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100 Days of gratitude (d16)

Day 16: This morning I find it immensely hard to think of gratitude as  sad news has just reached my ear of the passing away of  a loved one. 46 more words

The Sunset

When the sun sets above my head I feel my arms changing to wings and winds taking me closer to the golden colors of departing day…  I feel free… 45 more words



Do you know many people who play board games now-days? I do not. Most of young people spend their leisure time on social media or playing video games with their on-line-friends. 217 more words


Birthday Girl

Day 2: A – Z Challenge

Today, I am the birthday girl.

Today, I celebrate another twirl and whirl around the sun.

I celebrate, conscious of each breath, each fragile moment, each grace that comes my way. 203 more words


Anna Thomas Young - Entry 3

First, please visit this website and see for yourself the beauty and power of a mother’s love and the innocence and acceptance of children.

http://www.onlyimaginephotography.com/blog/anna-millie-hub-lubbock-texas-family-child-photographer/ 396 more words


Thousand Years

Can’t sleep.   And I should be.  I don’t fair well the following day with my heart when I don’t have a good nights sleep.  But ironically, it is my heart keeping me up. 288 more words

Last Day.

I made a video instead of an image post. I haven’t watched this after recording…I’m sure it isn’t the most coherent, articulate, or motivational! Ha! But I did want intentional video evidence of my pre-surgery self…so that I can remember my goals and feelings…if I ever feel I’ve lost touch with it. 73 more words