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Reliving Gratitude

This is simply a reprint of last year’s list on this day, with a slight update to number 3. It still holds, and I am feeling a sense of reconnection to the first and last points in particular. 260 more words


Allergy Haze

I am a little obsessed with capturing the magic of this portal pathway. This filter begins to approach it for me.

In a few extra minutes in class yesterday, I had my English 101 kids choose a character from the Odyssey. 189 more words



Here’s a filtered photo of our little deer trail into the woods.

There are times in my life when I have thought I could almost tangibly feel myself on the web of prayer and well-wishes. 213 more words



Today was a hard day. No one was able to adjust well to the heat in Room 206. We just lived through it. The allergy sufferers (including myself) are all in a bit of a pollen haze. 314 more words


Love and Spring Tonic

First, a tender message I found in my classroom zen garden today.
Then, blue sky in the space between the red barn and the poplar and sycamore trees. 263 more words


Hidden Trails

Trail across Cabin Creek, where the foxes and coyotes and deer cross the creek and enter the bosque. That’s poison ivy on the cherry tree at the front left–poison ivy is the protector of wild places. 29 more words


All Our Children

#resist — I found this in my classroom zen garden last week.

I am sure that I have written this before. Still, it seems to want to be said again. 408 more words