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Circle Keeping

Same tree as yesterday, another pod beginning to let her seeds fall.

(Totally off-topic: Joss just said, “Mom, you know why my socks go to church?” 492 more words


Say a Blessing for Seeds

And now is the time for seed to burst forth.

We have arrived at Autumn Equinox, one of those exquisite balance points of the year cycle, the moment of shift in the whirl around our star. 458 more words


Medicine for the Moment

Where is the medicine for this moment?

These are crass and ironic times, when the tragedies of millions of lives, of people fleeing their homes in terror, are reduced to a simplistic candy analogy. 249 more words


Open Heart

Last week, we met this teeny tiny turtle–a snapper the size of a half dollar–on the sidewalk into the school. We set him in the grass where he would be safer from the many feet that would be thundering through during the coming day. 138 more words


Here Comes the Rain Again

Today’s gratitude list brought to you by song titles, in honor of that water coming down from the sky. It has been nearly two months without appreciable rain in the holler. 34 more words


Sunday Gratitudes #36

“In particular for some more introverted people, the practice of gratitude can improve self-worth in some. Often when we take on a label like introvert or shy, it can cause us to feel less about ourselves.

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Three Happy Things 1

  1. AZO: an over-the-counter UTI relief medicine
    • UTIs HURT; medicine helps
    • I can afford it at this time. Good on me.
    • They sell it where I work, so I get a discount.
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Three Happy Things