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Soil for adeniums

My adeniums came from the nursery potted in black soil. From what I read on the web, adeniums need fast draining soil. So I decided to look around for the proper potting medium. 452 more words


Short answer, "Yes." Long answer, "No."

“You look miserable.” “I think you have more integrity than this.” Those two quotes rang through my head. A reminder. Surely not a gentle one, but a loving one. 1,670 more words

Pedal the Ozarks to the Area's Most Sustainable Music Festival

Pedal to Homegrown!

In the spirit of the Homegrown festival, Phat Tire Bike Shop offers an opportunity to travel to the festival by mankind’s most sustainable vehicle: the bicycle. 469 more words

A word about Mulch

No matter what condition your garden is in, adding a fresh layer of mulch will give it a clean, freshly planted look. But mulch isn’t just for looks! 236 more words

Home And Garden

Connections: April 25

Once upon a time

before my grandmahood

I’d only see a mess

where something else had stood.

Now I have been blighted

my perception gone agley… 22 more words


When Their Lips Met.....

The sounds of the gravel beneath the tires of that old Chevy pick up make her heart race. The smell of the dust that rolled as they drove much faster than they should have been made her eyes glisten with adrenaline. 404 more words