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Another one bytes the dust

Getting a home internet connection in Germany is notoriously painful. I’ve known bloggers who moved flat, said they’d be back, and were never heard from again. 862 more words


Success On My Mind

I want to be,
All over the place,
Like an open space,
I’m on the chase,
Running with sweat serenading my face,
I’m grinding,
Hustling, 68 more words


The Grave

It is related from Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) that The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “The grave is more horrifying than any horrible scene I ever saw.” … 241 more words




really drags me to my end

a cavity only I will mend.


I see this blood won’t last,

this mud won’t cast shadows forever. 9 more words


The Grave

This summer. Did not. Feel like summer.

Out of whack. Weird. Off the beaten path. Of lemonade stands. Or sunny beach days.

Is this called getting older? 588 more words

Taphophila is a Grave Business

Many family researchers are taphophiles who enjoy looking at old and unusual cemetery stones while learning about the historical aspects of cemeteries

Life is a journey

I heard a song on the radio, one I had heard maybe hundreds of times before, but this time, the lyrics got me thinking.
Life is a journey (from the cradle to the grave). 46 more words