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Between the Good Days and Bad Days

Over the past month I have been rather successful using Weight Watchers to get my weight, and general well being, under control. My blood pressure has been an issue for about the last year, and a switch of medications seems to have helped. 673 more words


Daily Reflection: June 22nd

I feel guilty how I repetitively proclaimed myself as a hopeless, helpless, sad, miserable being. I feel ashamed how pathetic I see myself, and how doubtful I was with God. 569 more words


365 days of gratitude

This was the scene that greeted me when I started my walk this morning.

Today I’m grateful the fog lifted and the sun shone.


Summer pick-me-up

One of the easiest and quickest pick-me-ups is to remember the special people in your life. Numerous psychology studies have shown that reliving positive moments or time spent with the special people in our lives is a great way to recharge our hearts and souls. 505 more words


My Holy Grails.

Many of you have asked about the books that I’ve read and finally here’s a list of the 1st 8 books I’ve read that have changed me for the better. 583 more words


A home from home

Gratitude List 22/06/2018

Yesterday, I spent the entire evening at my home away from home, a bit like when Tottenham visit the Emirates 😉 I wish! 85 more words


Goodbye To My 20's COUNTDOWN #4

By gratitude & looking yourself in the mirror, you grow. You can see where you’re fake and where you’re real. You can find a way to that better place inside yourself.