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The angel with a familiar heart

One more year is beginning and I think is one of those moments when you need to stop for a second and just say THANK YOU. 376 more words


Well done!

You created this world. Set the stage, props all over the place, script on the fly. Thank you, friend! It’s pretty fascinating ;)


Happy #45

“Thank you mom. Thank you for your help.”

“No, I thank you. Thank you for involving me. Thank you for letting me take part in your life.” 13 more words


Checking in on 49

I thought I update you on my 49th year if you’re wondering.

So far I ‘m keeping to my blogging goal-which is a good thing because I’ve come to learn over the years that writing is like exercising, you have to actually do it to get better at it. 175 more words

Destroy the Couch!

The couch, or the sofa, the lazyboy; whatever you want to call it; is the route of all evil as far as healthy eating and weight loss is concerned. 379 more words

The Art of Feeling: How Painful Emotions Can Be A Good Thing

A few years ago, I was placed on multiple antidepressants. Eventually, the realization that they were not only subduing depression but were subduing all other emotions to some degree as well prompted me to quit taking them. 1,984 more words