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Grass-fed Beef at Together Farms

On a seasonably warm Friday evening in June I had the pleasure of enjoying the first grass-fed beef grilling class and dinner out at Together Farms… 662 more words

Eat Local

Grass Fed Irish Butter Burgers (Friday feeling)

Irish Grass fed beef and Irish Grass fed butter

What could possibly make a flavor packed grass fed burger better?  Try adding some grass fed Irish butter? 339 more words


I got to meet local farmer Patty Langeland when I interviewed her for a Farm Indiana piece. She is the fifth generation on Langeland Farms… 385 more words


Bone broth, hospitals and bad memories 

When I’m in the hospital one of the things I hate the most (besides the dehumanization, pain, misery and zero sleep) is the food. And the one food that has turned my stomach more by its mere presence than any other food, was beef broth. 589 more words

Chronically Ill

Don't Be Afraid of FAT!

If I hear one more person say they can’t eat red meat or butter because of the cholesterol content, I’m going to scream!

We need cholesterol to build and maintain our cell membranes, to make bile in the liver, which helps us digest healthy fats, to create Vitamin D and other steroid hormones (estrogen and testosterone among others). 300 more words