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I have been silent again. With all the upheaval in this country, I have been feeling like my pretty pictures and small gratitudes are frivolous. MKL reminded me that perhaps they are more necessary than ever. 64 more words


Dreams of Flying

Here is another version of the Disibodenberg photo with a parchment paper look. I keep seeing faces in this this one. At first, I didn’t like it because the abbey ruins themselves sort of disappear into the sunlight, but as I consider it, that has become my favorite thing about it. 474 more words


Dreams of Flying

During yesterday’s day alone, I took a little time to play with the Dreamscope app. This is younger me as a mermaid.

Gratitude List:
1. Featherbed. 63 more words


Sunday Gratitudes #40

I’m grateful for…

☔️️ – Gluten free donuts. They were ridiculously good.

☔️️ – Keurig hot cocoa with a splash of chocolate milk.

☔️️ – Getting my resume, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook work history all updated. 405 more words


I Am Not Alone and Hearts Glowing Fire

This is one of my favorite views of the ruins of Disibodenberg, the abbey where Hildegard was brought as a girl. I ran it through a Mosaic filter on the Dreamscope app. 324 more words


None of this Nonsense, Please!

In Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles, the witch Morwen lives in a cottage in the woods with a large sign above the door which reads, “None of this Nonsense, Please!” I wonder if I ought to put one above my classroom door. 125 more words


Honing Perception

I love these computer apps that turn a photo into a painting. The photo of the moment the vulture sat on the telephone pole and spread her wings does not do justice to the awe and wonder of the moment, but the painting version starts to add that layer. 619 more words