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Live, Love, Laugh, Learn

As we live, love, laugh, and learn, we evolve.

We transform from “who we are” to become more fully “who we want to be.”

We stop using an external yardstick to measure our “success.”  Instead we focus on the contentment, peace and happiness we feel within. 322 more words


“Marriage has made me a lot happier
and I’m deeply in love with my wife,
I thank God for her every day.”

~ Harry Connick, Jr.

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bless the Lord O my soul;

can hardly believe we’re reaching the end of April already. 😫

finally caught my favorite Disney princess musical and I was really impressed with the costumes 😍 was a tad disappointed that the stage was so small though. 151 more words


We Are Family

“Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name. 318 more words



Pieces of toast
Raspberry jam
Laid out on the breakfast table
It’s time to begin again
~Carole King (Raspberry Jam, Writer)

Raspberries, fragile aggregates of drupelets, arrive all year long. 71 more words

A To Z Blog

21 April 2015

Be happy
Be grateful
Be kind…
…and watch your life transform!

– Unleash Your Happiness

These three things are actually in your control. Try practicing them and I promise you will experience significant changes in your life. 12 more words


I took the first spring photo yesterday, and the second is by Karl from another year.