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The Temple of Kom Ombo

In ancient times the Egyptians worshiped those they loved and creatures they feared, that is why on the shores of the Nile you will find  a temple dedicated to crocodile god Sobek and Haroeris a form of the falcon headed god Horus. 642 more words


What's Up October

Kia Ora October,

September was a fantastic month and flew by way to quickly, 25 post about incredible places and wonderful people,  366 views and 199 likes :-) Thank you so much to all the lovely people out there who took the time to take a peek at my little blog about things. 220 more words


Baggage Check

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Baggage Check.”

I read a great to do list today that someone had kindly shared,

  1. Be grateful…
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Good Tired

I spent most of the weekend outside.  Winter is coming.  There aren’t that many lovely weekends left in the year.  Last weekend was definitely one of them.   636 more words


Gratitude- the Antidote to a Bad Attitude

So my last post I talked about feeling like I was drowning. Sitting in church the next morning, this verse was plastered on the screen: 386 more words


My Summer of Dresses

So I literally spent the entire summer in dresses. Skater dresses, Maxi dresses, Sun dresses.  Workdays were spent in dresses and casual Fridays where jeans should be worn… dresses. 365 more words

New Job, New Possibilities

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while (as per usual) but not anymore! I have a fun new desk job which also means I now I have a life (THANK GOD!). 580 more words