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Been gone for awhile.  I’ve had some car trouble, internet trouble, life trouble.   But I also haven’t been detained in an airport – so perspective.   All of this has had me thinking about refuge. 436 more words


So I Hugged a Tree

  • Today I am grateful …

    For causing me to realize how you freely convert oxygen for us so freely we could receive,
    For inspiring me to stand on solid ground,

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Keeping it in perspective

Do you guys ever have things happen during the day that make you think, “I’m going to blog about this tonight!”

Today was one of those days for me.  951 more words



Yesterday was one of those days when I needed to give myself points just for getting dressed.   I meant to post a blog.  I had started one about a weekend worth of celebrations.     538 more words



by Carl Josehart

good friend
and travelers all
those who voyage long and far
and delve into missions of the mind
distant lands… 157 more words


Appreciation Goes A Long Way

I realised that I liked writing or using words to help empower not only others, but myself as well. My husband (boyfriend at the time) actually mentioned to me how quick it was for me to write my assignments, compared to his turtle speed. 445 more words