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Winter Cycling - Indoors or Outdoors?

Cyclists don’t have to look very far to find discussions about how to deal with winter in Canada.  There’s considerable information online about how to train indoors over the winter.  741 more words

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Ride Report: Climbing Rock Walls in the Woods

Lately here in the dark, damp, dank region that we call home, something has been different. The sun- it’s been shining for almost a week straight, with only short, intermittent cloud cover. 909 more words

ESI RCT Wrap: First Blood

I recently decided to bring my Salsa Fargo out of retirement, the poor babe has been hanging on the basement wall for over a year with no rides.   801 more words

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2018 Gravel Training Plan

The training plan is ready!

This year, I decided to expand it to be a training template for gravel races in the Kansas City metro area. 333 more words


What it's really like to cycle at -17C

This past weekend, I’ve been out cycling a few times in temperatures as cold as -17C.  That’s just the air temperature.  When you factor in wind, it feels much colder.  693 more words

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2018: A New Beginning

2017 was a good year.  I surpassed 4000 km outdoor kilometres for the year, and although this wasn’t my best year (I’ve had about 5000 km before), I still deem 2017 to be a success given the slow start I had because of my concussion recovery. 336 more words

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Gravel Grinders - How to get started

We’re now well into fall and winter is starting to arrive.  For many, this means setting up the trainer or signing up for a spin class and riding indoors.  758 more words

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