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Prodigy Random Thing Muses - Ode #1

Background – It was my career’s biggest highlight. It involved me using skills I learned back at university and skills I was learning from my mentors at work (amazing ones at that). 451 more words


80) peekaboo

Sometimes, I play hide and seek without telling the seeker that I am hiding. Then, of course, I come seeking for my seeker, and become a seeker again! 155 more words

3T Diary: Thankful Three Things


It seems like every twilight here,

An ant beneath starless pink Indian skies,

Feels like they’ll never be another day,

Like I’ll never see another sunrise, 78 more words



Hôm nay, theo như thông báo của bạn Google, thì đã là mùa xuân rồi 

Chắc vậy nên trời đỡ lạnh thì phải, nhìn nhiệt độ trên màn hình dự báo thời tiết, khoảng -12 chứ mấy :-))))))) 875 more words


March 21st: Single Parents' day

Again, today is a multiple holiday day. Firstly, Fragrance day which I will celebrate by going through all of my many perfumes and giving away any that I don’t like/use anymore. 289 more words


Grateful for Winter Boots

In 2017 when the Winter season began, I went shopping for appropriate boots. My success in the past with winter boots has been hit and miss and I was looking to improve my success rate. 186 more words

My Gratitude Project

#766 Squeezy hugs

It was when heading off to work today in the late afternoon. I popped my bags in the car – bags, because one bag for normal stuff: the ‘handbag,’ with mobile, wallet, sunnies, work pass, lip balm, a hundred tissues, bathroom items, and bits of mints here and there; and the other bag, full of FOOD – and turned to baby girl who was climbing on top of the mail box, positioning herself already to wave a big goodbye as I drove off. 124 more words