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Simple gesture

Pressing a few buttons on the phone is such a simple gesture; yet the thought that precedes it requires much effort and intention. It warms my heart to hear your voice. 12 more words

[external Stimulation]

Love is Not a Finite Resource

I think this is a conversation most parents have with their kids at some point. I had it with my older son when I was pregnant with my younger son, I had it with my younger son when my nephew was born. 311 more words


Day 108

Today I am grateful for coffee, apple tarts and story time with my Grandmother.

In an age full up with e-books and smartphones, Facebook and FaceTime, SnapChat and Twitter(all of which I use), my favorite form of connection still remains face to face conversation. 317 more words



So can I just say welcome spring officially?!  You’re probably thinking, “Okay Katelyn.  Enough about the weather.”  #sorrynotsorry I’m just super excited about it! :) What better way to show it was 74 degrees out this morning than to take a picture of my sunglasses?!   393 more words


The Power of Words

A while back I posted on this topic and this morning it was brought to my attention again.

While I was on my morning run, enjoying some moments strung together without rain or snow, I met up with an older couple, each with their own garbage bag, picking up trash along the river trail. 503 more words


Sigh of relief

Sorry for taking so long to give news, I know so many of you are probably wondering if things went really badly. Rest assured, they didn’t. 891 more words

Family Life

Poem: A Silent Thanksgiving

A Silent Thanksgiving

Dust motes dance in the harsh light from your desk lamp.
There is the smell of firewood in the air.
You look down at your desk, at the warm colors and grain… 280 more words