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Help Others Because You Can!

My Dear Friends,

A very powerful message…..

Most of us go by each day without a single thought for the welfare of others, our busy, hectic lives full of drive , the need to succed, earn more, buy more and live in happiness… ‘Self’ 114 more words


Happy Shape

Today, after I climbed out bed and looked in the mirror, then turned to my right to look at myself profile, I stroked my tummy, and I thought to myself ‘you look great’. 204 more words


Wrapping up

As my last full week home is fast approaching, I’ve had to think about how I want to end  it.  Well, “end” might make it sound like I have no intention of coming back and, honestly, if I didn’t have so many amazing connections with so many fantastic and extraordinary people, I wouldn’t come back.   281 more words


tears, snow cones & human kindness...pass it on

I love getting “difficult” patients, you know the kind people call a-holes? Most people are happy to pass them off. Yesterday I was helping out with one such patients, not as her primary nurse, but I was told that she wanted to go home AMA (against medical advice). 855 more words


Unforgettable moments - capturing their value. 

Hi everyone I hope you are all well. So today I want to mention the value of unforgettable moments. They can be great for cheering us up when we’re feeling down, for helping us feel gratitude when it seems nothing is going our way, they can help us learn lessons and they can also be fab talking points. 421 more words



Dad is home and doing well.  Thank you for all the support and good wishes.

I have allergies.  I’ve been doing allergy shots for 5 years or so.   358 more words