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The Combined Forces 17

The Combined Forces (Al Ahzab) 17: Say: “Who is he who can protect you from Allah if He intends to harm you, or intends mercy on you?” And they will not find, besides Allah, for themselves any Wali (protector, supporter, etc.) or any helper.

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Mulch & Gravel Supply in Katy

Ashley gardens is a wholesale and retail supplier of mulch & bull rock in Katy. We also supply garden decorate elements like decorative gravel, pavers, wall blocks and a lot more. 10 more words

Gravel Supply Katy


Hi all,

Today’s topic is substrate! What is substrate? It’s the gravel, sand, or rocks that you put on the bottom of your aquarium. Pet stores and certain pet information online tells you to use a pound to a pound and a half of substrate per gallon of water. 267 more words

Can cement be recycled or not?

Answer by Rakshita Nagayach:

Cement once set, cannot be brought back to it’s original state and thus its original cannot be served then. Even if it is finely crushed, the bond formation between aggregate and sand does not occur as the chemical reactions have already taken place during the initial setting.

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Lessons from the road.

I set out today with a goal of riding at least 100 miles, something I have not done since last June.  Last year I was recovering from a knee surgery and never really felt that I was at my full potential.   396 more words

Really Brief Lowell 50 Recap and SPRING BREAK 2015 DAY ONE

The Lowell 50 saw it’s best day by far on Saturday. Beautiful weather, warm temperatures and a soft breeze made the area west of Ada idyllic for bicycle racing. 948 more words