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Centering and Plumbing Grasscloth Seam

Re my previous posts, here I am using my laser level to help get the seam aligned with the light sconce, as well as ensure that it hangs level. 15 more words

Grasscloth Seam Placement on Off-Kilter Wall

Because of the textured nature and natural fibers of the material, all the seams on grasscloth are quite visible. So I try to place the seams in a “balanced” or evenly placed pattern on the wall. 103 more words

Paneling / Color Variations Between Strips in Grasscloth

Because grasscloth is a natural product, you can expect color variations between strips, even when they come off the same bolt. See previous post about how the manufacturer worked to minimize this. 112 more words

Minimalizing Color Variations by Hanging in Sequence

Because grasscloth is a natural fiber product, it is known for certain inherent features, namely a pattern that cannot be matched, visible seams, and color variations such as paneling (one strip is a slightly different color from the one next to it), shading (different colors within the same strip), and edges that are lighter in color than the center of the strip. 220 more words

Same Color, But Grasscloth Brings a Little Texture and Warmth for a West U. Living Room

This home in the West University neighborhood of Houston has fairly traditional and formal d├ęcor. After 20 years, the homeowner wanted to warm things up with some texture. 112 more words

Store Leftover Wallpaper in the House (Not Garage or Attic)

These homeowners had damage from Hurricane Harvey and needed to replace two strips of grasscloth. They brought the box of leftover paper in from the garage – and discovered that paper was ruined. 48 more words

Grasscloth Repair

These homeowners in the Rice Village area of Houston suffered a window leak during Hurricane Harvey. Water stained the seam between two strips of grasscloth. Both strips had to be removed and replaced. 254 more words