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1) Today I’m greatful for Fidget. It’s her 2nd birthday. And though she is a pain in the bum, I love her and she gets me out the house and in a warped way looks after me. 37 more words


what happened to the country mouse

The country mouse
got tired of the same same;
he was tired of the green leafy
pastures of glory
the singing birds fluttering joy… 122 more words


Your energy. Your responsibility. Tune IN and be mindful of what you're putting OUT.

Are you blaming others for EVERYTHING that is or has gone wrong in your life? Do you feel like you keep getting the short end of the stick?

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How I See It

Thank you Ethan

For changing the color in this photo

And for adding my  words.

I love you.



Sisterhood Award <3

So in my last award post I listed some blogs I love! Here I am listing a few more I love just as much!  I have been nominated for another award shortly after the lovely blog one, even before I prepared the first! 2,418 more words


Loss, Rejection, and Frequently Missing Mojo

As someone looking for work (to run alongside my own projects), I’m running the gauntlet of apply – hear nothing – keep trying, apply – get asked for an interview – hear nothing – keep trying, apply – get asked for an interview – get rejected. 628 more words

Random Musings

Moving on...

Well, this marks the 8th day since we moved into our little place, and so I thought I’d take a minute to check in.  After negotiating and discussing things with our landlord, he finally got the place ready (more or less) for us to move in, THE DAY WE MOVED IN. 752 more words