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The Same Foggy Grasscloth in a Study

A few weeks after I did the job below, I was back to paper some more rooms. One was this study. There were swatches of dark paint on the wall, and at first I thought they were going to use a dark wallpaper. 162 more words

Fog-Hued, Finely-Textured Grasscloth in a Formal Dining Room

The photos aren’t great, but the room looks fantastic. This is a 1940 home in River Oaks. Although it’s a formal dining room, and the chandelier screams “fancy, traditional, classic,” I love the way the interior designer (Elizabeth Mann) used furniture with a decidedly contemporary feel. 38 more words

Sharp Looking Faux Grasscloth in a Master Bedroom

I love it when my clients listen to me. When I first met with this young family, they were considering grasscloth in their master bedroom. I told them about the shading and paneling problems (difference in color between and within strips of paper), and also that a delicate, stainable and shredable material like grasscloth was not the best choice in a home with rowdy little boys. 139 more words

Finely Textured Phillip Jefferies Grasscloth in a Dining Room

Here is a light silvery tan-grey grasscloth with a fine texture, going up on all four walls in a dining room of a very nicely gutted-and-renovated home in River Oaks. 140 more words

DIY Grasscloth Wallpaper: Hellloooo Texture!!

Have you guys ever heard of grasscloth wallpaper? If you haven’t, you’re about to.

Grasscloth is this amazing textured wallpaper. It makes any space..and I mean ANY space look… 629 more words