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My little student ❤️

Grubby hands and paint splashed uniforms greet me at the doorway. Crooked grins displaying newly broken baby teeth and gummy gaps are my present. The class bombards me with hugs, and I try to keep up with their enthusiastic recollections of their week at school, friends, family, games, and their boyish 6 year old lives. 377 more words

Random Musings

The Last Day

The day before
the last day
of the year
any year
with some reluctance
and reflective pause
we move forward
spinning like a top
like a wild beast… 234 more words


Finding Fake Mt. Fuji: A Miura Misadventure

What do you do when you think you are on the train to Mount Fuji only to realize… you’re not?! 

You are coming down from a high. 1,323 more words


The Headstone and Graves

Almost a year after moving into Meredith House, one of our neighbors casually mentioned a small headstone that bordered our two properties.  Curious, we wandered up a small knoll up from our mailbox.   799 more words

Chastain History

A Grave Beast Crosses My Path


One sweltering day, which August sometimes keeps in reserve, I still desired a walk. However, there was no mad walk in the noonday sun for me. 250 more words


Quote from “Residence in Bulgaria” on vampire superstitions

“A Residence in Bulgaria” – or – “Notes on the Resources and Administration of Turkey: The condition and character, manners, customs, and language of the Christian and Mussulman populations with reference to the Eastern question”  1,221 more words