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Gratitude Day 10

Autumn storms help focus gratitude on a warm house – once the power came back on, camp stoves for hot beverages – while waiting on the power to return, a crockpot set to high -since we got a late start on the kale/potato/bean soup, and candles – which smell lovely and scare away some of the drab, dark corners.

Happy Things

Inequality Hurts. Self-Worth Heals...

Sexism and/or racism have been apart of my story in every single job that I’ve had in some way. From corporations to non-profits, schools to churches, and of course in business. 682 more words

Hope Served

It has been an incredibly difficult several months filled with some ups and many downs. Yesterday I was in a dark place, feeling quite hopeless, as if I were in the middle of this murky lake just trying to keep my head above water, and my swimming skills are atrocious at best add to that life going on ashore with no regard for my struggle.  465 more words

The Journey

10 tips for added comfort living abroad on a budget

Obvious budget savers for living in a foreign country include ensuring lower rent, cooking at home, using a bike instead of a car or taxi. But there are other ways to save money – and still have comforts. 1,563 more words


Taking a moment for gratitude

In the midst of transitions, it’s sometimes challenging to have perspective. It’s easy for me to get bogged down with thoughts of how hard it’s been and how I will continue to manage.  259 more words

Thanksgiving and the practice of advance gratitude

For millions of people around the world, saying grace before a meal can be a family ritual, a conscious prayer in advance, or part of a healthier attitude to life in general. 622 more words



Last Friday I subbed for the first time in a classroom for severely autistic kids. I want to say I was filled with compassion and felt like the work was meaningful, but mostly I just felt traumatized by the experience. 625 more words