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Requiem for William Eckert

William Eckert was born the 13th of August 1797, in Virginia[i], spent some time in Ohio, before coming down to Jackson, Missouri where the young man opened the first Mercantile. 822 more words


Pink flowers

Pink glow of sunset,
passing across pink flowers,
falls in peaceful sleep.


Daily Post photo challenge : transition

Photo Challenge

Growing Up

I buried another piece today.

I carried the heavy rocks and stacked them up

Into the finest grave I could create

Before the sun had all but vanished. 98 more words


Pamoja Milele (Together Forever). pt 2


Throughout the rest of the journey I slept and by the time I woke we were already in Abuja. It was the voice of the pilot that woke me up. 889 more words

General Topic

Choosing a Headstone and What it Should Say

Whether you’re young or old, you probably don’t like to think about your mortality. Yet, as pointed out by the National Funeral Directors Association, you can help unburden your loved ones during their time of sorrow by making pre-planned funeral arrangements. 568 more words


You need?

Hear me out:

Because we were good at telling her she needed Jesus,
But ignoring her literal thirst.
So when she ran out of water because of a permanent drunk decision; 178 more words


What is a Mortuary?

Although most people don’t enjoy discussions about the funeral process, it is always helpful to know exactly what goes on from the time a body is picked up until the funeral itself. 456 more words