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I happen to believe that garlic is the most perfect seasoning. My framily at Duckies Bird Farm raises about ten varieties of garlic, and I managed to snag a Colville variety this week. 173 more words


Waking with music...

“We thank thee each morning for a new-born day,” an old classic tune by Jim Reeves woke my brain up this morning and has been on redial all day in my head in the background of everything else that’s going on around me. 291 more words



As the days dwindle down and my time in this metropolitan area rapidly passes me by (funny how time never flew when I had no plans to leave; a.k.a., life), I was reflecting on a few things that I will actually miss about living/working in this area. 438 more words


Good advice

The previous 24-36 hours saw me get surprising news on the career and personal fronts, a few people having no idea what to say to the point I shut myself off, and a lot of angst and fear creeping in. 305 more words


Using data....

My relationship with training logs, recording sessions and using tools such as power, heart rate and speed has varied over the years. In the early days not a session would go bye without some form of analysis, then as I began to over do it a little the post training analysing of data would suggest something was wrong.. 514 more words


Why Making Comparisons Is Ruining Your Happiness

How many times have you compared your life to those around you and felt that panic or overwhelming dissatisfaction for your present circumstances? You feel like you’re not at the stage you were meant to be or you’ve somehow fallen behind in life while they are exactly where you want to be. 553 more words


Lucille (weekly photo challenge)

This week’s photo challenge (Rare) got me thinking about how rare it is for me to have an elderly person in my life.  Last week we took our friend and former neighbor, Lucille, out for her birthday–her 89th birthday!   129 more words