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How lucky am I

“How lucky am I?!”

My mouth has uttered those words over and over to myself multiple times on this journey, whilst my eyes have been witnessing the beauty and glory that is Mother Nature. 514 more words



I had the opportunity this weekend to participate in a rescue mission.  That’s not as dramatic as it sounds.  My daughter, Karina, has quite the extended family given the divorces, the friends, the steps, and all the variations on “you are family to me.” 611 more words


Happiness is a Journey: IBMC #10

Happiness is a journey. It’s not a concrete thing that is won and forever yours, but it is an ongoing process that requires delicate balance. 378 more words


Enjoy the Journey

We are both very ambitious people. When we started this journey nearly five years ago, neither of us really knew what to expect. We just knew that we had a story idea that was intriguing and we wanted, no, we needed to write it, or at least try. 451 more words

Anywhere in the world

The best feeling you'll ever have
will be
when you're leaning against a tree
on an hacienda
in a forest
in Ecuador
smelling eucalyptus

Dayci'll be plucking
at her guitar
while Nicole rummages through her hammock
for god knows what

The sun'll be sinking to your left
silver-green leaves 
above you
up against a pale blue sky

you'll know the volcano's there
smoking a little
even though you can't see it 
for the trees right now

and you'll think

… 15 more words

No Longer VIP :)

I wake up and he is sat by the side of the bed reading his book – my fellow third wheel. He arrived early this morning and I fell back asleep after a brief conversation. 1,368 more words


Thought of the day

It is a new day.. oh well, technically it is still Sunday, but this is the thought of today! Every Sunday morning, I meet up at the local farmer’s market at 7:30am to help set up the market and help out for a few hours at the info booth. 161 more words