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Dirty Sheets

It’s no secret that I hate riding on the road. I do just enough road riding to keep me fast on dirt. But, thanks to the Dirty Sheets loop, I’m able to get in a road-worthy workout without the monotony of road riding. 308 more words

Co-Motion staffers on The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic, or How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Weekend and Keep Smiling

We bike people could be smarter.  Inexplicably, we keep signing up for these things. Shouldn’t we Oregonians know that a mid-April day in the coast range isn’t likely to be pretty? 1,087 more words


10-Yards of Closed Captioned Bookends

My apologies for the tardiness, I do endeavor to have a post by noon each day. Unfortunately, an injury to my shoulder kept me up all night and I finally fell asleep early this morning. 452 more words

Daily Thought

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 197: Nothing was out of the Ordinary

It was another regular morning. Nothing was out of the ordinary. It was as it had always been and nothing new would occur. Routine was not a necessity, but it was how everything seemed to fall into place and to imagine a life without it at this point was simply a preposterous thought that dared not try to penetrate the mind of our protagonist, lest it be summarily discarded with prejudice and never allowed to be even be allowed near anything that could be considered rational decision. 479 more words


How to a Create Wildlife Pond- (Part One)

How to Create a Mini Wildlife Pond – (Part One)

There are many ways in which you can attract wildlife to y garden. One the best is to build a wildlife pond. 392 more words

Accessible Nature

Grinding Gravel: Dirty Reiver 200

In the last few weeks I’ve finally gotten a Salsa Warbird of my own built up thanks to Bryan at Raleigh, so I can stop stealing Annie’s Warbird and making her cross. 1,267 more words


Earth Day

Since today is Earth Day, I thought you should see our gardens. A couple of days ago, Mac was clearing one of the aquaponic pools as the bok choy had fallen and taken over more than half of the pool. 52 more words