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Practice Humility

Lesson Two: Practice Humility

Why did this lesson make the list when it has been a lesson that is not new or groundbreaking? Well, growing up with very little and religious influence, the idea of being humble was just that an idea. 228 more words

Learning Life

Lesson 5: Weekly Reflection


The lessons this week were once again very challenging and thought provoking. I learned so much from doing the activities and from engaging in the discussion posts. 387 more words

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The power of 3 positives 

My purchases yesterday from Waterstones. The first book is so interesting and entertaining as it asks the most random questions like: “write yesterday’s fortune cookie, it got everything wrong”. 440 more words


Have a Good Day

I’ve been listening to some of my friends talk about the notion of acknowledging “Today was a good day”.   It’s something that one of them noticed in a series about living in Alaska.   420 more words


Spring Awakening - 5 Ways

Some times you can feel the weight of the world approaching and it wont give you a reason why. It’s accompanied by those days where waking up seemed like the most stressful you had to do in your life or where productivity is obsolete. 330 more words


May Day 2017

Happy May Day!  We’ve been having snow flurries, which makes it a little difficult to get into the spirit of the season.  I suppose I could go on about the history of labor unions and all the benefits we take for granted because of the work that they did back in 1886 and beyond.   502 more words


A Time To Give Thanks

A Time To Give Thanks 

When life offers you the chance to heal

Or the time to make amends,

Or the time to stop and start again… 352 more words

Another Day Someday