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Daily Gratitude #460

10/27/16 – Even when I fail, there’s something positive that can come of it. Even if it’s not apparent immediately I know in hindsight I’ll realize it was for the best. 46 more words


Love Your Now.

I have found myself this week struggling to enjoy this season of busy schedules. I’ve thought, “Can we just go back to Maine where we eat six meals a day and linger at every beautiful sight?” Because, it was really easy to enjoy every moment there. 662 more words


The Inviting Rain Dance

Days of heat had swarmed Summer
Blistering some to stay cooked inside
Until the glimpse of those vital
Waves of joy began to whisk
The moonlit air bringing momentary lapses… 33 more words


You Are Not Nameless

A poem I wrote a few days ago after finding some old photos of my ancestors I’d never seen before.

You are not nameless,

I see you. 72 more words


Five Daily Habits

Recently, I’ve begun following the principles of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to check this book out, I highly recommend it.  286 more words


Thankful Thursday: Encouragement

Lately, I’ve been struggling with a decision that I need to make in regards to my job versus my education. It’s been a little difficult to figure out and, to be honest, it seems like no matter what I choose, it’s not going to be quite right. 82 more words

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An Ode to Running Free

The very air is sleepy; homework lies teetering off the edge of the desk in a manner so unmotivating that I want to give it a good satisfying push and watch the papers and ink pens scatter amongst the dust of the floor. 672 more words

Living On Purpose