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The Truth

Sorry it’s been so long
since I visited your grave

depression got a hold
and turned me into it’s slave.

I locked myself away
from prying eyes… 56 more words



Everybody has a secret
that they are afraid to tell

it may be the one
that sends them straight to hell

Not all secrets
are dangerous and dark… 49 more words


137. The cross and the grave.


There was no death more terrible than by way of crucifixion.  Even the Romans trembled by the thought and found it despicable.  No Roman citizen could be crucified.   1,551 more words


Friday Fictioneers — Guilt Trip

It was supposed to be a simple matter. Kidnap a little rich girl, collect the large ransom, and let her go. No harm done. A happy ending for all. 86 more words

Flash Fiction

Moths of Fames: Graves of Fortunes

‘It’s about building up the character of your people, that makes leaders, it’s about making them strong and free, that makes a statesman, it’s about making them just and happy,  that makes a sage, it’s about making them reasoned, educated and thinking, that makes a teacher.’ It’s not about leaders being of character, free and strong statesman, happy and just sages, educated and thinking teachers, it’s about making the people inspired to be so, that is a difference between privilege, appointed role, and greatness.

447 more words

Matthew 16:20b

Dr. Who had an impossible girl, but do you have an impossible situation in your life? A loved one so far from God, so deceived or entrenched in sin that you cannot possibly imagine them coming to faith in Jesus–a situation so far beyond anything you could ever hope to fix that you are tempted to despair? 1,362 more words


Better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave.

A Trigger For Your Thoughts