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Gratitudes 2/9/18

  1. My clean breaths right now. Omg so grateful for them.
  2. the daily affirmations I just did
  3. Daily affirmations online from louise hay
  4. hospital – i assume they’re helping my dear mother…
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Grratitudes 2/8/18

  1. antibioics
  2. inhaler
  3. soup
  4. water
  5. tea
  6. broth
  7. broccoli
  8. protein
  9. spinach
  10. whole grain pasta
  11. my mother’s wedding band, that I’m wearing right now
  12. my father’s wedding band, that I’m wearing right now…
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The rumble in the jungle inside my head

“If you sucked all the thoughts out of your head, you’d find nothing but peace.”—Jill Whalen

“Wonder what we’re having for dinner?’

“I knew I should have shaved. 311 more words

Gratitudes 2/7/18

Thinking of things again, that seemed bad but were good – like the first few here

  1. The fear of diabetes from doc (cause blood sugar +family history) has led me to the most incredible healthy eating…
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Words that Lead Me Through the Labyrinth

Gratitude List:
(Reprise from 2016)
1. Words that lead me through the labyrinth
2. Words that open doors and build bridges
3. Words that nudge and tickle and surprise… 45 more words


Is it just me or was January a whizz?

I mean, where did it go?

Some lovely and amazing things happened in my part of the world through January. 443 more words

Goals 2018

Gratitudes 2/5/18

  1. I am breathing. Labored, yes, because I have the flu, but at this moment at least I am breathing.
  2. Birds are cared for. So i got that done.
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