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Following Your Task

A little poem after reflecting on Mary Oliver (“You do not have to be good.”) and Caitlyn Siehl (“ is not your job.”).  This is an interesting draft to begin, but I definitely want to craft this one and perfect it. 407 more words


Poem Cop-Out

It’s a packing tape dispenser, but it is also a bear.

On some of these days
the only poem I can
muster is haiku

Lame, I know, but it’s what I’ve got today. 76 more words


Listen for the Whisper

Listen for the whisper of the moon, daughters.
Listen for the distant calling of a bird in the night.
Listen for the sound of your name in the trickling streams, 136 more words


Gratitudes to this Universe that keeps me on my toes

Gratitudes to this Universe that keeps me on my toes.

Writing gratitudes before going to bed.

and with that, they are also emptying

the collection of words in their head… 103 more words


The Delegation

The dragon I drew on the driveway.  

“I do not see a delegation of the four-footed.
I see no seat for the eagles.” –Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga… 282 more words



The Musselman bush is blooming beautifully.

Listen to the sound
behind the cacophony,
underneath the boom
and clatter of the markets:
hear the cry of Cassandra. 28 more words


A to Z Challenge #20 — Totaled

Last year, only a couple days into 2015, I was in a car crash on the freeway that resulted in our car getting totaled. The engine literally went crunch. 778 more words