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So Who Needs a Trash Bag?

Everyday, I play a little game to see if I can get away without using a trash bag. Depending on the kind of wallpaper and what I’m doing, I can usually manage to keep scraps and trash flat and neat, and then roll them all up into one tidy package at the end of the day. 31 more words

Same Grasscloth; Different Colors

The grasscloth on the right was bought a year or so ago. It was left over and the homeowners wanted to use it on a new project. 92 more words

Purple Is Perfect for Halloween!

This purple grasscloth by Schumacher is the perfect backdrop for these spooky Halloween decorations!

The interior designer for this job is Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs, and the location is the Houston Heights.

Color Variations in Grasscloth

If you choose a grasscloth product, it’s important to keep in mind that the stems of grass cannot be matched from one strip to another. Even more important is to understand that there most likely will be variations in color from one strip to another (“paneling”), even if they are taken from the same bolt of material. 116 more words

Coloring the Edges on a Dark Faux Grasscloth

I am not happy with the shading and paneling that is typical of most natural grasscloth products, nor with the unmatchable pattern. So I suggest that homeowners consider the fake stuff, made of vinyl. 189 more words

Purple Grasscloth in a Family Room

Well, it’s more of a plum than a purple, but it’s a beautiful color, and it shook the room – and the whole house – out of its monochromatic nap and into a cheery and energized state – perfect for a busy family with two pre-school children. 160 more words

Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth in a Close-In Entry Way

This finely textured, silvery grasscoth pattern is by Phillip Jeffries.

The walls were originally painted a semi-gloss white – and, boy, was it boring 5.00. This slightly darker color, along with its texture and feeling of warmth, have turned the entry from stark and unexceptional to warm and welcoming.