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More heart felt gratitude, less defeating attitude!

Some day’s I have to work harder at this than others. These are the day’s when my body and mind disagree on what can and should get done. 50 more words


Focus on the journey, not the destination...

“You don’t have a driver’s license?! How on earth do you get by?” 

I take the train everywhere. No instant Tourette’s syndrome when someone is driving so slow, that you can actually feel your grey hairs multiply. 675 more words

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Face Everything And Rise...

What do you fear? “Opening up, and ending up with ‘Everything you say, can ánd will be held against you’… again”.

According to my burn-out coach I put on a strong front, always the tough cookie, while underneath I am that cheesy softie who denies herself ‘self pity’ as she (I) calls it, but with denying herself that, she’s closing off a rich and beautiful part of herself too. 1,810 more words

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Don't miss ... Special Graduation Discount ...

Graduation 2018 is almost here!

Today is a day of “gratitude”.  I’m so thankful for my God, my family and friends and my clients, each and everyone of you are special to me.  244 more words

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Complaint department: pick a number

I can write a tribute to Rudy Francisco’s ‘Complainers’, but that won’t do this powerful speech justice. So, instead here are his exact words of wisdom (copyright: Rudy Francisco): 500 more words

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TS: picture week 1 day 2 1.21.18

i got this little matchbook artwork in Asheville, NC last year during a very special weekend with some of my girlfriends. it’s surroundesd by a bunch of lavendar wrapped in yarn given to me by a friend, an ATC u made for a swap, this beautiful wooden box that T got for me that had diamond earrings in them for Christmas 2016, and a big chunk of natural amythest. 54 more words


Boho Berry Challenge - Day 19

Some days finding something to be grateful for is hard. But I’ve learned that there is always something regardless of how small or temporary it is. 70 more words

Boho Berry Challenge - January 2018