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Look Maw - No Faucets!

This wall with wall-mounted faucets over a vessel sink was much easier to paper, because the homeowner removed the faucet handles and spout for me. 213 more words

Soft Faux Grasscloth for Backdrop in Family Room and Family Photo Wall

Happily, the owners of this new home in the Houston Heights listened to my lecture about variations of color in natural grasscloth, and instead chose this paper knock-off. 254 more words

Shaded Grasscloth

This grasscloth displays what we call “shading” – slight difference in color between strips.

Additionally, often the dye will be darker on the right and left edges of the paper, than it is in the center.  123 more words

Black Grasscloth on a Fireplace Wall

Here is a medium-textured grasscloth in a predominately black color, that I put on an accent wall around a fireplace in a new home in the Medical Center District of Houston. 210 more words

Buy What I Tell You To Buy - PLEASE!

O.K., so I showed up for work today, for an 8-roll job to put grasscloth on an accent wall in a master bedroom.

The only problem was – the homeowner had only purchased 6 rolls. 121 more words

Trimming Grasscloth at the Ceiling

Have you ever wondered how wallpaper gets trimmed?

Here I am, using my trim guild to hold a strip of grasscloth tight against the joint between the wall and ceiling, and using a razor knife to trim off the excess.

Grasscloth Delaminating (Coming Apart)

In this dining room, I hung 15 full-length strips of this grasscloth wallpaper. All six double rolls came from the same run. All went well with 14 strips. 176 more words