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God Runs to You

“If you take two steps toward God,” the Sufi mystic Satish Kumar tells Pi Patel in Life of Pi, “God runs to you!”

My friend, do you see… 94 more words


The Ferns will Unfurl in the Sunshine

Soon, soon, soon…

1.  Another amazing music chapel/assembly this morning: from a 16th century Korean opera to a men’s quartet to a jazzy piece arranged by students. 51 more words


Aconite and Crocus

A Shirati morning, circa 1970.  Todd is holding
an African Green Pigeon. 

Gratitude List:

1. That fog last night, how it swirled around the lamps on the bridge, how it turned the lamplight into a living, swirling thing. 83 more words



I dreamed I had wings,
black feathers rising behind me like shadow.
When I opened my eyes,
the lonely earth spread out beneath me;
the old moon was at my back. 125 more words


Tonight, a new set of Shaman Words.  A Magic Spell.  A Prayer.  An Incantation for Healing.

I will say that I breathe and mean that I am praying. 297 more words


A Forest

For Friends Who Are Experiencing Anxiety:

Here in the hollow
the sun sparks white flame
from the snow-boughed limbs
of walnut and sycamore.

And you, can you feel the rays… 222 more words


Pixels & Peccafilloes

Now I lay me down to rest, head on foamy pillow

Reviewing the day’s best thro pixels, my peccadilloes

Arising to the Sun a shine most fine this cool March day… 217 more words