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Sharp Looking Faux Grasscloth in a Master Bedroom

I love it when my clients listen to me. When I first met with this young family, they were considering grasscloth in their master bedroom. I told them about the shading and paneling problems (difference in color between and within strips of paper), and also that a delicate, stainable and shredable material like grasscloth was not the best choice in a home with rowdy little boys. 139 more words

Finely Textured Phillip Jefferies Grasscloth in a Dining Room

Here is a light silvery tan-grey grasscloth with a fine texture, going up on all four walls in a dining room of a very nicely gutted-and-renovated home in River Oaks. 140 more words

DIY Grasscloth Wallpaper: Hellloooo Texture!!

Have you guys ever heard of grasscloth wallpaper? If you haven’t, you’re about to.

Grasscloth is this amazing textured wallpaper. It makes any space..and I mean ANY space look… 629 more words


Another Example of Paneling in Grasscloth

This finely textured grasscloth is by Phillip Jeffries, a fairly high-end brand. All the bolts were the same run number. Yet, as you can see, there is a noticeable color difference between strips. 71 more words

Charcoal Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth in a Master Bedroom

These days, I am papering so many accent walls, it was a refreshing change this week to put paper on all four walls of a master bedroom in a newly remodeled 1913 cottage in the Houston Heights. 313 more words

Watch What You Touch!

This week, I am hanging a Phillip Jeffries dark charcoal / navy blue grasscloth in a master bedroom in the Houston Heights neighborhood. As is the case with many grasscloths that have the color applied to the surface, the inks can come off onto your hands (or table or tools or clothing!!). 157 more words