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What I Meant to Say

Today’s Prompt is to write a “What I Meant to Say” poem.

I said I was tired,
but what I meant to say was that I had intended to be bolder. 742 more words


Gratitudes Nov 17

  1. I meditated
  2. I will do yoga now
  3. My mother 4 days great
  4. Aide won’t be able to play with the meds anymore please and thank you, God…
  5. 317 more words

"To Keep the Spark of Life Inside Me Ablaze"

Today’s Prompt is to write a poem to the world:

Beauty Was There
by Beth Weaver-Kreider

In the beginning, she hovered there,
above the waters, molding the land, 418 more words


The Tree Spirit of Goldfinch Bluff

Can you see the thoughtful face of my friend there up on the hill, keeping watch over the farm?

Today’s Prompt is to write a “Stranger ________” poem. 444 more words


Gratitudes Nov 15

  1. my cereal banana and coffee this morning
  2. eating healthily
  3. losing weight
  4. this morning’s prayer very first thing on knees
  5. followed by meditation early yay
  6. and then about 15 minutes yoga yay loving this…
  7. 444 more words

The Questions You Came For

Today’s Prompt is to write either a traditional sonnet or other structured poem, or an anti-form poem. I was going to try a sonnet, but I don’t think I have it in me tonight. 635 more words


Still the Child in the Forest

Today’s prompt is to use a city or town name as the title of a poem.

by Beth Weaver-Kreider

A ferry-step across the Susquehanna… 695 more words