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Gravel And Concrete Forms

Spring farming has begun.  But in spite of that I have cleaned out certain portions of our shed in preparation for building a workshop for the loom.   81 more words

Gravel & Concrete Forms

Last week we received three tandem truck loads of gravel; today we are disassembling shelters we built for our llamas sixteen years ago.  When we finally get the area cleared out that we will build a shop for the… 112 more words

Road Works

One of the things that invariably happens when you are on a road trip is having to wait for road works. And it always happens at the end of a day, when you are already delayed and hoping to reach your destination, where hopefully a hot meal and a shower awaits. 53 more words


Protect Grass and Gravel the Professional Way

Are you looking for a way to protect high-traffic areas of grass or gravel from excessive wear? Well, with TBS you can do so the professionals’ way. 192 more words


Finally, the bike season 2016 is on!

We’ve enjoyed an incredibly sunny and warm weekend here in Sweden. After a tenacious spring that never wanted to take off, it all came at once. 28 more words


Soil for adeniums

My adeniums came from the nursery potted in black soil. From what I read on the web, adeniums need fast draining soil. So I decided to look around for the proper potting medium. 452 more words


Short answer, "Yes." Long answer, "No."

“You look miserable.” “I think you have more integrity than this.” Those two quotes rang through my head. A reminder. Surely not a gentle one, but a loving one. 1,670 more words