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First Rattles - The triangles

Why is this a good first rattle for a baby?

  1. Light weigh: if a rattle is too heavy baby can drop it on her face or it will keep falling out of  her hand.
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Grasping or Palmar Reflex

Reflexes are the building blocks of movement.
Here is one of the reflexes that are found early in development.

Palmar reflex:

The palmar grasp reflex is present even in utero (in the womb). 91 more words

Grasping Reflex

Benefits swimming for babies

Results of the study in Melbourne, Australia, showed a statistically IQ of children who are taught to swim as a baby higher than children who are not taught to swim or be taught to swim after age 5 years. 994 more words


Baby’s Sudden Movements

I have been noticing that the baby all of a sudden spreads both her arms in middle of her sleep. I actually spilled the water I was drinking when I saw that for the first time, I thought something was wrong with the baby. 1,417 more words

Afer Birth

The vestigial grasp of infants

In WEIT there is a chapter on vestigial traits, defined as those traits that are evolutionary remnants of features useful in an ancestor, but now either useless or used in a different way.  334 more words