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Gratitudes April 15

  1. Yesterday. Every bit of it.
  2. My 3 1/2 hours here in the am.
  3. washed hair
  4. used skincare
  5. made bed
  6. did the bird care
  7. played some piano!
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Gratitudes April 14

  1. meditation this morning
  2. my friend D
  3. sleep – lots – last night.
  4. in fact, maybe too much. I think I am – must be – ready to DO more

Gratitudes April 13

  1. I am so grateful for my sister, and the miracle that we are together again!
  2. I am so grateful for surprises in life; you never know what’s next.
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Gratitudes April 12

  1. talks with J worked out yesterday morning and evening and night
  2. he obviously respects, admires, cares for and loves me
  3. i think the money thing mother will work out…
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The app I have always loved to use for playing with art filters–Dreamscope–has become unreliable and slow. I’m trying some new ones. This one, Picas, has some promise. 227 more words


Gratitudes April 11

  1. coffee
  2. sleep – still feel wish, need(?) more – but got sleep
  3. my hands
  4. my “wish” bracelet
  5. my niece
  6. her kids omg xoxo
  7. simplicity
  8. my house…
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The Devil's Deal

Today’s prompt is a two-fer: deal and/or no deal.

It’s been a slow and steady shift,
this drift from principles to politics,
from generous to partisan, 90 more words