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I am grateful for last words.

#ProjectZen #Day24 #GratitudeProject

I have a private message sitting in my Facebook inbox from a friend. It’s from someone I knew over 25 years ago when I was in the Army in Germany. 388 more words


I am grateful for good days.

#ProjectZen #Day19 #GratitudeProject

Day 19 is a good day. I am grateful for good days.

Those of you that know me personally know I live with a chronic, incurable disease that has altered my life a great deal. 330 more words


Dear Fedex, I am grateful for our delivery guy.

#ProjectZen #Day18 #GratitudeProject

I am grateful for our Fedex delivery guy! 

The 18th day of my Gratitude Project shall be an open letter to all the big-wigs at Fedex, expressing my appreciation for our regular day-delivery Fedex man. 288 more words


I am grateful for my second-hand dishwasher.

#ProjectZen #Day17 #GratitudeProject

A rather mundane thing to be grateful for on my 17th day of my gratitude project, isn’t it? Well, I’m grateful nonetheless, for my second-hand dishwasher. 260 more words


I am grateful my husband didn't buy flowers for Valentine's.

#ProjectZen #Day14 #GratitudeProject

I used to be one of those wives that kind of expected to be worshiped on Valentine’s Day. You know, the whole dozen red roses and huge box of assorted chocolates, accompanied by the usual gushy card. 493 more words


I am grateful for the wrong cat.

#ProjectZen #Day13 #GratitudeProject

On 1/23/2011, our beloved FRANKLIN “The Zen Master” came to live with us from Kentucky. Quite a few people were instrumental in his transport (drivers and contributors). 359 more words


I am grateful for another day.

#ProjectZen #Day12 #GratitudeProject

In 2014 I was diagnosed with COPD after two lengthy hospitalizations, at the age of 48. My life, as I knew it, came to a grinding halt (or so I thought at the time). 1,024 more words