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The "little things"

After a rough few days I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. Today was the first time I left my house all week and my friends from out of town took me to see Niagra falls. 170 more words



After a break that was much too long I spent an hour and a half easing my body into Tadasana this morning. I love the gentle yoga I learned at Kripalu and have a cd by Rudy Peirce that I purchased on a visit there years ago. 97 more words


What's your hurry?...

(photo) girl-running-fast: notjustadaydream.com

Have you ever gotten so excited about a new prospect that you barrel forward faster than the speed of light? Your senses are so hyper-focused on the new prize, you scarcely notice anything else going on around you. 152 more words


When I came up out of the river

I saw Him standing there

like a white oak tree

with light in His leaves

and shaggy bark… 78 more words


Quote of the Day

“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.”

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2bRrjYO


365 Days of Gratitude - Day 542

Poison ivy…

For it testing my discipline not to itch and observing the “sensations”. Kinda’ serious. Not always winning.

“I’ve often thought there ought to be a manual to hand to little kids, telling them what kind of planet they’re on, why they don’t fall off it, how much time they’ve probably got here, how to avoid poison ivy, and so on.” Kurt Vonnegut…

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Ambiguous Androgyny (Part 2): Deconstructing an Optical Illusion

Part 1: Recognizing an Optical Illusion
~ Part 2 in the Ambiguous Androgyny series ~

“Are you watching closely?”
– Alfred Borden (The Prestige, 2006)

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