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Growing Boy Needs a More Grown Up Room

The little boy had outgrown the bright colors and cartoon characters painted on his bedroom wall. His mom wanted something durable, with a pattern that would work as the boy goes through grade and high school. 102 more words

Pattern Printed Crooked

In the first photo, you are looking at the top of the roll of grasscloth, where the manufacturer started printing. Look at where my razor blades are pointing – you can see that the design motif gets chopped off as it moves from left to right. 160 more words

Preventing White Gaps

I am about to hang a finely-textured gold grasscloth with something of a metallic sheen in the space between these bookshelves, in a home office in League City, south of Houston. 150 more words

Grasscloth Gives an Asian Feel to an Entry

Natural-toned grasscloth set into these wooden panels lend a very Asian feel to this entry in a 1961 ranch style home in Oak Forest. The home features other Asian-inspired elements, too, like siding shoji screen doors, large uncovered windows, and bonsai trees in the garden. 59 more words

More Grasscloth on Bookshelves Today

This is a popular look! These shelves were 41″ wide and 35 1/2″ high. Since grasscloth comes 36″ wide, one strip would not cover the entire back of the shelves. 136 more words