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The Thunder Rumbles

The rumble awakened the soul, nature shakes the cracks to wash away the past and peace is in harmony after the thunders past.

KERRI ELIZABETH… 124 more words


Time changes

I’m sitting here today with the heat going, under a woobie, having chicken noodle soup because I can’t get warm. It’s so cold, wet and dreary outside, it’s hard to tell that next week is May. 185 more words

Be kind to your body, you only have one.

I appreciate my body and every amazing thing that it does for me.

Thankful for being able to eat at least three meals a day and drinking water straight from the tap. 26 more words



I’m still in Battambang and I’ve got the small town blues. I’m living in a backwater and it doesn’t matter if I have a paddle or not. 181 more words


Learning to crawl

Yesterday, I did many of the things on my list, but I did not do the most important things. However, instead of negative self-talk, I am focusing on the fact that I made a list and it helped. 15 more words


Please Parents: leave the Children out of your fights...Please...

I know I know easier said than done.

On a very personal note, I am so grateful I found that enormous strength to not involve my children in my ‘fights’ with their dad. 511 more words

Marie's Garden

Silver Linings

A week ago last Friday, our dog Lucy came down with Vestibular Syndrome, which has symptoms that closely resemble a stroke.  Her eyes flicked back and forth, her head drooped to one side, and when she tried to walk she either staggered in a tight little circle or fell over completely.   532 more words