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The Recipe Book: Potato-Leek Gratin Worth Losing a Finger Over

Leeks are one of the most underrated vegetables out there. A larger, milder version of the scallion, they are easily adaptable to pies, casseroles, soups, and stews, and never overpower a dish. 321 more words


PRAY for Leftovers Ham Gratin

After many years of eating this amazing Gratin my mom concocted I finally coerced her into writing down the recipe!    This dish is one of my all time favorites. 346 more words

Swiss broccoli gratin

Swiss broccoli gratin is a touch healthier way to eat a bunch of good Swiss cheese. When I say Swiss cheese, I don’t talk here about the American swiss cheese with holes… no.. 664 more words

Main Meals

Papaya gratin recipe (Recette du gratin de papaye)

After the introduction to the papaya, I would like to share a recipe with the unripe fruit that can be served as a main for lunch or dinner. 188 more words

Guadeloupe Archipelago

Zucchini and Tomato Gratin with Oaxaca Cheese

During summer my mom would make Calabacitas Guisadas (Stewed Zucchini). It was one of my favorite vegetable dishes growing up. I still make it every season – but this time I decided I would try it as a gratin. 184 more words


Courgette gratin

Do you ever end up with too much of one ingredient in your fridge?

Back in the UK when this happened, it was usually down to me making a mistake with my online order. 343 more words