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Whoops! - Odd Color / Stain on Grasscloth

Because I paste wallpaper from the back, I don’t always see the front of each strip until I’m putting it on the wall. Luckily, with this grasscloth by Thibaut, I noticed this slight green stripe along one edge of the paper, running just a few feet, and was able to plot the positioning so that the flaw would be cut off, and would not mar the look of the finished room. 37 more words

A Quarter Inch Can Make A Difference

When you measure a room that is to be covered with grasscloth, instead of figuring how many square feet need to be covered, it’s a better method to count the number of strips you will need. 191 more words

Two Bolts, Two Runs, Four Walls - Engineering to the Rescue

Re my previous post … The area to be papered was small, but the whole job was complicated because the grasscloth arrived in two different runs. 260 more words

Counting Shadows On The Wall

Here is a paper that has been in a master bathroom in a home in River Oaks for many years. This wall faces a wall of windows. 335 more words

Gentle Texture, Soft Color on a Home Office Ceiliing

Here is the home office of interior designer Layne Torsch, of Layne Torsch Interiors, in the Highland Village neighborhood of Houston. Her look is serene and simple, but livable for today’s busy families. 112 more words

Flaw of the Day - Blotch. Always But a Little Extra

This blotch showed up in the middle of a bolt of faux grasscloth. Luckily we had enough paper that I could cut around it and get a fresh piece.

Centering and Plumbing Grasscloth Seam

Re my previous posts, here I am using my laser level to help get the seam aligned with the light sconce, as well as ensure that it hangs level. 15 more words