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Hidden Trap Doors Covered With Wallpaper

The top photo shows where a cut-out was made in the wall, to allow the plumbers to have access to the bathtub pipes inside the wall. 183 more words

Grasscloth in a West Houston Study

This couple wanted the textural look of grasscloth for their study, in a newish home near Cross Creek Ranch and Cinco Ranch, a bit southwest of Houston. 163 more words

If You Buy Grasscloth, Expect To See The Seams

Grasscloth is popular right now, but buyers must be aware that, because there is no pattern that can be matched, all the seams will be visible. 146 more words

The Fifteen-Hour Foyer Install - Whew!

This was one of the most difficult installations I’ve ever done. Many reasons … The grasscloth came un-trimmed, so I had to trim off the selvedge edge by hand for every strip. 494 more words

Me In Action

A client just sent me this photos from 2014, of me stripping outdated “ribbon” pattern wallpaper, and replacing it with a calm, finely textured grasscloth.

Silvery Grasscloth Accent Wall in a Powder Room

The d├ęcor in this home in Bellaire is a sort of modern rustic, somewhat heavy, Spanish-influenced blend. The powder room originally had a nicely done faux finish, and it served well for 17 years. 83 more words

Wallpaper Is Still In Style

Hello everyone!!! I’ve been working on projects around my house and I was looking at ways to cover up cracks above the corners of my windows….I thought about curtains but then I started looking into wallpaper!!! 114 more words