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Ripples in the Tail Ends

Here is an imitation grasscloth that I like a lot. And, when I have clients interested in the texture and natural material look of grasscloth, I try to steer then toward this. 296 more words

Wonderful Zen-Like Faux Grasscloth

This powder room had been wallpapered with a floral pattern, probably back in the early ’90’s. Then someone painted over the wallpaper with a faux finish pattern on the top 2/3 of the wall, left the bottom 1/3 a coordinating solid color, and rounded it out with a border around the middle. 291 more words

It's a Manly Floral

When we moved into Echo Hall over a year ago,  I let the kids pick their rooms,  knowing they would sort it out between them.  Much to my surprise,  Will chose the room closest to us,  that also happened to be the only room in the house that had wallpaper installed.   652 more words

Trimming Grasscloth Inside a Curved Arch / Working Clean

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here is how I trimmed the stiff, rectangular grasscloth to fit the arched top of the bookcase back. You see slits in the excess paper, which we call “relief cuts,” that allow enough ease that the paper can be tucked against the wall, and then trimmed with my razor knife. 145 more words

Silvery Grasscloth on Bookshelf Backs

This homeowner has a wonderful knack for decorating, and her front sitting room in a newish home in the Rice University area of Houston is beautiful. 54 more words

Trellis Pattern on Grasscloth

This homeowner loves the texture of grasscloth, and I have already done several rooms for her in their 1930 home in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. 317 more words

Faux Grasscloth With Hospitable Pineapples in a Powder Room - Compliments Yesterday's Paper

Pineapples are the universal sign of hospitality, and what gracious Southerner wouldn’t want that in her home? For this small powder room in the rear of a beautifully remodeled Meyerland (Houston) home, this homeowner was originally looking at a pattern that had pineapples plopped rhythmically across a strongly contrasting background color. 177 more words