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Finding my purpose

I love writing. I always have, and it’s always been so therapeutic for me. But since I’m a perfectionist, writing lengthy posts like this take a while to put together. 678 more words


Laugh yourself silly

This afternoon the girl (the social animal of our family) organized some friend time for herself. It’s the one downside of living in the country – that friend get togethers take a little more organization. 134 more words


Bicycle! Bicycle!

In an attempt to continue living a healthier lifestyle I decided to buy a bicycle. I have also decided to start using public transportation to save miles on my car and eliminate the anxiety that California highways give me four days a week. 858 more words

Thankful November 15-17

I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. I fell off the wagon. And usually I would just leave it at that but I’m feeling optimistic I can keep going. 187 more words


Writer Battle and...Cookies!

The year is almost over. Again. They seem to be somewhat rapid fire lately. As I write this, I am craving cookies. I’ve been craving cookies all day. 780 more words



Today I am thankful for gift cards.  Steve received a generous gift card for a local restaurant from his soccer team this fall.  Tonight, after a long work week, it was lovely to not cook a meal – to not do the dishes – and just relax and enjoy good food as a family.   78 more words

Serene Sunsets (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 17)

Minnesota’s 10,000+ lakes create a special space … one where peace and serenity reign as the loon’s haunting call floats across the water. When the sun dips below the horizon, the sky may take on a golden hue, or brilliant pinks and oranges and reds … or sometimes it just quietly shifts to soothing blues and purples, fading seamlessly into the dark of night.

~ Kat