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Muted, Muddy Brown Grasscloth on a Bedroom Accent Wall

Photo 1 – Before: You can sleep in here, but the room is cold and uninviting.

Photo 2 – After: You feel snug and warm and cozy in this bedroom. 104 more words

Grasscloth in a Powder Room

OK, I apologize for the crummy pictures, which don’t do justice to the paper, the room, and don’t even show the true color of this finely-textured, sandy-colored grasscloth. 244 more words

Wallpaper on the Heights Home Tour

I attended the Heights Home Tour yesterday, which showcased six homes. My favorite was a new home built in a traditional style – meaning, nice decorative woodwork, granite countertops, hardwood floors, tile in bathrooms, no mid-century modern looks (which were popular in many of the other homes). 177 more words

Finally - A Grasscloth I Can Love

If you’ve read much on this blog, you know that I dislike hanging grasscloth. The visible seams, color variations, and paneling and shading, and un-uniformity are hard to live with, in my opinion. 224 more words

Growing Boy Needs a More Grown Up Room

The little boy had outgrown the bright colors and cartoon characters painted on his bedroom wall. His mom wanted something durable, with a pattern that would work as the boy goes through grade and high school. 102 more words

Pattern Printed Crooked

In the first photo, you are looking at the top of the roll of grasscloth, where the manufacturer started printing. Look at where my razor blades are pointing – you can see that the design motif gets chopped off as it moves from left to right. 160 more words