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Grasscloth in a Closet

I hung this grasscloth in the bedroom of a garage apartment in Montrose (Houston) last year, and the homeowner wanted to use the scraps to paper the back wall of the closet. 18 more words

Little Boy's Room in Muted, Murky Blue Grasscloth

This contemporary new home in Bellaire (Houston) is all about open spaces, earth textures, natural materials, and neutral colors. For the young son’s accent wall behind his built-in bed, this muddied, kinda aqua blue, finely-textured grasscloth works perfectly. 29 more words

Wallpapering Around a Wall-Mounted Light Fixture

Wallpaper looks much better when it goes behind switch plates, light fixtures, etc. Here is what it looks like after I have removed the fixture. You are looking at the electrical box, and the safely-capped wires inside it. 54 more words

Rustic & Textured & Earthy & Burlapy

This wallpaper takes the texture of grasscloth up a notch. There are knots and lumps and knarled fibers and even bits of nameless debris that got caught up in the webbing. 62 more words

Grasscloth on Bookshelves

These bookshelves looked good as they were, but a neutral colored grasscloth really warms up the back wall. The homeowners will replace the shelves and their decorative items, and the grasscloth will be a wonderful backdrop. 78 more words

Ditzy Dots Do a Disappearing Act

The new owners of this home in Bunker Hill Village (Houston) inherited this wallpaper in their home office. It’s what I call “ditzy repetitive,” and was popular in the ’90’s – although there are plenty of current wallpaper sample books displaying this type of pattern. 194 more words

Color Difference in Grasscloth

Here are two strips of grasscloth from the same run number / dye lot – meaning that they were printed at the same time from the same batch of ink. 64 more words