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Appreciation Goes A Long Way

I realised that I liked writing or using words to help empower not only others, but myself as well. My husband (boyfriend at the time) actually mentioned to me how quick it was for me to write my assignments, compared to his turtle speed. 445 more words

It's Really About the Little Things

Note: This was written and saved as a draft in 14 October 2016. I completed the post but have not changed the references much.

We have been busy lately. 346 more words


“It’s all about me sweetie darling”

A decade of firsts

 Chapter 3 – “It’s all about me sweetie darling

2016 was a shocking and tumultuous Annus Horribilis. I say this from personal experience with both family and friends passing before their time, but also from a cultural perspective, as it seems almost on a weekly basis, a BBC news bulletin alerts me to yet another legend dying. 713 more words


The Arbitrary New Start

That’s how my cousin puts it anyway. I kind of agree and at the same time, I feel like it can’t be helped. The desire to be “cleansed” of the past year, in particular, is strong. 128 more words



So, my favorite movie is called Eagle vs. Shark. And in this movie there is a moment where a man in his 60s says his life is a “complete disaster. 333 more words



I run out of things to put in the title of my blog posts, but the date seems good since it will never be this day again. 354 more words