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Growing in Grace - Brokenness 

I was very hesitant about this particular week because I like to consider myself whole. The truth is I still have some broken pieces. I wasn’t in the mood to tackle them so I knew it would be a struggle for me. 934 more words


Gratitude 2/21

Today I’m personally thankful for: the board and staff of El Centrito and am looking forward to working with our new executive director; the opportunity to try some unique looking and good tasting cheese; and spending time in chapel with our preschool students.


Thank you for letting me love you... 

I always knew I had a lot of love to give,

but until you,

I didn’t know how much.

My daughter, your tiny toes, auburn ringlets, and natural curiousity melted my heart from the start. 153 more words


27 & lookin' up to Heaven

Happy happy birthday (to me!)

It has been quite the emotional rollercoaster for this particular birthday and I’m not entirely sure why. It has been filled with its share of highs and very strong realizations about my life. 182 more words

The most romantic date

It was the commercial Valentine’s last Tuesday, but we didn’t celebrate it there and then. We were to meet over the weekend and go for a sunset on the dunes by the sea to a spot of my choice, a place I have been to before. 274 more words


I think I'm in trouble...

Last week, my ex and his new family stayed here so he could be here for our son’s big game and to get some parenting time in. 248 more words


Welcome, Readers!

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this post.  Today, in my WordPress notifications, I got the best news:  I have reached the milestone of 100 follows to my blog! 158 more words