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Charcoal Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth in a Master Bedroom

These days, I am papering so many accent walls, it was a refreshing change this week to put paper on all four walls of a master bedroom in a newly remodeled 1913 cottage in the Houston Heights. 313 more words

Watch What You Touch!

This week, I am hanging a Phillip Jeffries dark charcoal / navy blue grasscloth in a master bedroom in the Houston Heights neighborhood. As is the case with many grasscloths that have the color applied to the surface, the inks can come off onto your hands (or table or tools or clothing!!). 157 more words

Bamboo-Look Grasscloth Warms a Master Bedroom

It does not take a dramatic change to make a dramatic change … In the first photo, the bedroom was painted a darkish tan, and it looked good. 166 more words

New Toy - Aviator Shears

Industrial-ish, yes. These are for cutting thick or hard material, like some vinyls, glass bead wallpaper, embellishments on paper, and some thick grasscloth / bamboo materials.

Muted, Muddy Brown Grasscloth on a Bedroom Accent Wall

Photo 1 – Before: You can sleep in here, but the room is cold and uninviting.

Photo 2 – After: You feel snug and warm and cozy in this bedroom. 104 more words

Grasscloth in a Powder Room

OK, I apologize for the crummy pictures, which don’t do justice to the paper, the room, and don’t even show the true color of this finely-textured, sandy-colored grasscloth. 244 more words