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The Room of this Moment

all this running
between one moment
and the next

from the room of this minute
into the room of the one to come
we scuttle and race… 365 more words


Happy Villaintine's Day

Some kid-stories from the weekend:

–On a walk with a Small Boy, we were walking along the hedgerow, and I noticed that deep musky base-note odor and said, “Do you smell the fox?”  Boy blinked, grinned, and said, “No.   189 more words



Kindly he beckons to me.
From lifes’ rear view mirror
The little message blinks
“A Valentine” I think
“Check your mail my dear one
It’s brand new, just laid it down.” 63 more words


Cracking the Code

Today when we had walked to the top of the hill, we stopped to examine that big patch of ice that formed when water pooled just above the eastern corner of the fields beside the little grassy airstrip at the top of the ridge.   401 more words


Rise and shine

I had planned to get this blog post up on Monday but am still not well (thank you for all of your lovely messages!).  That is the thing about viruses…..they do love to linger. 723 more words

Life In General

Gratitude List:
1. Snow geese.  In the distance, it looks like a flock of Canadas, but there’s something less substantial about them, leaner, longer in the wing–and their silhouettes are just a little lighter in the blue.   221 more words


Grateful Sunday #52: Comfort Spread

- hosting a brunch without my eyes darting to the Bloody Mary’s every few minutes
– thick, homemade pancakes topped with bananas & Nutella… 14 more words

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