmere.Here I am just before going into the house.  392 more words