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Day 2 - Street

Which direction, shall I go?

Where I choose to travel.

The road going two ways

But shall I choose another


How does your garden grow?

I’ve become a keen gardener in Ibiza. I’m very good at helping gran gran keep her garden under control. I’m best at moving the gravel from the path onto the decking. 33 more words

Fun Stuff

3 Hungry Dogs and 1 Large Pizza!

It’s NASTY outside!

The roads are trecherously iced over, sleet still coming down!
If you do not have to drive, DON’T!

*** TIP ***
Combine 1/2 water and 1/2 alcohol and pour on windshields, steps and walk ways, and don’t forget the hand railings. 148 more words

Daily Blog Post

Counting the Days

Punxsutawney Phil was right.  But at last, we are now days away, to a major thaw and warmer temperatures.

The first of the European Pro Cycling Classics have come, and the first gravel event of the season arrives, for me, in less than 4 weeks. 60 more words

The 2015 Fiddlin' Fifty

Scott and Susan put on a quality 1st year event, with bigger and better things for year two!!

Year one was awesomely small, 25 total riders if memory serves me right. 78 more words

The Edge of the World

Just another photo of the shore while in Ireland. I really like the water’s edge since I am usually inland.