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Wallpaper Is Still In Style

Hello everyone!!! I’ve been working on projects around my house and I was looking at ways to cover up cracks above the corners of my windows….I thought about curtains but then I started looking into wallpaper!!! 114 more words

Painting Grasscloth is NOT a Good Idea

This room was originally wallpapered with an olive green grasscloth. Then, perhaps to “update” the room before putting the house on the market, the grasscloth was painted over with tan paint. 101 more words

Untextured Faux Grasscloth in a Kitchen

The kitchen and breakfast area of this ’70’s era kitchen are quite typical of the ranch style homes that were popular at that time. I have papered about a million of them. 279 more words

{wallpaper wednesday: thibaut grasscloth resource vol. 4}

Established in 1886, Thibaut (pronounced Tee-Bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Thibaut’s product offering has broadened to include a variety of coordinating print fabrics, furniture, embroideries, and woven upholstery fabrics. 290 more words

Design Inspiration

Faux Grasscloth on an Accent Wall in a Dining Room

This retired couple near the Montrose neighborhood of Houston wanted to update their 15-year old house by adding a textured wallpaper to one wall in their dining room. 181 more words

Stupid, Unresearched, and Misleading News Article About Wallpaper

A spot with this information (click link below) aired on the local news Monday, and since then it has popped up on news and information sites on the Internet. 311 more words

Color In Grasscloth Changes Abruptly

Grasscloth is very popular right now, because homeowners love the texture and natural feel of the material. However, ‘natural’ equates with ‘irregular,’ and can lead to very noticeable color differences and variations in the product. 162 more words