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Deluxe vegan potato gratin


Less of a side dish and more of a showstopping supper, this deliciously creamy, dairy-free potato and vegetable bake will satisfy even the strongest of comfort food cravings. 406 more words


Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Gratin Recipe (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

Steamer Good, Great, or just OK?
Steamer 20 Ways to Shop Smarter, Cook Faster, and Eat Healthier Ginger Snap Cookie Steamer Steamers in Beer
quick & easy healthy meal for the whole family: using a Digital Steamer… 13 more words

Scalloped sweet potatoes and zucchini with salmon

In our house, recipes often stem from my reading, and equally as much from misunderstanding¬†(or from puns, but that’s for another day). These scalloped sweet potatoes and zucchini, simple and very satisfying, come from both those sources: a series of happy accidents. 915 more words

Veg*n Or Veg*n-possible

On Gratins

Some techniques improve a dish. Others “kick it up a notch”. When you create a browned crust on a casserole dish, it’s no longer a casserole (which tends to have that “I put everything left over in the refrigerator” casual meal sound) but a… 265 more words


Bottlegourd and Rice Gratin

The term gratin, in French, originally referred to the tasty crust left behind in a pan after baking, which was scraped off and eaten as a bonus for the chef…

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Gratin lunch

Pork fillet gratin with rice, cheese, and veggies.