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The Power of Gratitude

The letter of thanksgiving written by a grieving husband is a wonderful story in celebrating a Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

After his 34-year-old wife suffered a devastating…

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My arrival into journaling

So, I have a small confession for you. I discovered journaling by accident. Previously, I had never kept a diary, written down my emotions / frustrations, or kept an imaginary pen-pal. 670 more words


What is happiness?

Angie contemplated the view from her window for a few minutes before resigning herself to carefully explore the topic of happiness. For years and years, she wanted to be happy. 945 more words


So, What is Journaling Then?

Great question.

In short, the answer is that journaling is whatever resonates and makes the most sense to you. Not surprisingly, as you, your attitude, and emotions change from day-to-day, so will the journal entries that you write. 563 more words


What Is Journaling to Us!

We started this journey for no other reason than being passionate about all things journaling. We had a deep affection for notebooks, journals, stationary, writing, and writing instruments. 319 more words



approximately how many popsicles my sick girl ate yesterday.

approximately how many times we watched Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest.

approximately how many games of hide and seek we played. 13 more words


Full Heart

I awoke very early in the morning, dressed myself covered from head to toe, had a quick breakfast of oatmeal, then boarded the taxi headed for the sail boat. 721 more words