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The Hidden Greatness of Gratitude

I was out the other day running errands and enjoying the fun of people watching and noticed an interesting scene. It went something like this. A young cheerful mom was handing her son an ice cream cone, “Here you go Sweetie. 767 more words

Day 6: It's Not the Size of the Step that Counts

At first, I was overwhelmed by the responsiveness we got from people wanting to join us in the #detoxfox detox team. It felt incredible to propose a positive step toward health and have so many responses. 348 more words


Appreciations Year Three: Day 344

Little chinks of light breaking through the darkness.

My well-trained grateful brain for keeping me afloat at times of high stress.

Looking forward to Ruby time tonight. 37 more words


Appreciations Year Three: Day 343

Last touches on painting, now starting the ceiling project. First new tile installed!

A good therapist who’s known me and my whole family for years. So great to check in when the depressive symptoms start taking hold! 25 more words


When Your Grief Comes Uncorked-To The Mom Across The Parking Lot

It wasn’t until I got into the car and that I realized I may have had an audience….

To the mom across the parking lot staring at us……… 698 more words



Now that I am back to the usual grind of life (which means my vacation is over), I feel much more inspired (to blog more) and eager to venture in to new things as well. 283 more words


How I Took 11 Months Off to Play With Babies

Don’t laugh: it’s true! When my heart whispered, I listened. I moved from the California coast to Philadelphia last year to spend time with my twin nephew and niece. 565 more words