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Stand Back.. Toxic Person Ahead!

Today was a long day, and it’s still not over. Today the day was foiled by a toxic person. Everyone knows at least one toxic person; they are usually negative and enjoy gossip. 428 more words



Everyday wake up and be grateful for everything you have and be grateful for everything you will have… as part of my motivational focus for my blog it is my job to do so and share with you all.. 478 more words

Everything And Anything


It’s always bittersweet coming to recognize that it is time to let something go.  Drawing the line in the sand and saying, “enough” takes courage and strength.   346 more words


5 Quotes to Get You Started This Monday

Good Monday!

Last week, I asked you all to share your favorite inspirational quote. So, this morning, I will be sharing your thoughts as well as some helpful quotes to (hopefully) help you through this week! 15 more words

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"God, Thank You for Everything"

Originally posted in 2011

A simple prayer uttered by a 4-year-old at our dinner table tonight.

But more than that, a profound utterance of truth. 264 more words


About to go home freak-out

I’ve been freaking out about going home tomorrow. I know I’m gonna travel more after this. But this is going to be a very long visit home, that, who knows, could get… … 1,323 more words

Friday Club

When I was in Junior High my Mother went back to working full-time.  She arranged her schedule (and also the schedule of the doctor she worked for) to allow her to commute with my Dad and his odd hours.   671 more words